Elven Shamanic Healing Level I

36 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

Shamanic Healing anyone?! This is an awesome attunement that is great for anyone that ha a strong interest in Shamanic Healing. Great way to get started on your journey!

The Elven Shamanic Healing Attunement was channelled by Violet Paille.

The manual gives the history of the Elves and information about their gods and goddesses.  Wonderful detail is included on how to work with various herbs and plants for all purposes.  By way of the attunements the energy of these herbs and plants will be passed on to you on an etheric level and similar to Ethereal Crystal Therapy you will be able to work with the herbs and plants without having to have them physically on hand. You will also be able to fully experience the power of the Elven kingdom!

This Elven Shamanic Healing Attunement consists of two separate attunements. Level I and Master which are done separately and need to be ordered separately at the time you would like them done. So that means do not order them at the same time.

The Practitioner level attunement I
You need to receive while on your way to sleep. So even though it may be given to you during the day, you will call it in to begin as you lay down to go to sleep. This will allow you to dream about the methods in which were used and allow the energy to settle deep within your soul.

To accept this attunement, make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and ready. Then say to yourself, “I am now ready to accept the Elven Spiritual Healing Attunement as prepared for me by Sherry Andrea.” Then relax and allow the energy to flow to you.

The Master level attunement
It is best to receive the master attunement during a relaxing bath to keep the purity of this healing modality, however you can also receive this one before going to sleep.

say to yourself, “I am now ready to accept the Elven Shamanic Healing Attunement as prepated for me by Sherry Andrea.” Then relax and allow the energy to flow to you.

The difference between the attunements is that only at Master level can you call yourself an Elven Shaman. The first attunement connects you to the Elven Spiritual Healing, where as the Master attunement connects you forever to the Elven Shamanic Healing System.


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