Chakras within the Legs

Below the seven major chakras, going down the legs, there are many chakras to take note of:watch Colossal movie online now

This chakra is located in the hips, it governs fear and lust. The
opposing attribute to balance this chakra is governed by the right to be

Located in the thighs, it governs anger and resentment. The opposing attribute to balance this chakra is forgiveness.

Located in the knees, it governs jealousy. The opposing attribute to balance this chakra is the right to be self-confident.

Translated as ‘under the bottom level’, it is located in the calves,
and it is a state of prolonged confusion and instinctive wilfulness. The
opposing attribute to balance this chakra is the right to be conscious.

Located in the ankles, it is the centre of selfishness and pure animal
nature. The opposing attribute to balance this chakra is the right to be

Located in the feet, this
is the dark realm ‘without conscience’, and inner blindness. The
opposing attribute to balance this chakra is the right to be expansive
and unimpeded.

Located in the soles of
the feet, this is the realm of malice, murder, torture and hatred, and
in Hindu mythology it borders on the realm of Naraka, or Hell. The
opposing attribute to balance this chakra is the right to be empathetic
and understanding.


Crown Chakra and Aura Concentration Exercises


Exercises below aim to stimulate the communication between 2 separate hemispheres of our brain. It is known that the left eye is connected to right hemisphere of the brain and the right eye to the left. When we use both eyes independently and see the combined image, it means that the precise communication between both hemispheres is achieved to synthesize such image.

Such exercises are extremely stimulating and beneficial. Not only they increase our mental potential, but also double our bio-energy and maximize the intensity of self-healing processes within our mind-body system.

Exercise 1.

In this exercise you should compose a yin-yan sign from 2 separate halves. Get back 1 meter from the monitor. Put your finger half way between your eyes and the image below. Focus on the tip of your finger, but look at 2 halves of the yin-yan sign below, trying to achieve the perfect yin-yan sign with no gaps and no overlaps.

Try to maintain the concentration for at least 60 seconds, but preferably for about 5-10 minutes for the maximum benefit. Note, that the white dot in the red half of the yin-yan sign appears turquoise and the white dot in the turquoise half appears red. You see auric colours, and seemingly incomplete yin-yan sign now looks perfect.

Exercise 2.

In this exercise you should compose a yin-yan sign from 2 separate halves. Get back 1 meter from the monitor. Put your finger half way between your eyes and the image below. Focus on the tip of your finger, but look at 2 halves of the yin-yan sign below, trying to achieve the perfect yin-yan sign with no gaps and no overlaps.

Try to maintain the concentration for at least 60 seconds, but preferably for about 5-10 minutes for the maximum benefit. Note, that the white dot in the red half of the yin-yan sign appears turquoise and the white dot in the turquoise half appears red. You see auric colours, and seemingly incomplete yin-yan sign now looks perfect.

Concentration exercise

As a concentration exercise I have chosen the exercise which aimed to practice the communication between two hemispheres of the brain. The exercise is briefly described below and in more detail here. I was observing two circles with perpendicularly drawn diameters, presented in Fig. 3. This picture was located 2 meters away from me on a wall at the eye level.

By changing the focus and concentrating, I aimed to see one circle with a perfect cross in the middle between the two. Then I concentrated, trying to maintain the cross continuously for several minutes. Since each eye is connected to different hemisphere of the brain, the cross, synthesized by the brain is the evidence, that both hemispheres communicate with each other to achieve such synthesis.


Fig.3 Image for concentration exercise

Five Secret Rays of the Chakra System

There are seven major chakra’s in the system and they govern the flow of energy to the four lower bodies. These chakra’s correspond to the seven rays. There are also five secret rays which have five minor chakra’s corresponding to them. There are a total of 144 chakra’s (light centers) in mans body although some say there are actually thousands.


Chakra Ray Color Sanskrit
Throat First Ray Sky/Baby Blue Vishuddha Clairaudience
Crown Second Ray White/Gold Sahasrara Claircognizance
Heart Third Ray Green Anahara Empathy and Clairsentience
Base of Spine
Fourth Ray Red Muladhara clairolfaction (clear smelling) and clairgustant (clear tasting)
Brow/Third Eye FifthRay Violet Ajna Clairvoyance/Telepathy
Solar Plexus Sixth Ray Yellow/Sun Manipura Main power chakra associated with fuctioning of the aura/psychic energy field
Seat of the soul chakra
Seventh Ray Orange Svadhishthana Where the different samskaras (potential karmas), lie dormant. Immunity from disease, unity with others, acceptance into society, the seat of psychic ability. Unbalanced leads to over-indulgence. Empathy and Clairsentience

Is Chakra Work Really Necessary?

