Do you want to know if your an empath?

I do believe I have figured out what it is I feel (using my clairsentience) if someone is an empath. Feel free to post a comment if you want me to try to get a read on if you are in fact an empath and any other info regarding abilities you are blessed full In the Eye of the Storm 2017 film online

Update 3/3/2015:

After creating this post back in 2009 and giving everyone the opportunity to find out from me if they are an empath I know there are still so many that question this and would like to know. Not just to know, but to know for sure whether they are or they are not.

It’s always hardest to evaluate your own self. I understand that. I have found that I don’t actually need to use my abilities to know whether someone is an empath because the experiences they have are very telling. Although I had the list of traits when I was trying to figure this out for myself I know I was still unsatisfied because I still felt I didn’t know for absolutely sure that I was an empath. I think the desperation to know comes from the tortured state you feel yourself in often. The suffering you do at the hands of what is going on with others energy. If you are suffering you at least want to know why you are sometimes suffering. It is not because we have weak boundaries. Only a non-empathic person would even suggest that because it is easy for them to do so when they are not walking in empath shoes and we know how people who have no clue on a subject like to give their two cents anyway.

I would say that if you are questioning if you are an empath it is not enough to have someone tell you the answer. What does that accomplish? What does that change? It is best to do some chakra work to clear yourself to see if the empathy comes to the surface strongly and then if it does start the process of becoming a controlled empath. The truth is that if you are suffering with your empathy but do nothing you will continue to suffer if all you do is have someone tell you whether you are an empath or not. Who would be okay with continuing to just suffer? The power in finding out if you are an empath is in being that person that values freedom to the point where they are willing to take steps to gain their freedom.

Read about the chakras connected to empathy –

Read about the real traits of an empath –

Read and learn how to develop and control your empathy –


  1. Greetings,

    Well, browsing around to find out more info about involuntary visions, and hearing voices and music when I am fully awake – I found your lovely site. I find these experiences have been with me all my life but were very intermittent, yet now as I approach Cronedom they are becoming much more frequent but I don't know how to work with them or for what purpose. Any guidance is welcome.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi again, thank you for the response. I did not notice this link before I mailed last, but would like your opinion if possible if you can use your clairsentience to tell if I am empathic? I mentioned this (empath) to my sister and she believes we developed this through necessity when we were younger. We grew up in a home where our parents were (and still are) alcoholics. And although I love my parents very much there were (and still are) extreme fights and arguments. Now my sister believes that we developed it to "know" when to stay out of the way. I would like to believe that empathy didn't stem from something as negative as that. She is 2 year older than I am, but she remembers all the negative sides of growing up, while I don't see it that way. I do remember arguments etc so I don't know if I have perhaps blocked my mind? Anyway I don't want to go off the subject. Thank you for a lovey blog site, like Lisa, it seems like something we have been looking for. xx

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I totally can relate to getting things intermittently. That is similar also to what happens after just awakening from opening and clearing the chakras. It's like stage one…undeveloped. So to get to stage two which is having control you first want to know what abilities are your strongest which are the ones you are noticing most likely. Then you want to focus specifically on developing those. Start out with simple exercises and if at all possible absolutely meditate even if only for 10 minutes a day because being able to quiet your mind is key.

    With the visions simple visualization exercises really do wonders. You would be surprises how just practicing visualizing a piece of fruit in detail (sort of like daydreaming) and then seeing it being cut and bring in your other senses as well and image the sound of it being cut and the smell as it is cut. The great thing with visualization exercises such as this is they can be done any where at anytime without anyone around you even noticing. Also I practice them with my eyes open because I don't want to get into the habit of being more comfortable using my abilities with my eyes closed. Also another exercise is visualize a room in your house from the perspective of walking into the room and exploring it. See everything in detail. Also you can look at a object and then take the object away and then practice visualizing it in your mind. These type of exercises and learning to trust what you see is key in developing clairvoyance.

    To develop clairaudience (clear hearing) being able to quiet your mind is very important and so meditation would help greatly…like I said even if you only have 10 minutes a day. Start out by practicing talking to your spirit guide. Lesson one…what is your spirit guides name? Your spirit guide is there with you as always trying to help you and be of assistance to you. Just know that he or she is there and talk to her/him. Ask for help developing your clairaudience and tell her/him that you want to start out by asking what their name is. Ask and then quiet your mind and listen. Did a name pop in your head? Or you can start out by asking to see a relative of yours who represents the gender of your guide. So if suddenly you get a vision of your aunt Sue then your guide is a woman. And then go from there. Developing clairaudience by talking to your guide will also strengthen your relationship with your guide and your trust in your guide will grow stronger and stronger.

    Then I must mention…help yourself out and kick things up a notch. Seriously consider getting into the practice of clearing and balancing your seven chakras. The more you work on your chakras the more open you will be and the stronger your abilities will be….and I think you will also find you more easily gain control of them. All these suggestions I have made is not from what I have read but from my own personal experience…just wanted to let you know that most often I given advice based on what I have already practiced and proved successful.

    Take your time and start out slow so that you will stick with it in the long run.

    Thanks for find the site…please come back and let me know how your doing and progressing.


  4. Lucille,

    I am getting that you are an empath. Empathy is genetic and is something you are born with. Every since I was little I exeprienced everything though how it made me feel. It was very much about the way things affected me. Growing up being an emapth can be hard. For example my parent use to argue and fight a lot. The yelling I couldn't take very well. I would cover my ears and try to block it out. I even had convinced myself around 8 that some how I was causing the situations by my own thoughts. Oh I was tortured. You have to think back to things that maybe bothered you or things that still do. Other things like did you always have a pretty good sense of when someone sincerely liked you or didn't even though you didn't know why you felt they did or didn't like you. Did you at time feel very uncomfortable in certain places or certain situations and maybe not understand why.

    The things that happen to you in life, especially when young, sometimes cause your abilities to shut down either slightly or completely. My were pretty much compeltely shutdown until I purposely opened and clear my chakras. Then the real me was there again as it was when I was very young. Traumatic events can also shut you down. It may be hard to tell because of their drinking but is it possible one of your parents is an empath? I am adopted and it was my biological mother who was the empath. It affected her decision making and the way she felt about things happening in her life. I am going to look for a youtube chakra video and make a new post. I would recommend you follow along to the video and see if you can open and clear your chakras.


  5. Hi Sherry,

    I stumbled upon the word empath like two days ago and then looked it up and learned the meaning of clairsentience just about an hour ago. I had no idea such degrees and variations of abilities existed until now. But reading up on this gave me a strange sense of elation because it explained what I only thought was simply vague instinct all this while.
    I was called an overtly sensitive little kid when i was younger and though now I'm almost 25, I've always relied on a sense of vibes i got from people to assess situations. I didn't read their faces, body language or tone of their voices. Just being around people sent off vibes that spoke louder than anything people did or said. I wasn't always correct ultimately but I'd think my estimates were largely accurate. I can also feel outcomes. something like a gut instict. But whatever this 'ability' of mine is only ended up making me feel hurt largely and therefore very confused.
    I also have the strangest sense of deja vu which are probably dreams i've had but I can never remember or know for sure

    I had begun to use Tarot cards as a curious hobby a couple of years ago and friends who humored me by letting me read for them were usually surprised by the results. But i quit shortly after. A lot of emotional trauma in my life has shut down my basic ability to concentrate and focus on anything- like even meditation

    I'm afraid i'm not making much sense but this is something I have to understand myself yet. However, I'm glad destiny led me to you. I'm eternally looking for answers and no my quest will not end here but i hope you can lead me ahead on my path.

