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Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to learn more about me. My name is Sherry Andrea (founder of http://sherryandrea.com). I started out creating SherryAndrea.com because my higher self had something to say. Actually lots to say and I needed a place to speak and share. I did a lot of sharing as it poured out of me at record speed for a while. Around the same time I started that site my Kundalini broke through my crown. I soon learned that that was when the real work begins and I keep going forward, never looking back.

I have been a Reiki Usui Master since 2007. Since that time I have been working on achieving enlightenment (for Christians this is called Christ Consciousness whereby you work to become your Christ self or merging with your higher self), studying the principles of the I AM, studying alchemy for self transformation, healing and manifestation, and much more. My healings and attunements are powerful because of the work I have done toward achieving enlightenment (becoming a clear vessel) which has lead to having an intensified aura. The light I am able to hold and in an almost pure state is what allows the healings and attunements to be so powerful. Of course this is still not about me since I always ask my higher self to do the attunements, however intuitively I am guided to what else I need to do such as clearing the persons chakras, grounding them, surrounding them with the violet flame for the ultimate clearing, etc.

Here is an answer to a question that many have:

Someone was telling me that you can only get attuned to Reiki 1 2 and 3 at different times and that you need a week in between each attunement in order for your body to stabilize. What are your thoughts on this? Also, do you have to have a scheduled time in order to receive distance attunements? I felt your ethereal crystal attunement strongly even though at the time I was not aware it was happening.

That is fine for a person that still does attunements that way. What I have found by researching is that the techniques have changed since Usui originally began teaching this system. I actually don’t know, and wish I did know, what the original system was and how it was taught.

You also have to understand that I am not the same as others in that I do have an advantage having worked on merging with my higher self (AKA becoming enlightened). It is not ME that does the attunements but my higher self so you could say that I have totally stepped aside and gotten out of the way of what the energy needs to do and however it needs to do it. What I do have a hand in is what I am guided to do besides just asking my higher self to do the attunement. I am intuitively guided to often do other things. Sorry i can’t remember sprecifically for you what I am guided to do, but often it is things like clearing certain chakras, grounding the person, re-wiring chakras, etc. I also use the violet flame when I do any healings or attunements. This is one of the reasons the attunements I do is usually so clearing and effective. Many are opened up to abilities that have been just laying beneath the surface or begin being able to see energy.

I studied alchemy as well as having the power of an intensified aura because of working towards enlightenment. So often I can also use the power of the spoken words with fiats such as “Be though made whole” as well as others I won’t go into.

I feel it is best not to even try to compare what I do with what others do because we are not even in the same ball park as far as higher level of understandings. Let them do things the way they do them because what they do is fine…but just think…possibly some are guided to me because they need more than that….possibly they are ready for me.

Unfortunately we have too much of this type of belief and thinking in the world right now. The Christian only think their way and Jesus is right and that everyone else is going to hell. The Muslim’s think only their way and belief is correct and that everyone else is worshiping the wrong God or no God at all. The Jews still refuse to recognize Jesus and haven’t change much since the time of Moses. When will we finally let go and let things be? The reason I am effective is because I step out of the way. I do not put myself or anything in a box and say “It must be exactly this way or that way” and I am always will to let it be whatever it truly is. Here on Earth things are restricted and restrictive, but how does it work with Spirit and on the other-side…or rather what rules does the Universe follow? Many rules however there is no restrictive box. There is no “It only works this way.” Oh how little we must think of that energy we are hoping will flow to us and bless us with an attunement. If you think so little of it then I say don’t bother getting attuned because what can you pass on and teach but most of that type of restriction and thinking that is not of spirit but is of man. Is this not a system that came from and was given by spirit? Then why are so many acting like it is man made and follows the limitations of man.

Anything that clears takes time to run its course. It is TRUE that if the attunement is affecting a clearing of the charkas then that clearing may not complete for sometime (days, weeks, months…depending on what is going on with you, so no two people have the same issues to clear or the same amount), HOWEVER guess what? The attunement will be complete and you will be attuned to that system and ready to use it, although the clearing that it affects may not be complete yet. Energy is intelligent. What? Do you think energy will do what I want it to and NOT follow Universal Laws? NO, energy is ALWAYS going to do what it needs to do and HOW it needs to do it. Let’s not forget the basics just because a Reiki manual says this and say that!