Chakra is a word derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning” and this is understandable since the chakra is like a wheel or spinning vortex, many with a vortex opening to the front of the body and also to the back of the body. The are energy centers in the subtle body and are points where energy is transmitted. Each chakra is located at a major branching of the nervous system. When I said nervous system that may make you think “Hmmm, maybe chakra health is important if it affects my nervous system.”

Putting it in laymens terms the state of the chakra can not only affect how you feel physically but can affect you on an emotional and mental level as well. Many times when I hear someone complain of not feeling well I do a little quick energy work on them using the violet flame. I quickly clear and spin their chakras in the correct direction (clock-wise) and sever connections to/from them. Often this clears up whatever they were previously feeling in a timely manner. That is only a temporary solution that works on their symptoms. Often after I clear their chakra(s) in a short period of time their symptoms will resurface again to plague them because the underlying problem has still not yet been resolved.

Life force energy is the major component of the subtle body, energy field, and chakra system. LIFE FORCE ENERGY. That sounds kind of important to living doesn’t it? Of course it is. If there were no life force energy in you then you could not live. Life Force energy which is Universal Energy aka Universal Light from source is the pure light from God that in its purest form has the ability to heal miraculously and it comes into the body through the heart chakra which is the most important chakra in the chakra system for that reason.

Life force energy runs through the chakras and chakras that are not healthy could be unbalanced and at the worse BLOCKED. A blockage could lead to something more serious developing like disease. Now I am sure if a symptom of a disease begins to manifest you will quickly see a doctor. he will diagnose you but he will not talk to you about your chakra system. Why? Because doctors do not deal with our health on the subtle body level. Doctors work in a problem/Symptom based way and not a solution based way. Basically a doctor won’t talk to you about good chakra healthy that will prevent the disease from forming in the first place. I can imagine it they did there would be the need for a lot less doctors in the world as well as less insurance company and pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that if every one would take the health of their subtle body more seriously we would be able to change the state of the need of so many doctors and pharmaceutical companies. I know this paragraph would make a pharmaceutical company cringe! That is the power we have if we would each just simply take responsibility for the health of our subtle bodies.

How to Work on Your Chakras?

Of course you could learn all about the chakra system and then in meditation visualize the chakras being bright, clear and spinning quickly clockwise. However that will not actually solve any problems with the chakras although it will result in the problems of the chakras being brought to the surface for you to recognize and work on. Living right is actually the truest answer to the question. The reason Jesus preferred to give sermons versus performing amazing miracle after miracle is because he could of course heal their problems but without them changing the way they lived the problem would simply just eventually come back. I know some healers that put a lot of themselves into helping and healing their clients. If they are not also speaking to them about living right, teaching them to permanently overcome states of fear, anxiety, worry, bias, envy, etc then they have accomplished nothing. These things that are of the negative ego is what taints the pure energy that comes into you from source. That is the starting point of illness and disease. So to resolve your problems with finding yourself sometimes in those states of being is key to good chakra Dunkirk 2017 trailer

For example, problems with headaches, sinus, ears usually point to a problem with the brow chakra. A problem with the brow chakra begs the question of what truth are you not seeing? Matters of seeing illusions versus reality. Do you see your problems and the source of them as being outside yourself? What is it you need to see and understand clearly? The truth will set you free!

When I give readings because I have reached enlightenment I see far beneath the surface when someone is telling me of a problem they have. I see what is on the surface, true, that is effecting them and causing them to feel bad but I also see underlying causes. My higher self will often quickly (if they allow me to) begin telling the client what they need to know, understand, work on, etc. Often sharing an opposing perspective for the client to consider…a side they may not have seen or considered. For some that are willing to try seeing a deeper meaning and level of truth in their situation has the ultimate healing effects sometimes leading them to be forever changed. Now the chakra can clear itself of some of what was causing the blockage. They will go through a period of time of clearing. There is still more to be seen and understood that effects this chakra, however the journey of course begins with one step…and is just a succession of many steps.