    Thank You,

  6. Hi K!
    Yes, actually it make a lot of sense to me. Sounds similar to what I experienced most of my life. Always had a feeling although I couldn't prove it that I knew things and not by coincidence. Also overly sensitive as a child because I was picking up on emotions around me as well as very affected by negative emotions. Yes also I experienced De Ja Vu so much that at one point it was happening so often it was driving me crazy. However, I do not at all beleive that De Ja Vu is an unremembered dream. People have tried to use that explanation to explain even my current Precognitive experiences…such as seeming to relive a moment…but not just a moment but a whole event from beginning to end and be so confused because in my reality the even thad already happened and I had already experienced it a month before…and not in a dream. I do beleive the dream is a hint at possible precognitive abilities.

    As far as what your abilities are…with you I feel the heart chakra very strongly…also the solar plexus and the throat chakra. Note that if you are wanting to awaken to who you are I would start by working opening and clearing those chakras. I also with you feel my lower bad…at first I thought this might be pointing to the sacral chakra needing to be opened and cleansed but honestly to me this feels like lower back pain.


  7. Dear Sherry,

    Thank you for the prompt and extremely helpful reply. I like to believe that I really can make a difference and it's not just my imagination. However, how do i work on my chakras and clear them? I have trouble concentrating at all. I cannot sit still or still my mind even for a minute. it's the hardest thing for me to do and i've truly tried. How do i change this?
    Also could you please explain the significance of the chakras that you've mentioned? And yes, i have bad muscle damage in the back and limbs from work out but now that you've specifically mentioned it, is it serious or something i need to see a specialist for?
    Thank you so much for your time and for taking the trouble.

  8. Hi Sherry,
    Do I want to know if I'm an Empath? Sure! Maybe it's an area I need to work on. And any other latent abilities I might have.. Feel free to contact me directly if necessary.. None of us really know what lies beneath the surface.


  9. Michael,

    I didn't get that you were an empath but I also didn't get from you comment that you thought that you may be. Most people do have a feeling if they are because all their lives they have been and considered a highly sensitive person. Easily moved by everying at the drop of a dimes and often feeling out of control when it comes to their emotions. For you I got the throat chakra (clairaudience aka Clear-Hearing) and the brow chakra (clarivoyance).

  10. Hi Sherry,

    While I would consider myself deeply feeling, I would never describe them as "out of control" and I'm pretty thick skinned, so perhaps I'm not as empathic as I thought.

    I had never heard of clairaudience, but now that you mention it, lol.. I did have a clairaudient experience very recently, although I have no idea what it meant. I have also felt that you can learn a lot by "listening" to the universe – it will speak to you if you listen carefully.

    As for clairvoyance, I've had some dreams come true, some of them very startling. It's made me question the nature of time and our understanding of it. I'm also pretty good at reading people.

    I've heard of chakras, but know very little about them. I'd be interested in exploring some of these experiences further, where would be a good place to start?


  11. Hi Sherry,

    I have been told by someone I met that I am an empath but I am not entirely sure. I would appreciate your feedback if you can help me have a better understanding.

    Thank you 🙂
    Love and compassion,

  12. It's so nice just to be able to talk to someone out there about this. If I must guess, I would probably say it would be from my mom's side. Although she is an extremely shy, quiet person & might not readily talk about something like this. The only "downside" of this at the moment is that I always know when my husband is lying to me. I don't think I rely totally on empathy for that though, but do try to use logic as well and I haven't been wrong lately. I will have a look at your posts.

    p.s. I also find when in confrontational situations, like with my boss especially, my heart starts pounding in my chest & ears till I feel dizzy, does empathy have somehthing to do with that or is that completely different? My ears are also sensitive, even though I am a little deaf in the one ear following a car accident when I was 6. Strangely I have no problem listening to loud music though. Mostly certain peoples voices.

    Thank you, all your kindness

  13. Michael,

    Yes, I understand. Of ocurse we all have abilities, it is just a matter of awakening them. Although we all have abilities we are not all empath's which is genetic.

    Yes time here on earth is linear while on the other side time is non-linear. It has been stated in channelings by the ascended master that on the other side that past, present, and future is all at the same time. For example, when it comes to the process of crossing over and being healed and going through the process of reviewing your life seems to happen in a few moments of our time because of the difference. Try some readings by Kryon who explains many things like time and quantum pyhsics at

    There are links on my blog in the article about opening and clearing the chakras to really good sites where you can learn about the seven chakras and also the various methods for opening and clearing them. Meditation is key.


  14. Hi there. I stumbled upon this blog and am very interested in some of the things you have said. Although I don't think I am an empath, I would say I have very good instincts as to when someone is "up to something" for lack of a better phrase. I also (years ago) asked for several days the name of my guide. I woke up one night as I heard the name Jack yelled into my ear. ( I don't know a jack) I have also (again years ago) heard my name spoken out loud when no one was in the house with me. I also had an experience with someone sitting on my bed. I could feel the bed press down but when I turned around noone was there. At first I thought I was dreaming ( I had just woken up) and shook it off. When I turned over to go back to sleep it happened again. I tell you that scared the "beep" out of me.

    Does this mean I may have some ability or is it just part of the life occurrences that happen to people from time to time.

  15. Deb,

    Everyone has abilities. Whether we choose to awaken to them or not is a different story. Those type of experiences some consider to be paranormal experiences and I also consider them to show a certain level of spiritual awareness on your part. Hearing the name Jack…you asked and most likely they had been screaming the name to you and you couldn't hear. You were finally able to hear because you were in the proper state to be able to fully hearing through your clairaudience. The state you are in when you are half asleep/half awake. Or upon just awakening whether in the morning or middle of the night. The spirit sitting on your bed could be a passed on loved on wanting to visit and possibly watch over you as you sleep. Also hearing your name spoken could be spirit trying to get your attention.

    Also note that I experienced all those experiences and more BEFORE awakening. I did not actually awaken to abilities and then be able to develop them until I worked on opening and clearing my chakras for a time of time. I think I worked on my chakras and meditated daily for about 3-4 weeks before awakening and then of course have had to continue doing charka work since them as well as practicing developing to actually learn to control and use all abilities.

  16. Wow, thanks for such a quick response. You have peaked my interest. I think I will check into this a little further.

    All the best

  17. Dear Sherry,

    Sorry that I am responding late. Thank you for taking the time to make the suggestions that you did. I greatly appreciate it. Coincidentally or perhaps through synchronicity I do practice meditation and visualization on a very frequent basis as I use both to journey with. However, I am sure the more I practice the more my skills will develop.

    You had mentioned chakra work. I have done some in the past, and I am intrigued by your suggestion. Did you sense that some or all of my chakras were imbalanced? Any suggestion here would be welcome.

    As you did not mention empath in your response to me, I take that to mean you did not sense that in me. Interesting.

    I have greatly enjoyed reading other posts on your site and wish you the very best in your work.

    Thanks again for your generosity and kindness.


