Animal Empowerment

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Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

The term “empowerment” is the translation of the Tibetan word “wang”, which literally means “power”. Empowerment’s are a “transmission of power.”

The process of this empowerment, and many types of empowerment’s, is for you to read the information within the manual. Unlocking what lies within you happens as you understand what you are reading. So that means to read the empowerment and not understanding any of it or to read without trying to ponder and understanding what is read you will not attain any advancement, the empowerment. In that regard an empowerment is similar to an initiation. When the student is reading and understands what they read or is read to them it effects change within them. So, it is important to also read about and learn about animals from various sources as well. You can do that via the internet, animal cards, observing animals and allowing animals to observe you and meditating on specific animals.

Understanding What This is Really All About

When a particular animal comes to you sometimes it is there as your guide (even if just for that moment), to bring you a message or medicine. Animal Medicine is a Native American practice. Their practices are based in all aspects of life, nature and God/spirit. Native American’s had an awareness that when certain animals crossed our paths it was there to bring healing to our consciousness. The practice requires our participation in that when we see certain animals and understand the medicine it brings up we can make conscious effort to make the changes it speaks of or be made aware of something we need to know or understand.

Animal Empowerment’s Included:

  • Bat Empowerment
  • Dragonfly Medicine Empowerment
  • Great Horned Owl Empowerment
  • Butterfly Empowerment
  • Dolphin Breath Initiation
  • Spider Medicine Empowerment
  • Jaguar Initiation
  • Dragon Empowerment
  • Crow Empowerment


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