Allowing Abundance

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Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

This attunement is a simple energetic healing procedure, meant to open the seeker to the harmonic flow of abundance and prosperity of the Universe.

It works gently but effectively, as it is designed to remove dissonant frequencies, blocks and even “walls” of resistance that a person might have built unconsciously to prevent goodness and abundance to get into their lives.

When a person is having financial issues, sometimes the problem is not that they aren’t talented, or capable, or trying hard enough. They may even be trying to think positively or affirm their wealth with gratitude practice, but something simply keeps standing in their way. No amount of positive thinking, however, will work for a person who believes that they should not be happy, or worse, that they do not deserve the blessings of good things deep down inside of themselves. We often get these feelings of unworthiness from growing up in dysfunctional family environments, as ell as accessing some triggers of past lives experienced in our present daily lives.

This attunement will require some work from the seeker: the practice of exercises we call Antunements. Also, it will not instantly solve financial problems, but will empower the recipient to make better choices and move forward in their lives for increased abundance down the line.

The more blocks you remove, the more you will feel the effect of the natural flow of goodness and blessings. The more blocks you have, the longer it may take to get into a point of balance and plenitude;, but this is not a reason to give up.


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