Recommended Reading & Resources

The library is basically my resources. If it is listed below, then I have read it, studied it and meditated on it for true divine understanding and have it bookmarked. Of course not everything I have read I have been able to take as truth. When you read you take in what you can take as truth and leave the […]

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Thank you for showing your appreciation. Choose to donate once or make a recurring donation. Your donation helps support costs and allows me to continue giving of myself. Donation via Paypal Don’t want to use PayPal? Here are more ways to donate! Donate Directly Using Your Credit or Debit Card Donate via Venmo Donate via Western UnionEither go to a […]

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Sherry Andrea Reiki Master

About the Website Thank you for visiting – you are appreciated! The Sherry Speaks website is dedicated to helping those who are their own teacher of Reiki and energy work, Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction as well as for those working on spiritual advancement. If what you want is a teacher who will be more hands on with […]

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