I ordered an attunement, when will I hear from you?

Great! I do attunements in the order I receive the request. I no longer give estimates of when you can expect the attunement(s) to be done because in the past when it took me longer due to the number of orders I received there were some customers who were very mean and nasty about it. So now, if you want to schedule your attunements you can at the time you order them by also ordering “Schedule Your Attunements for Specific Date & Time” for $5 within the same order.

Understand that many that are offering attunements on the internet are doing so for a lot more money than I charge. I have requested and received attunements from many great Masters and you know what? I never received an attunement faster than 5 days from the date I requested it. I guess it is the nature of the times we are living in. Everyone wants it fast like now, now, now! Possibly it might be a part of someone’s lesson…patience, perception, understanding, etc. Many who have given me a hard time about how long it takes sometimes didn’t understand that it was also a lesson for them…nothing is a coincidence. And many totally missed that it was a lesson for them.

You are getting the most powerful attunements from me that any Master is offering, even more powerful than some enlightened Guru’s. However because I have tried to keep cost low for you my attunements don’t include the same hand holding or frequent email communications that some other Masters with way more time on their hands are offering. The fact is the ones who are charging a lot more may have more time to offer because the higher the prices the less orders you receive. It’s pretty much that simple and I hope you understand my explanation.


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