Five Secret Rays of the Chakra System

There are seven major chakra’s in the system and they govern the flow of energy to the four lower bodies. These chakra’s correspond to the seven rays. There are also five secret rays which have five minor chakra’s corresponding to them. There are a total of 144 chakra’s (light centers) in mans body although some say there are actually thousands.


Chakra Ray Color Sanskrit
Throat First Ray Sky/Baby Blue Vishuddha Clairaudience
Crown Second Ray White/Gold Sahasrara Claircognizance
Heart Third Ray Green Anahara Empathy and Clairsentience
Base of Spine
Fourth Ray Red Muladhara clairolfaction (clear smelling) and clairgustant (clear tasting)
Brow/Third Eye FifthRay Violet Ajna Clairvoyance/Telepathy
Solar Plexus Sixth Ray Yellow/Sun Manipura Main power chakra associated with fuctioning of the aura/psychic energy field
Seat of the soul chakra
Seventh Ray Orange Svadhishthana Where the different samskaras (potential karmas), lie dormant. Immunity from disease, unity with others, acceptance into society, the seat of psychic ability. Unbalanced leads to over-indulgence. Empathy and Clairsentience

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