Fairy Realm Reiki

15 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

“The day I was given Fairy Realms Reiki I was watering plants, checking on young trees that had been developing from seed or planted, and other various activities focused on re-growth. I felt a strong presence with me, and several symbols flashed through my mind. I then heard the words “Fairy Reiki” in my psychic centers. A tingling sensation started at the top of my head and traveled to the base of my spine. My hands also began to tingle with energy. I closed my eyes and tuned into the situation. I was soon told that I had just been given Fairy Reiki and I was to take this gift and share it with others. So, here I am, writing this manual and sharing the knowledge I have been given with you. It is my pleasure and honor to pass to you the same gift that has been given to me.” Keith Zang

Fairy Realms Reiki is a form of Reiki that is geared towards healing of the natural environment, healing with help from the natural environment, and to connect with nature spirits and fairies. It is highly recommended that some form of instruction in traditional Reiki be taken or studied to have a better understanding of Reiki and its principles. I know, though, that there are plenty of intuitive people out there that will take this knowledge and make it their own with their own style without ever studying formalized Reiki.

The colors associated with Fairy Realms Reiki are Green and Brown. Fairy Realms Reiki is geared towards the natural environment. It is focused on helping growth of plants and animals, cleansing the earth of toxins, grounding, and facilitating contact between the human and fairy realms. It is a perfect form to use in helping gardens, flowers and forests grow, aiding in the healing of animals, and opening the psychic centers to communicate with fairies and other nature spirits. It is encouraged that sessions with people or animals be done outside (weather permitting) in the natural environment where earth energies abound. Don’t be surprised if you feel the presence of fairies or nature spirits while you do your work.

This is a self attunement. The instructions to attune yourself are within the manual.


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