Eye of Horus

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Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

The Eye of Horus Attunement is a gateway that connects you to the 5th dimensional energies of light and higher frequencies.

The Eye of Horus Attunement provides the opening that creates a reservoir of celestial energy within your own energy field.  This reservoir of celestial energy then anchors and infuses your energy field.  Through the activation, your connection with our Sacred Mother Earth is also strengthened and you experience a new sense of nurturing through this re-alignment.

As we build this reservoir of celestial energy within, we re-calibrate our physical, emotional, mental and spirit body, releasing old programming, negative patterns, and creating a stronger foundation or matrix. This in turns activates more of our Divine Blueprint and can connect us more efficiently to our Light body.

Along with the higher vibrations of light through this activation, we are able to access and hold more 5D light as we operate in our daily lives.  This is particularly important as we approach 2012.  The upcoming spiritual, consciousness and earthly changes that will occur around this time have been prophesied by many including the Hopi, Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion and many others.

The Eye of Horus Attunement works towards the awakening and full activation of your Light Body.  There are many ways of working towards this and many reasons why you may wish to undertake such a venture.


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