Can My Attunement be Scheduled at a Specific Time?

Great News! I now schedule attunements. How do you schedule one? First, place the attunements you want to order in your shopping cart. Second, also place “Schedule Your Attunements for Specific Date & Time“.

Also note, how it works is that you pay for the attunements and then you pay $5 to schedule the attunements to be done at a specific time. Of course, you can just only order the attunements which means your order will be processed and attunements done in the order it is received. You may only wait one day or you may have to wait 7 days depending on how busy the website is and how many orders came in before yours. Please understand, some days not only do a lot of orders come in but also very large orders that take time for me to complete. I have recently added the option to schedule attunements and no longer give any guarantee for how long it will take for attunements not scheduled to be processed because some people who ordered from me were quite rude and nasty even if I was a day late. I don’t want to have to raise the prices just because of a couple ill mannered customers of course.

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