Adultery – A Message From Spirit

We fully understand the protocol that you have in your culture and your society that establishes rules around behavior and what you call morality. However, now I tell you that there’s no judgment around anything you do that has pure intent and love. This is different from the “call of biology” (lust). We’re speaking about pure love.

We also remind you that many of your rules that you think are “rules of God” are merely rules of Humans, structured to look spiritual in order to keep things in order. In many societies on Earth, partnership is not monogamous at all, and people have no feelings that they’re in violation of any rules of God, as your religious leaders would indicate you might be if you did what they did. Therefore, even the original Commandments are in question as far as being accurate and true.

You might ask about the morality of taking a new partner after the death of the first. Your society says that this is not only acceptable but expected, yet there are other cultures that say that this is a horrible violation of morality and is against the rules of God! So who’s correct?

The answer is that the divine “rule book” is far more complex than you might think. When it comes to love, the Human is very expansive. It is well-known and common information that Humans can love and partner with multiple Humans, but it’s not the norm in your society. Add to this the fact that you carry over powerful love karma from one lifetime to another. Questions have been asked about this, too: “What happens when you’re partnering successfully with one person, and you meet a ‘soul mate’ from another lifetime? Do you throw this away, pursue it, or ignore it?” Do you really think you understand the complexity of love and can compartmentalize it to fit within the rules of a culture?

The answer is truly one that has to fall within the purview of your own divinity, and the divine rule book that all of you personally carry. If you establish spiritual rules and vows for yourself, then follow them. You’ll benefit by the structure you have self-created. In all things, seek the council of your Higher-Self, and the divinity within you. This is your moral compass, and the “book” that is filled with truth. When you do this, some of the things you may wonder about start to become very clear. You’ll end up changing what you do because of it.

I know you want an empirical (positive and final) answer, and this isn’t it. I also know that there are those who would read this and say, “See . . . those New Age Lemurians have permission to do anything they want. What kind of spirituality it that?” The short answer is that it’s a spirituality that places responsibility for the largest decisions about integrity and morality at the feet of each Human being. How easy this would be if you just had a yes or no answer. Then you wouldn’t have to claim responsibility for being a child of God who has divine wisdom.


As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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