Psychic Surgery and the Philippines Healing Gift

Psychic Surgery! We’ve all heard of it even if we didn’t know about it in an in depth way. We understand that it is surgery performed by someone who is not a licensed doctor who uses only their hands. Often referred to as bare handed surgery it is performed without any anesthesia.

From what I had read there is usually no pain during the surgery but a good experience including feelings of warmth. I had heard of it being noticeable that the person had a procedure done based on the soreness they feel during recovery. I do consider this to be a serious treatment although non-invasive.

People of the Philippines are known to have their unique healing gift that runs through their bloodlines. They become aware of their gift as children or teenagers.

Read about Father Joshua a well known Psychic Surgeon.

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  • Wow! It’s pretty cool that there’s a type of noninvasive psychic surgery that can be done without any anesthesia or tools other than the healer’s hands. That seems like a pretty incredible way to get surgery. What kinds of conditions does psychic surgery treat? I might be interested in this if I ever need surgery for a physical ailment.

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