  18. Hi Michelle!

    You are welcome always. I just checked and as far as what ability…when asked I was told clairaudience (clear hearing) is your strongest ability as well as empathy. Also I checked your chakras and sent them all healing energy however the ones I found that needed clearing where your solar plexus and sacral chakras. Although your throat chakra looked clear to me I was told that it is the chakra you still need to do work on. Check this link out for info on chakra blocks. And let me know if you would like me to give you a reiki healing for all your chakras.


  19. Well I have had dreams like this one I am going to tell you, but this one was different in a way that I was sneaking around and in an unfamiliar place.
    Ok well, I was in some sort of house it kind of looked like my Aunt's but not quite, And my best friend, Aimee was there. We left together and I am a Lesbian and so is she so one thing led to another. I am very atracted to her in my dream, but we are sneaking around to keep this from her girlfriend and my sister who would absolutely disapprove.
    So we say we are in another place that I really can't ever think of us being there. It's a farm and my mom is there. She hands me a cell phone. The one that i have been obsessing over for about a month now. We talk briefly and then an alarm goes off in my head to make out with Aimee so I do.
    We are now in a car and Jay,Aimee's girlfriend miraculously appears in the back seat screaming and yelling at me and Aimee. I get out of the car to leave those two alone and I am back at the farm and my mom is being a bitch (excuse my language) and an asian lady who is acting the same are selling vegetarian burgers for $100 a piece. I am a vegetarian but as any other sane person, told them off and stole a burger and now i am being chased by Jay, my mom and the Asian lady.
    I am so confused and i would really like if you could interpret this because it doesn't fall under any specific category. Thank you


  20. Hi Anna…Happy saturday! I will do a full interpretation for you but can you tell me…do you remember when you were in the car where you were in the car? Were you driving or in the passengers seat. I really loved your dream. Once I interpret and tell you what many of the things mean it will make more sense to you and come together with an better overall meaning. By the way, have you been thinking lately of how expensive it is to eat healthy? Any feelings about maybe it cost you way more to eat as a vegitarian than for people who are not?

    Thanks for sharing your dream with me/us…feel free to any time you want some help interpreting them. I will get back to you with the full interpretation by this evening.


  21. Well I do remember…The time of day was late afternoon almost evening and I was in the passengers seat…
    Oh my goodness yes that is what always keeps me from eating more healthy then I should. Money isn't a very big issue but i don't like to spend money.

  22. I was texting an anonymous person…someone who wouldn't reply to me but i kept on texting and i got very upset and gave up…My dream went on.
    I really felt betrayed that I was really happy for getting the cell phone and now since no one was responding I hated the phone!

  23. Anna,

    Ahhh I know that feeling all to well. Yes, to want something and then be so excited about it…but in the end it ends up being bitter sweet because something still isn't right and I realize I am not as happy as I thought I'd be and I feel let down in the end. Are you holding back…not expressing some emotions or feelings about something? Or holding back in some other way…do you tend to do more for others than for yourself?

    Let me ask you…are you not getting the phone? It seems you really want it…is there something stopping you from getting it. This really isn't about the phone but I ask those questions because there

    I keep hearing something. "It doesn't matter." I keep hearing it and oddly enough I read a channeling yesterday and one of the things Todias kept saying and bringing up was "it doesn't matter." Well I went and I found the original channeling where he explained why he said that. I am hearing it when I read your last comment so I think I am suppsoe to give it to you to read. Here is the link and if you scroll down you will see the section titled "It doesn't matter."

    Let me know if you feel this was meant for you.


  24. Hi Sherry,

    You have said some interesting and helpful things already and I guess I am now curious of the state of my chakras and how I can get over fear of the unknown.

    In regards to the empath thing, perhaps I am just a feely sort of person but I have been scared of advancement because of some of the things I experienced scared me.

    The ringing in the ears and intense vibration in my head and intense dreams of things I didn't understand drove me to drink and abandon meditation because I couldn't hack the noise and the dreams.

    I know I am meant to advance spiritually in this lifetime, but fear holds me back. Is it better to be advancing but living in fear or to be ignorant and happy?

    Also, I was wondering if you could help me understand about a male's voice who talked to me in between sleep and awake, a few months back. It was intense and I can only remember bits of what he said, he was really quite pushy and kept telling me to speak up about the state of the world and wake people up. I think this is strange because I feel like I am still asleep ^^, but then he kept repeating that "things are not what they seem", just as I jolted awake and ran out of the room.

    I am curious to know if it is possible for another person to send that message to me? Because it did not feel or seem like a dream, I was aware of myself lying in bed while he spoke and it was almost like I was an antenna picking up his voice.

    Perhaps there are other issues that I can not see. I hope you can help me I have been struggling with this for some time.

    Thank you,

  25. Good day Sherry,
    Once again I thank you for your time and energy that you share with us here.

    Even though I have read material on your site as well as other places and feel I have a basic understanding of what an empath is, I was wondering, how does one tell the difference between what they pick up empathically from a person and what they pick up with clairaudience, clairvoyance or one of the many other gifts individuals have? For me it is a knowing but not knowing how I know. Sometimes it is information about the person, or information for that person and other times it is like a lie detector, where I seem to be able to know the core motives of people or what I believe to be what they are really feeling. I appreciate your answer. Thanks for letting me ask questions, I so want to learn.

    I thank you for sending healing energy to my chakras and for your generous offer to send Reiki to my chakras. If it isn’t too much to ask I would be happy to accept the Reiki cleansing.
    I hope your day is going well and wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

    Warm wishes,

  26. Michelle,

    Your very welcome…any time!

    To answer your questions…first empathy isn't one of the clair's. Empathy is feeling the emotions or pain of others as though it is your own. Also once you have an empathic connection if it is not broken by you then the connection stays for some time (days or weeks) and you would feel what the person or persons are feeling as though it were your own until the connection is broken. For example, if you felt fine a few moments ago and suddenly you don't, have full blown headache suddenly, go to stand up and feel like you have a twisted ankle, you felt very happy and suddenly you felt very depressed and don't know why, etc. then that is a clue that you are picking up someone empathically and it is not actually your pains and emotions. Clairaudience is clear hearing meaning you ask a question and hear the answer as a thought in your head. Clairvoyance is you ask a question and you get a vision in your minds eye which may or may not be symbology that you must translate. Think of an apple and imagine it. What you see when you imagine it is similar to what you see with clairvoyance. And then claircognizance is just knowing. What you described sounds like intuition which is like claircognizance not fully developed. Here is a really good definition…

    Claircognizance (clear knowing) allows the angel’s thought and feeling, the bigger picture, to enter the person’s mind with such clarity that a general knowingness is felt and understood. Each of these means of communication can be refined with practice and meditation. However, how do the angels catch the attention of those who haven’t yet begun actively seeking out communications with their angels? Without an invitation for active communication and intervention, Angels provide more subtle messages and communications through intuition, thoughts (both of which fall under the claircognizance category even if not recognized as such) and signs. is a great resource. The info they have seems never ending an so thorough. Here are some links:
    Clairvoyance –
    Clairaudience –
    Clairsentience – To really get a good full understanding of clairsentience I would recommend reading definitions from many many (at least 10) sites to get an a really good idea of what clairsentience really is. Many site's definition makes it seem like it is just having tickles on the back of the neck and shivers down your spine and it is soooo much more than that.
    Clairolfaction – Clear Smelling
    Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

    Related to empathy and clairsentience you may also want to google Psychometry which is reading objects through touch.

