Zone Reiki Level I

Zone Reiki Level I Attunement


The goal of Zone Reiki: Is to balance the energy in the body, mind and emotions by sending Reiki to the zones in ears or hands or head or feet.

Product Description

Zone Reiki Level I Prerequisite: Reiki Master (Usui / Seichim / Karuna(ki) or similar)
Attunement Manual: You will receive a link to download the manual within the confirmation email you receive. Remember to check your spam folder just in case.

The goal of Zone Reiki Level I: Is to balance the energy in the body, mind and emotions by sending Reiki to the zones in ears or hands or head or feet.

“During my work with Reiki I started more and more to send Reiki to the reflex zones on the feet and it worked well. After that I also started to send Reiki to the zones on ears, hands and head. I found out others liked this kind of treatment, so I brought them together in Zone Reiki. There are more zones to find (like in the nose, back). The ear, feet hand and head are the most common to work with. Zone Reiki uses Reiki energy instead of massage. Zone Reiki is a holistic treatment. It works on physical, emotional and mental levels. Because of that reason always both ears, feet, hands are treated and the complete head. You can also include the elements in holistic work; Without nature we don’t exist. We are in nature and nature in us.”

This attunement is for Zone Reiki Level I only. You should work with the energy of Zone Reiki Level I for a few weeks before getting attuned to Level II.


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