Knights of the Holy Grail

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Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

This Order of the Holy Grail introduces the seeker to the truth and knowledge to the fundamental principals that define our religion. This order believes in a Sacred and Divine Bloodline.

This Bloodline was made manifested through Joseph and Mary. Only when one is given the Keys to the quest, can one begin the journey of the Royal Quest. AA Michael was in charge of Terrestrial Realm with the gift of the Holy Grail. Michael choose his angels carefully as they were to guard and protect God’s Divine Plane and the Holy Grail. The Neutral Angels brought the Holy Grail to the Terrestrial Realm through Melchizedek who created the First Priesthood on Earth.

The Melchizedek Priesthood was created to guard protect and preserve the Holy Grail by Divine Dispensation granted unto Joseph. The Grail Family have kept the Book of the Holy Grail and its teachings closely guarded for almost 2000 years. Its Divine Knowledge answers all questions regarding God, where we came from, purpose of life, good and evil and etc. Attunement will connect you to this and more.


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