Clairaudience (psychic hearing)

The word clairaudience comes from late 17th century French. Clair
meaning clear and audience meaning hearing. So clairaudience is also
referred to as “Clear Hearing” often. Clairaudience is not just an
ability that is used by psychics and mediums but is used by everyone and
quite often. The little voice you hear in your head telling you that
you better slow down while driving fast on the highway is your inner
voice but is also using your clairaudient sense to give you that help
that keeps you from getting pulled over because there is a police car a
mile ahead that has setup a speed trap. So you could also say that
clairaudience often works along with your intuition.

was involved when it comes to Spiritualism coming onto the scene in
1848 in Hydesville, New York. At the home of a blacksmith named John
Fox, the family began having experiences where they heard rapping
noises. Read the full story of the Fox sisters and how spiritualism

manifests in many different ways. In movies and television shows they
portray it as a voice outside a persons head. That is because it is
television and it would make for a boring movie if you couldn’t hear
what the main character is hearing. The main character would be seeming
to just have a one way conversation and so that is not the best way to
portray a psychic skill in television shows or movies.
most often manifest as a voice or thought within a persons mind. It can
also include hearing a certain song playing in your head. Clairaudience
is also spirit noises that you can hear that sound like it is coming
from within the room you are in such as a thump in the corner or what
sounds like a large creaking noise coming from the ceiling.

takes dedication to develop. For the person attempting to develop their
clairaudience it can seem really daunting practicing hearing day after
day and feeling as though they hear nothing. Many times a person
repeatedly saying to themselves and others “I don’t have clairaudience”
or “I can’t hear anything with my clairaudience” just reinforces that
and holds off their development even longer. Practicing saying an
affirmation daily such as “My clairaudience is strong and I hear easily
and loud and clear!” can turn things around for you as I actually
learned from experience from a psychic that has a shop in the psychic
town of Cassadaga, Florida.

Of course if you want to develop your clairaudience there are some things you should do to have the best success possible.

Chakra Work

chakras should be worked because without energy being able to flow
through all the chakras and having a good flow of energy in and back out
of your body clairaudience will be more difficult to manifest. In
addition you must also work the minor chakras responsible for
clairaudience in addition to the major chakra responsible for
clairaudience which is the throat chakra.

While working the throat
chakra visualize it as a baby blue like the sky, spinning clockwise.
Although you can visualize it like a disc that is around your neck the
chakra is actually cone shaped. One cone in the front of the neck with
the large end outward like a megaphone and one cone at the back of the
neck with the large end facing outward. The front cone would spin to the
right from your own perspective and the cone at the back of the neck
would spin also to the right if you were to turn your head like in “The
Exorcist” movie and be looking behind you.

the following chakras on your head and see them as bright white spots
as you do pranic breathing or some form of a deep relaxing breathing

make it easier and more effective do the three points around the ear
and then work on the four points near the top of the head. Often try
holding the visual of all of them at the same time until it gets easier
and easier for you to hold more complex visuals.

Visualize the following chakras at the back of your head and see them
as bright white spots as you do pranic breathing or some form of a deep
relaxing breathing technique.


Work the Pineal Gland!

far as the chakra work is concerned I would highly recommend working
the pineal gland as well. Work it for the purpose of keeping it
decalsified as well as working it everyday towards the goal of enlarging
it. From personal experience working the pineal gland can greatly
increase the effectiveness of your psychic abilities and make you feel
as though you feel so on it must be a full moon, and you will understand
why I say that if you also experience heightened psychic abilities
during full moons as I do.

Sit quietly and while doing pranic or
deep breathing technique visualize a spot at the location of the pineal
gland glowing a bright white or golden sun color. Periodically, or once a
week, make an effort to visualize it larger than the last time with one
of your goals being for the pineal gland to enlarge.

Binaural Beats –  Clairaudience Frequency

Lie down, Turn-off the lights, Relax, and Clear your Mind. Breathe
deeply and let the beats put you into a meditative state. This NOT a
quick fix for the psychic ability, you do need PATIENCE. Read the WARNING below before use.

video contains binaural beats technology requiring both left and right
stereo channels. There are no or minimal natural background sounds for
maximum effectiveness. Please use good headphones or earphones to improve the effects.

are experimental samples used within our group of tester’s for over a
year. It is as perfect as we can get it now so it was decided to release
to the public. We found it is a code for unlocking the spirit. And the
spirit can do anything! Use the two basic beats stated below as a daily regiment for a minimum of 30 minutes to see the good benefits. Seriously, no pain no gain!

