Is Chakra Work Really Necessary?

Chakra is a word derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning” and this is understandable since the chakra is like a wheel or spinning vortex, many with a vortex opening to the front of the body and also to the back of the body. The are energy centers in the subtle body and are points where energy is transmitted. Each chakra is located at a major branching of the nervous system. When I said nervous system that may make you think “Hmmm, maybe chakra health is important if it affects my nervous system.”

Putting it in laymens terms the state of the chakra can not only affect how you feel physically but can affect you on an emotional and mental level as well. Many times when I hear someone complain of not feeling well I do a little quick energy work on them using the violet flame. I quickly clear and spin their chakras in the correct direction (clock-wise) and sever connections to/from them. Often this clears up whatever they were previously feeling in a timely manner. That is only a temporary solution that works on their symptoms. Often after I clear their chakra(s) in a short period of time their symptoms will resurface again to plague them because the underlying problem has still not yet been resolved.

Life force energy is the major component of the subtle body, energy field, and chakra system. LIFE FORCE ENERGY. That sounds kind of important to living doesn’t it? Of course it is. If there were no life force energy in you then you could not live. Life Force energy which is Universal Energy aka Universal Light from source is the pure light from God that in its purest form has the ability to heal miraculously and it comes into the body through the heart chakra which is the most important chakra in the chakra system for that reason.

Life force energy runs through the chakras and chakras that are not healthy could be unbalanced and at the worse BLOCKED. A blockage could lead to something more serious developing like disease. Now I am sure if a symptom of a disease begins to manifest you will quickly see a doctor. he will diagnose you but he will not talk to you about your chakra system. Why? Because doctors do not deal with our health on the subtle body level. Doctors work in a problem/Symptom based way and not a solution based way. Basically a doctor won’t talk to you about good chakra healthy that will prevent the disease from forming in the first place. I can imagine it they did there would be the need for a lot less doctors in the world as well as less insurance company and pharmaceutical companies. Imagine that if every one would take the health of their subtle body more seriously we would be able to change the state of the need of so many doctors and pharmaceutical companies. I know this paragraph would make a pharmaceutical company cringe! That is the power we have if we would each just simply take responsibility for the health of our subtle bodies.

How to Work on Your Chakras?

Of course you could learn all about the chakra system and then in meditation visualize the chakras being bright, clear and spinning quickly clockwise. However that will not actually solve any problems with the chakras although it will result in the problems of the chakras being brought to the surface for you to recognize and work on. Living right is actually the truest answer to the question. The reason Jesus preferred to give sermons versus performing amazing miracle after miracle is because he could of course heal their problems but without them changing the way they lived the problem would simply just eventually come back. I know some healers that put a lot of themselves into helping and healing their clients. If they are not also speaking to them about living right, teaching them to permanently overcome states of fear, anxiety, worry, bias, envy, etc then they have accomplished nothing. These things that are of the negative ego is what taints the pure energy that comes into you from source. That is the starting point of illness and disease. So to resolve your problems with finding yourself sometimes in those states of being is key to good chakra Dunkirk 2017 trailer

For example, problems with headaches, sinus, ears usually point to a problem with the brow chakra. A problem with the brow chakra begs the question of what truth are you not seeing? Matters of seeing illusions versus reality. Do you see your problems and the source of them as being outside yourself? What is it you need to see and understand clearly? The truth will set you free!

When I give readings because I have reached enlightenment I see far beneath the surface when someone is telling me of a problem they have. I see what is on the surface, true, that is effecting them and causing them to feel bad but I also see underlying causes. My higher self will often quickly (if they allow me to) begin telling the client what they need to know, understand, work on, etc. Often sharing an opposing perspective for the client to consider…a side they may not have seen or considered. For some that are willing to try seeing a deeper meaning and level of truth in their situation has the ultimate healing effects sometimes leading them to be forever changed. Now the chakra can clear itself of some of what was causing the blockage. They will go through a period of time of clearing. There is still more to be seen and understood that effects this chakra, however the journey of course begins with one step…and is just a succession of many steps.

To work on your chakras is to work on the things you suffer from. Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Bias. Envy. Question these things. What is their cause? Where did they come from? Is the starting point unresolved issues from your childhood that created a trigger?

Of course some don’t know where to start and that is okay. You have options for how to help yourself. You can ask your guides and higher self to help you and work with you. You can also consider getting a personal development or spiritual coach such as myself that has successfully been down the same path you are traveling. Or you can do nothing, and that is of course always a choice you can make although I don’t recommend it.

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