AKA Dua Healing Transmission Level I

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Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

What is Aka Dua?
With a history in ancient Mayan civilization, Aka Dua is a subtle physical substance capable of making profound changes on the material plane. Aka Dua has seven distinct vibrational frequencies. Aka Dua initiation has five different levels. Aka Dua is an energy current that has many more usages than healing. By experimenting with it and learning what others do
with it, you will discover that it enhances many facets of your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Level III Mastery is NOT being offered at this time. FYI – 28 days is needed between Level I and II.

Range of Aka Dua Vibrational Frequencies
Aka Dua has seven distinct vibrational frequencies. In no particular order, the seven vibrational frequencies are: Solar (including the Jaguar subtype), Lunar, Atmospheric, Volcanic, Oceanic, Obsidian, Unnamed. The Jaguar and the Solar are different. They are both technically solar energy but they are used differently. Sometimes, those two are considered one, but there is a technical difference.

Levels of Aka Dua Initiation
Aka Dua initiation has five different levels. There are seven possible levels, but not on this planet. Only the first three levels are accessible to you as you are, as an ordinary person. In order to attain Level Four, you have to attain a certain degree of evolution.

Aka Dua Level One Transmission
In the Aka Dua Level One Transmission, the recipient receives the Aka Dua substance. Over the next twenty-eight days it settles into the body and becomes a part of it. Typically, the Aka Dua Level One Transmission recipient will receive one of the seven types of Aka Dua. As a consequence, the transmission will feel a little different in different people. Occasionally, a person receives more than one type of Aka Dua. The type or types received depends on the way the recipient processes energy.

Aka Dua Level Two Attunement
After you have Aka Dua Level One and you have practiced and trained with it for at least twenty-eight days, you may petition for an Aka Dua Level Two Attunement. The difference, of course, between a transmission and an attunement is that a transmission gives you something you didn’t have before, whereas an attunement shows you how to shift your own vibration to allow for the full spectrum of the Aka Dua within your body to be present.

In Level Two, you are attuned to the other types of Aka Dua that you could not readily access after taking the Level One Transmission. The first thing that will happen once you get your Level Two Attunement is that your body will do something that will allow the other types of vibrations to manifest through you, through your body. It is possible that immediately upon receiving your Level Two Attunement you will not be able to do all seven at will and to know the difference really well. You will notice that you can do more, but you will need to practice with it to be able to say with exact knowledge, “Okay, this is Jaguar, this is Lunar…” and to use each one more effectively; but you will be able to start working with all vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua once you start Level Two. With more ability through practice and use, you will be able to use combinations of the seven types as well.

Here is a couple of excerpts from someone’s journal who documented their experience with the AKA Dua attunement:

9/13/07 – [At this point, I had had the A(ka)D(dua) for about a month. Many of the thoughts I express changed drastically as I became more in tune with the AD, its effects and character.] The Aka Dua… what to say? It’s there but it isn’t. Something so powerful should in theory be more opaque, more obvious. It’s impossible to define so far. Changeable, extremely deep, ancient. It’s like it creates the space for more energy to flow in rather than forcing it in. At first I was seeing it as yellowish white, but I asked it to change to blue and the quality of the energy instantly changed dramatically. A few times I think I’ve seen what it is for itself, or at least for me by itself, as a kind of soft bluish lavender. At times while channeling it, it makes me giddy, almost the way opening up with Deeksha can do, but it feels more empowering and kind of mischievous.

9/20/07 – I think in acclimating to the Aka Dua – which has become, I believe, a longer process for me than I expected – I find it more simple, calm, and soothing. There is a stillness about it, in that, perhaps, it causes stillness, but it itself does move pretty deeply. I wish I could describe it more. It’s like it is but isn’t there. However, I seem to be able to control – if that word applies – my nervousness and ‘top-heaviness’ much more easily. I feel my responses to stimuli becoming easier and easier. Except yesterday when I was napping, energizing myself, the phone rang, and I snapped out of bed like a bear trap. I may be beginning to realize its anti-adrenalin effects. Or I may just be concentrating better today. Whatever it is, I’m glad to be a part of it. (I was having a strange phenomena occur during this perios in my life. Every morning I would wake up, my chest/heart would be gripped by anxiety, and it was incredibly painful and disturbing. I mention later on that after taking the AD transmission, which originally was described as having “antiadrenalin effects”, this phenomenon completely ceased.)



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