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Empathy: Feeling Casey Anthony

Many may not like that I am going to say this but I feel very sorry for Casey Anthony and her parents. I try not to watch the news because the news portrays all the bad in the world and only about 1% of the good if on a given day we are lucky. And as an empath watching the news is very hard anyway because I pick up peoples emotions quite strongly, that is if I let my guard down. There is a part of me that believes I am led occasionally to let my guard down so that I can see the truth of things sometimes. I think the happened today.

As I was watching the news, news of Casey Anthony being released from jail for the third time was on. I was half watching as I checked my email. At one point I glanced up as she was coming out of the doors behind two HUGE bodyguards. As a side I must say if I ever need guarding people give me guys that big and intimidating. lol. Anyway, there was a shot that showed her clearly and suddenly I felt the connection. A second later (well, as the driver jumped into the front seat of the truck to drive her away) it hit me. I felt overwhelmed. Like a feeling of “I can’t believe this is happening.” And then crying as I felt what she felt as she heard the helicopters overhead following them.

That is all I really want to say about the things I felt with the sudden connection. This is why I feel for them. It’s not up to me or anyone to judge anyone. The gift I was given is the gift to feel and then have compassion regardless of the situation.

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Update 9/18/08 –

I am going to add this to the post since many seem to be reading that are not just seeing what I wrote from the view of an empath. I understand…this is a very emtional subject so I don’t take any of your comments personal…although I think some of you want me too. lol. I still love you all…and if saying that makes me a freak…well, I guess I am just a freak and loving it.

From what I know from use of my psychic empath abilities (and keep in mind I could always be wrong)…Caylee is gone she was smothered, restrained…somthing like that which is hard to pin point because I was feeling it. Her mother did it. Caylee did cross over. I also have the ability of just knowing although not well developed…from that I originally got that Casey mother knew what happened to Caylee and that she found out after she had already made the call to the police about the smell in the car.

Other than that…what can I say I think I have cried for every one involved and been shocked by the actions of the protesters and their behavior…some times intention can be good but even with good intention you can cross the line. I do think that Casey has mental problems and that her family is well aware of them and her capabilities to be the good actress which I think comes from whatever her mental problem is.

Now maybe everyone can stop thinking that I am an uncaring moron. lol.


McCain Vs. Obama and the Empath Perspective

Fellow empath’s…I have been pondering something. I just like others want to hear McCain and Obama debate each other. I want to hear what both sides are saying they have to offer of course. I always like to think I am making the decision for who to vote on based on the facts and what is important and not based on these commercials that are both sides hitting below the belt and taking cheap shots. Although I am going to make my decision based on who I really think will do right by the United States of course there’s that empathic side of me again. Yes…again! lol.film Alien: Covenant download

It has me wondering how many of you empath’s out there have gotten insight that is coming from your empathic selves about the contenders? And are you planning to use that info in helping you to make your decision on who to vote for?

I am really interested to hear political comments from my fellow empath’s about how you feel your empathy may or may not play a role in your political decision making.

I will start it off with one little simple comment. Empathically Sarah Palin makes me feel fear. She actually scares me. My mother asked me why that is and I told her I can’t quite put my finger on it. Cause on the surface I like what I see but it is what I feel that doesn’t quite match up. Now of course I do not feel comfortable making a decision based on the feeling I am getting but it does have me wondering…what is it I am picking up? hmmmm. If I figure it out I will let you know.