Energy of the Bodhisattvas

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Channeled by Jean (Gina) Myrner. To align with the energies of the bodhisattvas first one needs to become acquainted with their wisdom. Buddhists may take the bodhisattva vows in order to initiate their spiritual journey.

Non-Buddhists also may feel drawn to cultivate the ways of the bodhisattva.

The nature of the Bodhisattva is apparent from a teaching story in which three people are walking through a desert. Parched and thirsty, they spy a high wall ahead. They approach and circumnavigate it, but it has no entrance or doorway. One climbs upon the shoulders of the others, looks inside, yells “Eureka” and jumps inside. The second then climbs up and repeats the actions of the first. The third laboriously climbs the wall without assistance and sees a lush garden inside the wall. It has cooling water, trees, fruit, etc. But, instead of
jumping into the garden, the third person jumps back out into the desert and seeks out desert wanderers to tell them about the garden and how to find it. The third person is the Bodhisattva.

Bodhisattvas vow to amass inconceivable amounts of merit, which they will dedicate to all other sentient beings, so as to help them attain Awakening. Such great vows are made and the bodhisattva devotes his/her powers to helping others attain Nirvana The promise to keep bodhisattva vows applies not only to this life, but to each subsequent lifetime until enlightenment. Thus these vows continue on our mind-stream into future lives.

Example of a Bodhisattva vow adapted from Kim Dieu’s translation:

Countless sentient beings, I vow to help to cross the ocean of existence.
Eternal Sufferings, I vow to end.
Innumerable spiritual methods, I vow to study and comprehend.
The buddha’s unsurpassable supreme dharma, I vow to realize.

To continue to follow along this path seriously I highly recommend also finding a teacher of the Dharma.


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