Meridian Flush Empowerment Level 1

24 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

However it is suggested that it would be most helpful for students to have opened their Kundalini channel and have some experience with Meridian / Qigong before taking these empowerments for more benefit. See “Resources” below for more info.

Important info regarding this empowerment/attunement:

  • Remember the Meridian Flush Level 1 once activated runs continuously for 5 hours.
  • Remember the Meridian Flush Level 2 once activated runs continuously for 7 hours.

The Meridian Flush Empowerments attunements helps to ensure the optimal functioning of your meridians.

The Meridian Flush Empowerments are made up of five systems, each with two levels with an attunement per level. You do not need to do these systems consecutively, although it is best to do so in order for the energies to build.

Meridian Flush Empowerments 1-2 (General meridian clearing) ONLY is being offered here.

Level 1 – Removes negative energies and keeps the meridians clear.
Level 2 – A stronger and more thorough cleansing of the meridians.


  • Jose Gonzales
  • Manoj
  • Daniel Escamilla
  • Sherry Andrea

“Healing Promise of Qi” by Roger Jahnke, you will find more complete explanations of Meridians and Qigong. Another helpful resource is a manual “Meridian Stroking” by Elizabeth Hibel who combines using reiki with the Meridians. From these recourses I have attached the following materials which I hope will be helpful for new students receiving these wonderful empowerments.


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