    Hope this help a little. I think mainly it gets a little confusing when what you have going on is multiple abilities working together.

    I will do Reiki for you in the morning and then send you an email after it is complete.


  27. Hi Sherry,
    First let me say thank you for all the information it has been very helpful. The thing I'm wondering is how does one differentiate between being extemely sensitive and empathetic and being an actual empath. I've had such a timultuous past and have been through so much and crossed paths with so many that I sometimes feel older than I am and wonder if what i'm feeling is not just extreme sympathy having myself been in so many unfortunate situations. Then other times I wonder if it's possible that my doubting myself gets in the way of developing an abiity that i really might have. I just don't want to feel like a fool.

  28. hi Sherry,

    SO glad to find you sight. I have been really searching for last few hours just because I feel that it is time to figure myself out. I will try and make it short.
    Throughout my childhood I have had paranormal experieces, seeing, feeling and hearing presences. I also am very very sensitive to others feelings. Where I work I have several people that sit right next to me every day. When they walk in and say hi to me I get their vibes, bad moods etc, and also ask them if they are okay. Its weird, I never really thought that I was an Empath because I didn't even know what that meant until tonight. But I feel like I really fit the description. I also had a strange experience recently, which I did research on the internet and found out that it may have been sleep paralysis. But I was just waking up from a mid afternoon nap and both of my kids were on my bed with me and my eyes shut suddenly, my body was paralyzed and I could not talk or hardly breath for a few seconds. It was by far the strangest. I just feel a little abnormal for feeling things things and they do not happen all of the time. But since the "sleep paralysis" experience I have been searching for answer. What do you think? Please I need guidance. Thanks for reading.

  29. Hello, My name is Kathleen, Im 23 years old will be 24 at the end of april, the last 5 or six years I have been seeing 11:11 and other sequences, when I was a teenager I had a 3-4 month period where I was "predicting" things, not little things either, one time I was out with my friends and it was raining, we were at a bus stop, and I suddenly got a feeling that it was unsafe and that we should go into the dunkin donuts that we were infront of, as soon as we moved, lighting struck the exact spot where one of my friends was just standing, anyways.. as time went on little things would happen, but now I am hearing voices before I fall asleep, one time a man screamed in my ear "get up!" and just last night I heard a very weird ringing noise, so I concentrated really hard to hear what it was, and then a women spoke, then a man…but on top of all this, I also think that I am an empath, I can not watch horror movies, the news, I worked in a doctors office, and was always verrrrrrrry drained and I cry at the drop of hat, but im not a baby lol, Or sometimes get really angry when I walk in to a place, Im sorry if this paragraph sounds all mushed up and confusing, but thats how I feel, I feel very confused…Oh, and I also believe that I have been blessed to heal, (specifically animals) I am a vegetarian and when I see an animal in distress it bothers me ALOT…I think more so then the average person, I have see my own aura it is green and blue. My hands feel like magnets when I put them together and then move them apart, well theres more to my story, but this is a jist of my life, if you have any insight on what is going on with me, I would really love to hear it!! Thanks for reading, Sherry.
    Bless you all!

  30. I would like to add one more thing, a few months ago I asked if the signs I were receiving were from the higher good, and not a trick..I asked this because I read somewhere on the net, that lower entitys will often try to to trick you into believing that they are angels, anyways after I asked that, the name Toby popped into my head, I do not know anyone named Toby, so I went onto the internet and did a search on the meaning of the name, it means "god is good"…this experiance meant alot to me.

  31. Pauli, Much appreciate it…feel free to chime in anytime. Awesome response by the way.

    Missy, sorry about that. I spaced didn't I. lol.

    Pauli & Missy, I suffered from sleep paralysis from childhood through early 40's. I understand what bothers you about it. I can remember how terrified it made me to the point of not wanting to fall asleep. It wasn't until an incident in our new home when he was an infant that I understood what was happening. The middle of one night I awoke, paralyized and with the sense that someone was in the room with us. My son was sleeping in his bassinet. I had this over whelming fear that someone was specifically watching him and that they were there for him…but I couldn't move or scream. I managed to open my eyes and I saw a figure standing just inside the door directly facing the bassinet as though watching my son sleep. That panicked me even more of course. The reason I couldn't move was because the person standing there was me. I was so worried and paranoid about my sons safety (just being a new paranoid mother for the first time) I was leaving my body as I slept and watching over him. After realizing that my sleep paralysis was happening during out of body experiences I never suffered from that happening again and I go out of body often both consciously and non-consciously during sleep.


  32. Ever since I lost my mother in 2007 seven I've always noticed number sequences and lately I see 444, 1044,744 everytime a look at the clock reciept or other places…I want to learn how to channel angels so I can live the way its meant for me to live…Are these numbers indicating the precense of Angels in my life?

  33. Hi Sherry, my name is Natasha and I'm 18. I'm so glad to have found your wonderful site and enjoy reading your posts.

    I've been wondering recently if I was an empath. I hate seeing injuries or people getting injured because I can actually feel their physical pain. There was one time when my mother was working in the kitchen when she'd cut her hand. I was upstairs at that time and suddenly felt a slicing sensation on the back of my hand before I heard her shouting at me to get her the first aid kit. My hand was throbbing and I didn't want to look at the cut on my mother's hand. I found this particularly hard to explain to my mother so I simply told her that I'm afraid of seeing blood.
    I frequently experience deja vu and also cannot bear hurting another person's feelings even if I don't know them at all. And for some reason, people whom I don't really know well would come up to me and just tell me all their problems without my prompting them to. Usually after this, I feel tired and emotionally drained.
    I especially love drawing and writing. My mother even told me once that she suspected I feel the suffering of others in a deeper way which is why I can capture their pain in writing. I however dislike watching sad movies as they make me cry way more than anyone else.
    There have been many instances when I could sense the emotions of people around me. An example would be when I'd went to a camp, I met a girl my age who seemed very bubbly and cheerful but for some reason, I felt a strange feeling in the region of my solar plexus and sensed she was unhappy about something. I found out much later that she was a polydactyl and though her additional digit was removed when she was about one, her friends would tease and make fun of her if they found out. She became very shy and reserved and kept her hands mostly in her pockets so that no one would see the scar where her finger had been. I understood then that she was unhappy to be teased by something she couldn't help. I felt compelled to reassure her that I would never tease her for being different. She soon became one of my closest friends.
    I really hope you'll be able to help me understand more about what I'm going through.


  34. Pauli and Sherry,
    Thanks for the information. I know that I have a lot to learn about myself and all of the possibilities that come along with this new adventure. I'm glad that I am not alone and since I have been accepting my new "traits" I have been experiencing a little more. My dreams have been very vivid lately and I did again have a sleep paralysis experience last night. I just wish that I would have accepted this sooner instead of feeling crazy. Today is my 25th birthday and like I said I have been having paranormal experiences since I was young. Thanks for the great info. I actually feel warm inside.

  35. Sorry to add on like this but I feel like I am leaving a lot out of my experiences. After reading a little more I realized that I wasn't very detailed about anything. So I also have this weird sense of just knowing as well. And it had caught people by surprise that have lied to me and I have told them no you were at this place. Of course I was right. I am very intune to lying and really knowing what "really" going on and it shocks me. I had this experience when I had just started dating someone and I was away for the weekend and he didn't want to come over when I got home. So I asked him almost jokingly, what do you have a hickie on your neck or something. And he did! The information just spills out of my mouth and it's not like I think about it at all, it happens right then and there. I don't ponder about it, it flows. So I really wanted to add those two happenings because I thought that there were interesting. =)

  36. Hi Missy,
    I am going to reply out of order if you don't mind. lol. As I get older it seems like I have to say what comes to mind right away or else I totally forget. lol.

