Angel Contact

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Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

Angelcontact clears the way for you to connect with the angelic realm and for the angels to connect with you. Clearing the way will allow you to connect with the angels and angel energies that are most suited to your needs.

There are three attunements in the Angelcontact system but they work as one. The first is for full conscious contact with angels. It is called “Higher Angel Contact”. The Angelcontact attunement is designed to bring the energies and qualities of angels into your life and being. The angels will accelerate and oversee your spiritual development. The angels will also be able to effect real change in all areas and on all levels of your life and your being. The angels may appear “in person” to help you or may send their energies to you. Over time you will grow in forgiveness, love, compassion, strength, awareness, ego transparency/transcendence, wisdom, insight, being in the moment, healing ability and other angelic qualities. It also leads to full conscious communication with angels.

The second attunement is for working with a group of angels that specialize in physical healing. The third is for working with a group of angels that specialize in emotional and mental healing. The second and third attunements work together as one and are called “Healing Angels”. Together all three attunements are called Angelcontact. These attunements will last for all of your future incarnations on this earth. You can undo the attunement any time you want simply by intending to undo it.

Conscious angelic contact will only be given to the degree that the person can handle it with comfort. However unconscious contact will be initiated immediately. The angels will then work on building stronger, deeper and more conscious contact until one is ready for full conscious contact.


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