Clairaudience? Maybe you already have what you seek!

I spent months pondering how to develop my clairaudience, meditating on all the minor and major chakra”s associated with clairaudience, chanting mantra and using mudra’s, etc. I tried ear plugs, listening to radio static, and of course asked guides and Angel”s to help adjust my hearing and frequency. Some of you who may be giggling and¬†thinking of all the time I’ve wasted are probably asking “So, how’d that work out for ya?”

Well, first of all there have been stages. First I just wanted to be able to hear my guides (clairaudience in my head as thoughts) and that went fairly well. Although hard to discern at first between my own thoughts and theirs I quickly learned through meditation that if I could easily quiet my mind I would be able to hear them clearly. Then I learned that I was hearing a lot but was missing it because I was taking for granted things that I was use to hearing. Thoughts that would pop into my head, humorous thoughts pondered while sitting on the toilet, songs that would suddenly come to mind, etc. All these things (well many) were my guides communicating with me.

The problem was that I was under the impression, probably from watching to many movies, that hearing spirits was going to be something very mysterious accompanied by a misty fog that would fill the air. lol. Once I told myself to let go of how I thought things would be it got a heck of a lot easier.

Go forward with no preconceived notions and develop the truth of things as you go along. What others may experience and how they may experience them may not end up being the way you experience them. If someone says a particular cloud formation looks like a duck but you look up and see a puppy, do you think one of you HAS TO BE wrong? No you would both be right. Your perception is one thing and others perception will be different and that is completely fine because you both end up with a wonderfully beautiful experience that is right for each of you individually.

Psychic Hearing and Making the Inner Voice More Distinctive

To begin with let me just say this post on psychic hearing relates whether you are speaking of metaphysics or you are religious person that doesn’t believe in metaphysics and psychic abilities. For me this was related to hearing my higher self, also often referred to as the higher Christ self. I will explain.

Often as I am sitting on my back porch and enjoying the piece and quiet, I am also speaking to my higher self. Being a higher self channel I am use to receiving chunks of information and concepts which I then have to put into words to pass on to someone or understand for my own self. I am also use to hearing that quiet, still and so subtle voice within my head speak by way of psychic hearing. You all know the one I am talking about. It is speaking in our own voices and that is what makes it so subtle is that it is hard to tell if it is our own thoughts coming from our brain or the thoughts being passed on to us from another source such as our high self or spirit. For many this is the struggle, to be able to distinguish our brains chatter from the what we really want to be clear to hear by way of our psychic hearing. The voice of our higher self or for those who have restricted themselves to religion that may be guidance from God or Jesus they are solely trying to hear.

To develop my psychic hearing (clairaudience) I did all the things that are commonly taught. I paid attention to everything, every thought, every word that popped into my head. In the beginning I developed by assuming everything was potentially spirit or higher self communication, so as to get use to paying attention and listening well. That did work, to some degree, in that not much gets by me. Oh yeah, I hear it all, but unfortunately often ignore what I hear thinking it is just a thought pooped out by my mind. Often I quickly find out that “Dang it! That was my higher self and she was right and I hear it, but ignored it!” So many times I have said that.

For quite some time I kept thinking that I needed to develop better psychic hearing. No, my clairaudience was fine, really good in fact. It is was all about how I was hearing. In my own voice. Arggghhhh! It makes most think. That is when my higher self gave me a little help and guidance and told me what I needed to do to achieve what I was trying to accomplish with the way I hear.


Simple idea, yes, but making it so is not going to be easy. Think of someone you know that is opposite in gender to you. Now, try to imagine hearing them say something. You should have heard it in their voice and not your own. What about one of your favorite singers. Can you hear a favorite song in your head and them singing it? Sure you can. So that is proof and validation that you can do this or rather develop to not just hear everything in your own voice.

You will need to decide what voice you would like to hear spirit guidance in. Then you will need to practice hearing that voice say things in your head daily. You need to get use to hearing in more than just your own voice before your higher self and spirit easily comes across that way for you. This may not be something you will have fully going for yourself in just a short week or two. Be patient! Be diligent with your practice!

One last note. Be careful that you allow yourself a quiet environment at times. Turn the television off, dim the lights and let it be totally quiet. Often lack of quiet space is the reason a person is having trouble hearing or thinks they can’t hear. Just be. Let yourself be still in that silence, meaning with no thoughts. You may be amazed at what you find you are finally able to hear.

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