    Regarding the just knowing…yup, that is the way I experience it as well. So, I have had to train myself to not overlook anything that comes to mind or out my mouth. For example, if I say to my son "Stop running or your going to fall!" He falls…so now I say "Tyler…I'm telling you right now you are going to fall so stop running!" I guess that is my way of forcing myself to recognize it better by going to the other extreme and assuming IT IS just knowing. Also, note how you feel when you get just knowing. For me I notice I feel different. Almost as though I know something for a fact as though someone told me and I also notice a feeling of confidence. But you really have to make yourself take the time to analyse your thoughts and it will seem at times rediculous but you will come to recognize just knowing more.

    Two things I want to tell you also. With all gifts/abilities it is important to be careful. There will be times when you know someone is lying but it may not be appropriate to say so. Abilities help you in your everyday life and especially with discernement and protecting yourself but be careful calling people out. You don't want people to start avoiding convos with you cause they are worried you will know something they don't want you to know. Ethically also there are going to be many times you get info about a person, even a medical issue, and you feel you owe it to them to tell them. Just take a moment and think first, ask your guides whether you should tell them, and go with your gut and the guidance you receive.

    My son has just knowing as well. He says "I don't know how I know, I just know." lol. When he was 3 he would call himself the "Know Man." lol.

    Your just knowing should continue to develop the more you reconize it. Your doing really good!


  37. Missy,

    HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Ballons, cake, party beverage, more cake, more cake, more cake}

    Ih I am so glad to hear things are going well.

    How do you sleep? On your back, side, etc? If the problem is that you are having trouble getting back in you body quickly and it is an OBE you are experiencing it could be your sleep position. Try changing your position for one. I know for me sleeping on my back I use to have major probs getting back in.

    Also before going to sleep tell yourself something like "If I leave my body tonight I will getn my body quickly and easily." This also works with dreaming as well. If there is something you want to know then just say "In my dream tonight I want information on…" Also you can tell yourself that you will wake up in your dream. Some dreams are just dreams and some are really out of body experiences where you have gone out, often speaking and learning from your guides. I have a friend that often finds herself in a spiritual type of class. OBEs do look different from dreams. So note the way your dreams look, details, etc. Also, one tip, I asked my guides to always appear to me in dreams as characters from my favorite soap opera General Hospital and they immediately oblidged. lol. No matter how silly a request my sound, believe me they will try to give you what you ask if it helps you understand the dream messages. Maybe before your next bedtime you can ask to meet one of your spirit guides and receive a name and start the process of getting to know them.

    Definitely at this point in your journey I would recommend starting a journal…for experiences, dreams, etc.

    Maybe Pauli will come by and give you some tips on dealing with the sleep paralysis in case it is not an OBE that you are experiencing. The only other thing I can think of are drinking enough water (with your vibrations increasing you really need the extra water), watching what you eat for your last meal of the day and possibly not making to heavy of a meal (did you say you were a vegitariam?), possibly you may need to start grounding daily or before going to bed, and just telling yourself as a positive affirmation "I always wake up easily, able to move, and feeling refreshed."

    Let me know how things go.

  38. Hey Sherry

    I have been told by someone that they felt me as an empath but I always thought that I was just good at reading people. Due to the fact a self confessed empath says I am does that mean I am. I have a very loose grip on emotions that are mine but i can register other peoples alot quicker. Could you explain to me if I was indeed empathic should i just block it out and just put it down to being a quick thinker or embrace it and see what happens.

  39. Hi Alvin,

    Sorry to hear about your mom. 444 often means Angels are near. Think of it as a reminding that you are never alone and help is only a thought away.

    Regarding channeling…I would recommend taking a local class if that is possible in the area you live. There are different types of channeling from allowing your consciousness to be pushed aside and allowing spirit to come in and communicate through you, also another type is where there is only a partial shift and you remain still conscious and of course the latter is recommend and the first is not for obvious reasons. To be a good channeler one of the most important things is to be a clear channel. I would suggest googling channeling and start reading, begin learning to do chakra work, and meditation is key. Also note that the crown chakra is the chakra where divine guidance comes in so it is important that this chakra is clear and developed.

    Possibly begin with just learning to communicate/hear (clairaudience)…this is where meditation will really help you. After at least 15 minutes of meditaiton and while still in a relaxed state ask a question and practice hearing. That will be a good place to start. Also, Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Angels to hear. Call on him and ask for help with developing and practicing by listening to him.

    Keep in touch and let me know how it is going.


  40. Hi Natasha,

    Glad to hear from you. You feel so warm and bubbly. You are an empath. You are not only feeling the emotions of others but also their pain. You seem to know yourself well and well enough to know when what you are picking up is not yours and that is great to have accomplished. Empaths are transmutters of negative energy. When someone unburdens themself to you what is often happening is that as an empath you are taking their burden(s) and transmutting them for them. You are giving them a release and often they walk away smiling and feeling great, often say they feel like they have known you all their lives, and will say how much better they feel after talking to you. That is what is happening. To alliviate the feeling of being drained and tired you should at the least ground every morning and after talking to people, touching people, putting any focus at all on a person you should cut the cords/connections from them to you. To do this just visualize cords running from you to them and see yourself pulling the cords out of them and them retracting back into you and them floating up and away from you inside a white bubble. If the connectio is strong you may need to do this two or three times. When you have broken the connection you may feel it…like a lightness or like a wieght has been lifted from you.

    Many empaths are natural born healers. At the time you felt your mother cut herself, you weren't just feeling it, you were given an opportunity to help heal her by being a conduit of healing energy.

    I don't really have the statistics but from what I have read and from the many empaths I have talked to a great majority are very creative. You have an ability to channel this creativity from other sources. Possibly you may want to do some research in automatic writing and also google and read about some people who channel art. Take a visit to You mosdt likely have a guide specifically who helps you with your creativity.

    To summerize…
    1) Ground every morning (also learn about basic protection methods)
    2) Break connections and if you forget just do it before going to bed…believe me you will be clearer and your abilities stronger. Consider buying a citrine crystal which transmutes negative energy and never needs to be cleaned and just place it in you bra before leaving the house. Your abilities will still manifest as normal however it will limit the connections you pick up throughout the day.
    3) Don't watch sad or very violent movies. I think that should be in the empath handbook. lol.

    Come back and let me know how you are doing and if there is anything I can help you with.


  41. Hi Robert,

    I am the type of person that I don't just take someone word for things. I listen, but then I got off to find the true answer for myself. So, even being told you were an empath it would be hard to embrace that until you yourself come to that realization of the truth. I am also getting that you are an empath. Your strongest and most open chakra is your throat chakra. Do you tend to be a good listener? Good communicator? I am also getting something about your path in life. You may be on the wrong path or travelling in the wrong direction when it comes to something you have going on in your life. Something that has to do with support however I am not sure if this is in the way of giving support or receiving support.