Study! Read! Read! Study! Learn how energy works! Learn about the frequency of color and sound! Learn how energy moves! I find it amazing that people that don’t even understand the basic meaning of the word “Vibrations” would think they are ready to question me, the one who is being soooo effective. Hmmm could it be that that is the problem and why we question the one who is being very affective versus questioning all others? Let’s ponder that question for a little bit.

Ponder, ponder, ponder…

Here is also a review someone wrote of my attunement(s)…


Free Reiki Attunement Video
Monday, January 21, 2013

Last night, I came across a video that I wanted to share with you all.

First, some background.

Sherry Andrea runs a site in which she offers Usui Reiki I, II, and Master levels, Kundalini Reiki, Ethereal Crystals, and Fusion Reiki for free – she only asks that you purchase the manuals at $5 each on her site – a steal when I’ve seen just one level of attunement go for $300 before.

The video is short and concise and afterwards you might remain in meditation for sometime, or go to sleep.

I remained in meditation for about an hour but I did pause to switch the videos to one found HERE that helped me stay in meditation and ignore the night sounds around me of running cars, people on the stairs, etc.

Shery Andrea also has a video on YouTube that explains Why you should be attuned to Reiki HERE.

Now I normally try and veer away from describing my experience of an attuenemnt here in full as I do not want to influence what anyone else sees or feels but since I was skeptical of this attunement (I always am of a good thing) I thought sharing my experience might help.

I was surrounding with empty space and my hands were vibrating with energy

I was given a given an orb that looked like Earth, then turned into a clear crystal point which raised up above my head then came down through me through my crown and out my base into a deep spiraling abyss below. There, it rebounded and returned to me through my throat.

My throat felt full, as if I would burp or gag. I began breathing out hard, expelling blue black air that entered the space void and dissipated. This continued until the feeling of gaggin was gone – a throat chakra block was being cleared.

The next crystal was violet and entered my third eye – I was told by a soft voice that I would see now, I would see what ailed people in order to heal them

The next was a pink crystal quickly heading towards my heart where it shattered and suddenly I felt small bits of energy hit my heart, lungs and rib cage where they melded into my very cells.

I then saw the earth as if I was floating in space and I was told “Heal Her” I directed my still tingling hands downward to her core and filled her with energy that came at me from all around. The voice said “As Above So Below.”

The next crystal was orange and came up through my base into my womb. I felt like this was appropriate as I was helping heal our Mother Earth, the physical of the creating force.

The next was a red crystal that hit the base of my spine and I saw a very small red dragon there, coiled and ready.

The next was bright yellow and it hit my solar plexus with force and ignited what looked like a small sun.

Before I could react I saw a white dragon rise up form the abyss. I thought it was my dragon guardian, Akh, but he was here with me and denied that this white being was him. He told me that this white dragon would be with me to guide me as a Healer – a new spirit guide.

Then I saw a great turquoise eye that examined me. It asked if I wanted to SEE and I said yes and two eyes overlapped mine, both turquoise and gold and I was told I would now see through the veil and through the body.

When I finally laid down (I was sitting the whole time prior) I saw a great Buddha that turned into Quan Yin that turned into Yemeya all with a silvery white star in the middle of their forehead. I was in awe and in peace at the same time.

Finally, I slept and before dosing I gave permission that the Reiki empowerment would continue as I slept.

This morning, other than my arm being asleep from where I had laid on it, I felt rejuvenated and replenished – my sleep was deep, my energy is high, I feel great.

And because I was still wary and it is always good to check yourself…I did a pendulum reading on the reiki attunement. The reading affirmed that I have been attuned to Reiki levels I, II, and Master level and that I am now a Reiki practitioner.

(for those of you who are curious I use an ametrine pendulum on a silver chain).

Does this mean I will discontinue my studies with the Reiki school linked to Witch School? No, because it is always good to re-attune and learn more (just like the above video says.

Love and light,