To work on your chakras is to work on the things you suffer from. Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Bias. Envy. Question these things. What is their cause? Where did they come from? Is the starting point unresolved issues from your childhood that created a trigger?

Of course some don’t know where to start and that is okay. You have options for how to help yourself. You can ask your guides and higher self to help you and work with you. You can also consider getting a personal development or spiritual coach such as myself that has successfully been down the same path you are traveling. Or you can do nothing, and that is of course always a choice you can make although I don’t recommend it.

Third Eye Activation and Opening

third eye activationThe Third Eye is a topic I am asked about so many times. I realized that there are so many of you that have an interest in knowing the answer to that question and I have no problem sharing the answer. Of course, for those that know me, you know I never have a problem sharing what I know, but this question causes me to hesitate often when I am asked it. Why? Simple, I don’t want any of you to hurt yourselves and also I know some of you won’t like my answer because my answers often lead to work needing to be done on your part. Time that you must put in. Real work that must be done. If you are willing to do the little bit of work then you can reap the benefits like I have and I do want you to be able to reap the benefits.

Before I tell you the answer please allow me to take a trip back into my past and share with you my experience that in itself will answer some questions for you.

There was a time when my son was two years old that I started having a lot of empathic experiences that had me questioning, yet again, whether I was an empath. The experiences at times were so bad that I just had to know if there was more to me than what I had previously thought. I had already been reading a book about the Law of Attractions and that knowledge was changing my life permanently for the better. That book led me to looking up ways to raise my vibrations which led me to Reiki. I had previously never heard of Reiki or any such thing. Reiki led me to knowledge and information about the chakras and meditation as I read the Reiki Manual. Before you knew it I was coming closer to the answer I had been looking for, or rather a way to get that answer of what more was there to me than I had previously thought there was. That all led me to realizing, some how and I think intuitively, that the answer may lie in the third eye. I easily found an exercise to open the third eye. I followed it exactly as the directions instructed. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little worried because I was already having many spirit experiences that were freaking me out, such as sudden knocks on the windows, feeling some invisible hand rub my head from almost the forehead to the back of my head, and more. I was already working on learning to meditate and learning that the root chakra controled fear. Clearing the root chakra, I believe, alleviated a lot of my fear and allowed me to make it through all the experiences I had without having a major heart attacked out of fear. I still flip flopped back and forth on whether I was okay with seeing spirits however. Eventually I realized it was not up to me so much as it was up to spirit whether they would show themselves or how they would manifest to me as well as my own abilities that would dictate that. I’m speaking of spirits such as Angels and Ascended Masters. So much to learn, so much information and often seeming contradictory, which I would eventually get use to the way true knowledge was that way.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, I did the third eye exercises just as instructed followed by 27 more day of meditation and chakra work on the seven major chakras…daily. When I did the chakra work I would always use sound. ALWAYS. That’s an important piece of the puzzle so if you are taking notes write that down. So, that was 3 days of the third eye exercise and 27 days of chakra work on the seven major chakras (always working from foot to crown) for a total of 30 days. I kid you not, on the 30th day my empathy fully awoke. When I say fully awoke, keep in mind I had always been empathic and manifesting empathy here and there but never 100% since I had been a child. Well, on the 30 day it was 100% open. It was an experience I will never forget. I could feel any one and everyone within a certain distance around me so easily. Also, as people would talk about others, such as sick relatives and friends I would connect without effort to them and feel them no matter where they were in the world. I won’t say it was awesome, it was something however. Something to adjust to. Something that could have kept me in the house not wanting to experience pain, sadness, others drug use, etc. I did not let it make me back up in fear. I took the good with the bad and hung in there with it. It was not easy but it was for a reason. Everything is stepping stones and if you ever think “I have arrive and I am done because I have found what I am looking for!” then you have in fact LOST because everything is a stepping stone leading to the next thing.

So the answer to the question about activating or opening the third eye is simple. No an attunement will not do that for you no matter what attunement it is. An attunement can expand your abilities but not open them initially. You need to do the work of opening up. Chakra work and meditation is the key along with using sound. Once you have opened up successfully NOTHING will happen. You won’t suddenly just be a psychic reader. No that takes practice. So opening up is just the first step and daily practice and exercise of the abilities that may r may not be manifesting or manifesting strongly is the next step before what you are seeking is realized.

Note: Don’t forget that you need to learn grounding and protection!

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