    As far as what you should do if you are an empath…the first thing to do is learn the basics so that you can live a happy none torture life and so you now how to protect yourself from being bulldozed by others emotions. Empathy is genetic. Is there anyone in your family who seems very sensitive? You know someone. There's always one in a family that everyone says is "too sensitive." lol. Quick thinker…that is what it feels like doesn't it. I think that is because empathy is through the heart chakra and so when you deal with people you are dealing with them using your mind and your heart…thinking and feeling at the same time is kind of how an empath processes everything. Of course I always recommend people embracing their true selves and I think when you are true to who you are you live a happier and healthier life. Like it is not what brings you down but what males you extra special. The world wouldn't be the same without the existance of emapths transmutting negative energy…just by being/exsisting. It is like being blessed with an awesome position in a company.

    Often when you have a connection to some one or several people it is hard at times to feel your own self. Break the connections and suddenly you can feel your own self so much clearer. So I at the least recommend you learn the basics grounding and breaking connections. At the least you will hae a way to be clear of the connections…while still knowing that when you need to rely on them they will be there to help you out and give you that insight.

    Let me know what you think and any other help I can offer.


  42. I am totally new to what this is as i said i just thought i was a quick thinker and could get a feel for what people are feeeling just to my ability to 'read ' them. I have done a little bit of research and found reports of peopl crying at violent films and being on busses and being swamped by emotions of everyone around them. Even though when i walk into a room i can sense the vibe of evrythign and to a degree everyone i dont break down and find it difficult to function normally. people i speak to regularly i can work out what they are feeling and none of them can sucessfully lie to me. As i previously said though i dont get swmaped by hundreds of emotions from everyday people.

    To be honest i dont know about grounding and am kind of scared of doing that breaking of connections thing because i dont really want to feel my own emotions clearly.

    After only being told of this said ability and what you have said Sherry it all seems to be making a bit more sense but as i said im very confused about the whole thing and dont know what to do about it.

    your help will be much appreciated.


  43. Robert,

    The pros of being an empath are that you can read people easily and quickly, and its difficult for people to lie to you.

    There's no difference between the strengths you had before someone told you you were an empath and the strengths you have now.

    If you don't want to be 'empathic' and would rather be a 'quick thinker' go ahead. Its just semantics.

    Pauli 😉

  44. Robert,

    Let me see if I can list some pros and cons of being an empath. Some other people might chime in with some things they experiences on the Pro or Con side.

    Cons (most obvious)
    -Multiple connections that aren't cleared can cause a drain of energy and illness
    -Depression – Some times you have moments where you just wish you could stop feeling everyone else for a while. Some feel like they are living a tortured life.
    -Possible to not realize something you are picking up is not yours and reacting based on those feelings you are picking up
    -Being overly emotionally affected by the media or things you see

    -Being able to help others, society in general by transmutting negative energy
    -Healing – most empaths because they can both receive and project energy have natural healing abilities
    -Being able to understand people better than most since you can feel what they feel, able to be more sympathetic to people
    -Most empaths make great sales people (people feel and instant draw to you, they feel good around you), actors, artists, healing professionals, psychologists/therapists, mediators, human resource managers (when hiring empoyess because of that great insight), and more.
    -You can use your empathic insight in your everyday life

    Well you are not an empath by choice. Empathy is genetic so you don't have the option to not be empathic, similar to being stuck with what eye color you were genetically given, but I think you already understand that. Empaths are transmutters of negative energy. And to be transmutters of negative energy in the world there is nothing that we have to do other than to just exists. Often when we feel someones emotions we are not reading them, a connection is established and we take on some of their pain and negative emotions and it is transmutted through us. Whether you are conscious of it or not it is something that happens. Empathy resides in the heart chakra. Many times when people are sick or they have emotional problems etc often it is due to a chakra being out of balance or blocked. Some times when people are fatigued all the time with low energy it is due to a blocked chakra and clearing it will allow the energy to flow through them unhindered and resolve the problem. I tell you all that because there are two sides to this. Say you don't do anything and you don't open and clear your chakras and by doing so fully bring to the surface who you are, you wouldn't fully awaken the empath in you, however at the same time an unbalanced or blocked heart chakra can cause various problems (see this site for a list) that you may in the future want to resolve and as you resolve issues by any method your heart will become clear and more inbalance as you resolve issues.

    Also many empaths are also clairsentient, clear feeling allowing them to feel the energy of everything and not just people and to use that ability in various ways.

    Hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  45. Missy,

    Where are you feeling paralyzed in your life?

    Is there a current situation that you feel particularly powerless over?

    Are you procrastinating making a difficult decision?

    If nothing strikes a chord along this line of questions. Then my suggestion is for you to meditate and ask yourself why you are giving yourself these experiences. If you don't get an answer from yourself, try your higher self, you guides and especially the Holy Spirit.

    Luv Ya


  46. Pauli,
    Yeah, sounds like a great idea and something that is much need.

    That question you asked about where do you feel paralyzed in your life…excellent question. Last time I had a prob with sleep paralysis it was overly paranoid of something happening to my son…during that time I was always so on edge. I never before saw the link between the sleep paralysis and what is going on in a persons life at the time. Great insight Pauli maybe there is something going on in Missy's life she can link it to. Often the realization of the issue sometimes brings it out and at least resolves the symptom.


  47. Pauli- you are totally on key here! =) I have had a long road of emotional, verbal abuse in my last relationship, which I am finally letting go of. But, there are kids involved and we are still living together until I find somewhere else to go. So I do in a way feel paralyzed because I have family and friends that love me but me and two kids is not easily housed. Plus I have had four surgeries in the last year so I have had a few health issues as well. But I feel like a new woman these days. I have finally emotionally withdrawn myself from the relationship that I was in but physically still living around. My last step to change is moving, which I am working on. So with that said, I have had a very, very long year. But I feel like my old self again. And that does make a lot of sense about the sleep paralysis and this situation. Love you two, and its exciting to read about everyone else with these gifts. I wanted to share too that I am very artistic, and share so many qualities with the others on this site.

  48. Sherry, Thanks so much for your thorough response, It really helped me put things into perspective,.. you said that before you are falling asleep the guides can talk to you easier, but how do I know if they are angels guides or just ghosts? I investigate the paranormal and I have collected many evps, so I cant help but wonder if the voices I am hearing are from spirits who didn't cross over…also, I have one more question for you, last night before I fell asleep I heard like radio static with voices in between…This never happened to me before, is this how clairaudients hear? is this normal lol? Oh, and I have heard that birthmarks are from past lives, and since you mentioned past lives in your response, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the subject…once again, thanks for the help, I truly appreciate it….I also have to say you are correct about the angel signs, I was on the expressway a few weeks ago and a truck got on, i looked at the clock and it was 11:11 I decided to speed a little bit lol, I look in the rearview mirror and the truck was out of control hitting cars and going in and out of traffic, I cant help but think that the 11:11 was a sign from them saying we saved you! I felt horrible for all the people involved I immedialty dialed 911….just saying, the angels def had my back that day!!

  49. Hello everyone my name is Tyler Cross and im 14 yrs old and i have been hearing voices since i was 9 and i thought that i was crazy at first until i just listened to them. i hear voices that imitate my mom and brother and family members sometimes i hear them screaming at me and it scares me sometimes to know that you have this gift and you dont know what to do with it so if you have any information related please contact me on my email at

  50. Tyler,
    Just want to point out to you that not all voices that people hear are due to clairaudience. I wanted to mention that to you because the way you stated it was "Imitaite my mom and brother and family memebers" and also you saying that they are sometimes screaming at you. Do you mean screaming at you in a negative way or just trying to get your attention in a nice way but yelling?

