Muscle Testing – Asking the Right Question

Muscle Testing Asking the Right Question

For those of you who do not know my strongest ability is clairsentience although I have use of all my abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, etc. I often use something similar to muscle testing with my clairsentience. It is where I ask a question (of my higher self) and wait for the answer. When I say wait for the […]

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Adultery – A Message From Spirit

Pure Love and Adultery

We fully understand the protocol that you have in your culture and your society that establishes rules around behavior and what you call morality. However, now I tell you that there’s no judgment around anything you do that has pure intent and love. This is different from the “call of biology” (lust). We’re speaking about pure love. We also remind […]

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You as the Cosmic Telepath

Archangel Michael Message

Although this message has been given in the past, I feel there are many who are just awakening now who are seeking knowledge and understanding that would find this useful. BECOMING A COSMIC TELEPATH Ronna Herman, Overlighted by Archangel Michael Message from December 2009 Beloved masters, we have given this information in the past; however, we must refresh your memory […]

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