Mahatma Ascension Reiki

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Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

You must read the manual to become attuned to this system. Your attunement will actually take effect once you have read the manual.

The Mahatma energy, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis. This Mahatma energy which means `great soul` is a group consciousness which contains twelve rays

This manual is enhanced by the loving energies of the Mahatma, the ascended masters and the I AM presence of the source. It is filled with absolute healing energies and advanced light waves and light molecules of….


Mahatma Reiki

Ascension Reiki

Elohim Reiki

Divine Reiki

Merkabah Reiki

Shamballa Reiki

Enlightenment Reiki and

Ascended Master Reiki:

The full spectrum of healing energies on Heaven and Earth.

All the empowerments, attunements and initiations are encoded in the manual. Be open and joyful and receive with gratitude and divine love. You will be surrounded with Angelic Beings and Master Healers and you will be receiving advanced Mahatma Reiki energy for as long as you are reading the manual.

It is truly healing reading-meditation and initiation into the advanced spiritual energy systems, healing modes and divine beingness.

As you are reading the manual and advanced-multidimensional course, ascension will be fully activated, empowered and all levels of the self will enter unity, harmony and joyness. Enlightenment will become a constant state of existence and you will realize and embody the Mahatma, the I AM presence, the Source and the Reiki healing art itself. You will expand all of these infinitely towards all directions of reality in ever-expanding conscious light and oceanic love!

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