    I'll have to do a little research for you but I do know that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can cause a person with clairaudient abilities to hear what is referred to as negs. Of course what is heard is not real and is a manifestation of PSTD. I am sorry I don't have much knowledge of how this happens or way but I will do a little research for you and also ask my guides and see if they can give me some insight as to what is going on.

    Hang in there and I will see if I can give you some info.


  51. Hey Sherry um i would say that there trying to get my attention i mean sometimes when i'm at school i get this like weird vibe about some people and i just thought that maybe it was something weird until i asked my moms friend and she said that maybe i had a gift and i said yeah maybe but i dont stress out for anything i just feel things and it's been happening for a long time so yeah but thanks so much sherry

  52. Tyler,

    Okay, so it isn't anything neccessarily negative then. Okay that's good…then I have an answer. lol. You have to keep in mind that with any ability that is still undeveloped (meaning you have the ability but no control over it) it manifests itself sporatically. The reason to work on developing it is to get control over it and this includes the ability to turn it off or turn the volume down when it's neccessary. In order to do this you need to practice with your ability (clairaudience) on a daily basis even if your practice time is only 20 minutes to start with and then working up from there.

    One idea is pick a time of day that is best for your schedule and daily meditate for 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes visualize your chakras as bright and clear and spinning evenly clockwise. Google chakras and you can find a diagram of the seven major chakra and you can just visualize them as balls of light or wide saucers, what ever is comfortable for you.

    After your 10 minute meditation, sit quickly and call for your message guide. Begin asking your message guide questions and listen for the answers. It would be benefical if you could write down what is said or type it in the computer. During this time practice adjust the volume and your hearing in general. Imagine and visualize that there is a knob for volume control and a knob for tuning as well as to ask your message guide to help adjust your hearing. Just tell your message guide what it is you need, like for example, if too loud, not loud enough, not clear enough. During this time just practice using your ability consciously. After 10 minutes of practice imagine turning the volume down or off and consciously tell yourself that you control completely your ability and how it works.

    Also maybe a good idea for the first couple of practices would be to ask questions about your clairaudience, what you need to be doing to develop it, if a gatekeeper can control who can come through and when, etc. I would definitely ask for a gatekeeper to control what spirits can come through and when. Just simple ask for a gatekeeper or tell your guide or pray for one…it's that simple.

    Absolutely learn to ground and protect and do that before you begin the meditation and practice session. Also, if you are unsure of who is coming through or doubting who it is…ask three times who it is. For some reason asking three times is the magic number. It is said that a negative spirit can't lie to you three time. Three because it has sacred significance.

    Maybe after a week or so you can up the amount of time you meditate and practice. When you feel you are ready. And just think…you are really just a short step away from being in control of the gift you have been given.


  53. Hey Sherry thanks so much i knew i could count on someone like you to tell me how to control my gift thanks i will keep in touch to see how everything goes Sincerel Tyler

  54. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me! you are so very helpful, and I have to say that it is very interesting about your son and you having the same birthmark!

    I never thought about evps that way before lol, I guess I do welcome the spirits, I mean I look for them everywhere haha, But on a serious note, I had a woman who died in my house before I moved in, and that is what got me doing evps in the first place, I received a very clear "yes" answers to quite a few of my questions, make a long story short, I do believe I helped her move on, because the whole house feels "lighter" as people say, so do I think Im ready to cross souls over, no, lol…but I do think I was successful with her (rose)….anyways, im sure we could go back and forth all day about weird happenings! lol…

    You mention the gatekeeper, is this the same gatekeeper that is at the akashic records? or do we all have one ??
    I dont know much about the akashic records, just what I have read on the internet, but I have not tried to access mine.

    Oh, and I did the relaxation before sleeping, and I did not get any words, but a very loud thump or bang, and some other strange sounds, Im pretty sure they were not really happening. I guess I need alot of practice on fine tuning this! and im glad to hear the the static thing is normal, I thought I was losing it lol….well, thanks again for your kind words and insight..


  55. Hi Kathleen,

    Aw, your welcome! 🙂

    Not sure what it means that we have the same exact birthmark.

    My best friend hanging out with me all the time and with my vibrations being higher than hers and then her husband as well has gifts and higher vibrations than hers of course eventually you get to the point where just by association the persons vibrations increase. I think that is why deciding to take course or join a psychic development circle locally is helpful. Not just because of learning and developing but being aorund others with higher vibrations will cause your vibrations to increase. But my friend isn't gung-ho to go ahead and develop the gifts that have surfaced so far. But she is so interested in the paranormal and watches all those ghost hunter shows. And when I took some pics in my house when I was testing my camera and caught a lot of spirits on camera in my bedroom she came over with her camera and was so excited to take pictures. Of course I don't share her enthusiasm. lol. Against my gut feeling I let her and then cleared my house of all spirits afterwards. I can't really explain it but a spirit can be in the house and touch me and get my attention to let me know they need my help and I am comfortable with that. But to see it in a pic or hear it…I am a big wimp like when I use to watch horror movies. lol. Most of those spirits where in the mirror in my bedroom when I took the pics and that was months ago and my mirror is still covered! lol. I am not ashame to admit I will sleep with all the lighs on in the house if something freaks me out. lol. It doesn't happen often but I have my moments. lol.

    Crossing spirits over is something you really have to be prepared for. There are many issues you can run into. But if that is what you feel drawn to then you should start doing some reading. Finding some blog by people who do that and ask them questions. And definitely research what is in your local area in the way of places where you can take development classes…of course all else fails you can always find classes online that take place in chat rooms. Also having a mentor is always a good idea. Ask to be guided.

    The gatekeeper I speak of is similar to a guide. However your gatekeeper has the one job and it's an important one…to regulate who can come through to you. Who can come into your space. You have to ask for a gatekeeper. Also something that many don't know is that you can always call on Archangel Michael (for protection) and ask him to stay with you. I won't go into how that is possible because it would be a long explanation but I will post more info soon on Angels and working with Angels.

    Before laying down ask for one of your guides to come forward as you are relaxing before sleep. Relax from toe up to head and relax your limbs to the point where when your done they almost feel numb. No thoughts at all running through your head. You may start to feel a tingling all over…at that point your kinda there at that state right before you drift off to sleep and this if also the point where if you were preparing to do and Outof body experience you would be almost ready to leave your body. Then you just try and hang at the point as long as you can and stay as relaxed as you can.


  56. Hi Sherry. To start off, thanks so much for such an informative site! Well, I too have had many interesting experiences from the time i was really young. Like some of your readers, I grew up with an alcoholic parent and experienced lot’s of arguing around me. I was also exposed to occult when I was young. I’m not sure if these events played a role, but I was a very sensitive kid who could pick up negative energy about people, situations, etc. My mom always told me that I used to get really sad as a child and cry a lot.

