Getting Validation While on the Path and Working Hard

The Hawk as a MessengerIt’s always nice to get a little validation. You may not need it because possibly you have gotten to a place where you are trusting so much that you can forge on ahead without any or without and signs that are like a wink from the Universe and God.

The validation does help however in the beginning or when doubts are starting to creep in because the rest of the World is going by you as you sit there in the middle of the road meditating and praying your little butt off. Your friends may laugh at you often making you feel like odd man out when you do decide to spend time with them hanging out like you use to. They may say things like “Oh, you are always posting on Facebook about weird things!” or Worse yet they may actually respond to one of your posts about the path you are on and a lesson you are working on by saying something like “What are you talking about?!” in a way that feels like it is meant to push you back down under that rock instead of shinning bright out in the open. My point is that being on the path can be hard at times as many are telling you that what you are doing is not as important as what they are doing, working that traditional job where they are being controlled and being in a state of negativity and worry all the time because they are going along with the majority in society not understanding that that path is like Lambs being led to a sort of slaughter.

Validation can come from many places and many get lots of validation and miss much of it because sometimes it is very subtle. Sometimes it is spirit talking through people. One time I was standing in line paying for gas and I was next in line. As the person before me finished paying she started to walk away, made it a couple of steps almost to the door and turned around and said to me something like “Don’t worry everything is going to work out okay!” It was a little surprising because this person hadn’t turned around in line to even notice that I was standing there so they had no idea who they were turning around to talk to. It was also strange because I was having a really great day so even for that reason the message caught me by surprise. Just as suddenly a look then came over their her face as though she didn’t know what she was doing or why she was still standing there. A total look of confusion was on her face as I just smiled and she seemed to not even be aware that she had just said something to me. I knew the Angel’s had popped in to give me that message and it was an awesome experience. There has been many more similar to that one and I am sure you have some experiences as well to share. Feel free to share them in the comments below because everyone would love to hear about them.

So my reason for writing this today is because I saw a friend this morning at the 7-11 store that I don’t see that often any more. A message came through him. He is a wonderful man called “Preacher” who explained to me that as we were talking (religious and spiritual topics) God told him that I was being used and he then emphasized that he got that I was being used in a big way. It was lovely to start out the morning in that three way conversation…Preacher, myself and God.

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