    As an adult, I still am rather intuitive but am unsure if I am an empath. Heck, I’m still trying to discover what all my gifts are. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks again. 🙂

  57. Hi Natasha,

    Sounds like when you were young you were aware that what you were sensing was not your own. The biggest thing about empathy is that as an empath you feel the emotion as though it were your own so much so that many don't realize that the emotions they are feeling are not their own. Natasha, now keep in mind that there is ALWAYS a possiblity of me being wrong. My stats have improved greatly but of course I could be wrong. I am getting strongly that you are not an empath. I am also getting that the ability you were using when you were young and sensing things about people was clairsentience. That makes me want to say hmmmm possibly that is your strongest ability. Of course that doesn't mean that you can't develop all the clair's. From personal experience and all the research and reading I have done on clairsentience I do believe that this is an ability that many have on their way to developing other gifts…and if they do not overlook clairsentience or skip developing it because of how difficult it can be to figure out and utilize, it can actually be very helpful to them when it comes to developing the other clairs. I'm not attempting to be negative, but I want to always try to give a good pricture of reality and not sugar coat things for people…me telling you that clairsentience is what you were using and that I believe that it maybe be your strongest ability you may see as good and bad. Really good because you have a starting point and something to start looking into and bad because I find it to be the clair that is difficult to find information on developing. Half the sites on the web define clairsentience incorrectly. So it is important when doing your homework to find as many sources of information as possible. It would also be helpful if you find someone to be like a mentor to you who is a skilled clairsentient…I feel that there is nothing greater than having someone to help and advise you that has been there and done that. Whether it is someone you get to know on a message board, at classes at a spiritualist church, local development classes, etc. In the beginning using the ability as often as possible is going to be key. Practice, practice, practice…by just always being on and open to what there is to be felt. I did help my best friend to open up to sensing energies more, so if you want some tips just email me.

    Oh…and I was a crier too! No one ever had a clue why I was crying. I of course did but how do you explain to someone that you felt their anger or that them yelling at someone else (and they're clear across the room doing it) was hurting you. I think when we are young our empathy is very hard for us to explain to people cause it is also clear to us that not everyone is experiencing what we are.

    Sherry 🙂

  58. Hey Sherry It's Tyler again I just wanted to ask you a question well my friend had died lastweek and his name was David and one day i was watching Tv and i could feel like someone was calling out to me and I had recognized the voice was David's so I had responded to it and he had told me that he was OKay and to tell my Mom not to worry about anyting and that God had taken him for a reason so I finally understood what it wa like to have this gift and control it. But the main reason i wanted to talk to you was because one day i was at school and I had sensed that somone was sad when i had looked at them and I just started crying and i didn't even notice this person and i wanted to know if i was channeling this person's emotions so if you know anything please contact me or if anybody elese has had any expierences like mine please contact me at

  59. Hi Sherry, thanks so much for your insight! I just googled clairsentience because I was not too familiar with the term and it's interesting how similar yet different it is to empathy. I definitely want to learn more about how to develop it and any tips would be most welcome. Thanks again! 🙂

  60. Tyler,

    That is so awesome. I am glad you were able to hear your friends message. That is lovely!

    When you started crying it was not just that you were picking up the persons emotions but you were actually transmutting them. You were taking on some of what they were feeling for them. Absolutely you can be sure that you were helping them at the time. I don't think you were grounded at the time and had you been the emotions would have been able to just go through you and right back out of you without you being affected like you were. One of the things you should be aiming for is to be able to feel with knowing what is not your and being able to control yourself and not react with those emotions. Of course sometimes if the emotions are really strong and overwhelming it can be hard but with practice you can become quite good.

    Great to hear from you again!


  61. Hello Sherry,
    What an interesting blog you have! I came upon it looking for visualization tips on how to connect with someone.

    I have been told by others in the past that I'm an empath. I feel like it is very much possible although it's not a part of me that I have spent much time developing yet. Just wondering what it is you may feel about me.

  62. Sherry! I owe you a huge thank you! after reading your last post to me about being around others with high vibrations I have decided to go back to school and get my bachelors in holistic nutrion, which is all about mind body and soul, I feel that you pointed me on this path, and I greatly appreciate it, after reading what you wrote to me, it was like a really bright light bulb went off, and I realized my purpose, I feel by being around others who think like me, that I have truly found my place, I always knew I was here to be a helper, I just didn't know what kind! my goal is to encourage and help people stay on track mentally and physically, and because I am an empath, I feel that I will be very good at this type of work, I just have to work on sheilding myself so I dont lose all my energy….also, I took your advice about crossing spirits over and I do want to help them as well, but I have much learning to do before I should begin that journey, again thank you so much for all the help and input!

    I think just by communicating with you my vibrations went up, and that is why I had the epiphany of what I should be doing with my life!…peace and love


    P.S-Oh, and I have been "fine tuning" my clairaudiance, I am getting alot more tones and sounds when I conciously tune in lol,. im working on it! : )

  63. Kathleen,

    Oh I am so happy for you! You are so sweet. I think you'll be great at helping people and the people you help will be blessed by it. I am so thrilled…I just love the start of new journies! So exciting!

    And that sounds great about your clairaudience. Your doing great! Keep up the great work and let me know how things are going.


  64. I believe that I am an empath. I have come to realize that my frequent mood swings are caused by external sources and not truely my own. I am determined to learn how to recognize the difference, it can take a while for me to realize that the emotion wasn't truly mine. How do I get to the point that I am no longer blindsided? Any infomation you can give me is highly appreciated, on this or any other talents or gifts.

  65. Hey, first off thanks for reading this!!! Got a question though… I know for a fact that I am an empath. I'm thirteen and just found out a couple weeks ago…. yay… lol. So, I'm trying to figure out which parent is also an empath. Is it possible that BOTH of my parents are empaths????? My dad has crazy mood swings ALOT. My mom is alllllllllllways tired. Like, so tired she comes home takes a nap til like 10 o clock then sleeps again. They're not married to each other sadly…. And also, if they are both empaths does that mean I'm a more powerfull empath? Gosh, I hope not lol. Well thanks for reading and God bless.

  66. I need help. I don't know what to do, I have always known I was intune to people's feelings and the real feelings behind people's words. Until very recently I wasn't nearly as aware, I feel things everywhere and all the time. I know what people really mean even if it is a one worded answer covered up in a smile. I feel my dead Grandfather and my dead best friend when I am scared. I know when good and bad things happen, and I can pick up certain parts of my day that I know will happen. I can see things in my head and I don't know why. I pause at yellow lights because I know there is a cop there. I feel like I can feel people's thoughts….why is this all coming down on me at once. I don't know how to control this…I need help.

  67. Dear Sherry,

    I know your post was some time ago, I hope that I'm not too late.

    I've had one or two people suggest that I might be an empath, the most recent being yesterday. Psychically active people tend to make me feel dizzy and as if my whole head were full of something. Even grounding myself and taking Tylenol doesn't prevent me from getting headaches. A medium told me it sounded like I had a bunch of spirits trying to talk to me at once, but I was dubious.

    I've always had a difficult time with emotions: when I was a little kid, I felt everything so intensely that I scared myself, and emotionally withdrew from the world to avoid being hurt. I'm in recovery now, but emotions still wear me out. I've always been sensitive to energy. I played with my own aura before I knew what it was, and could easily find water and power-lines with a dowsing rod. I use a pendulum now and I can't STOP finding things, which makes using it to ask questions hard.

    I've never had a good name for what I am, and therefore have never known where to start looking for help. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have on this.

  68. Hello Ms. Sherry,
    I would like to know if you feel I am an Empath? Or if I have any other abilities? Please and Thank you.

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