Opening Your Third Eye and Awakening Your Abilities

75 students

This course is in response to all the questions I get so often related to opening the Third Eye and awakening psychic abilities. Yes, you will have daily work to do however if you take this course and take advantage of what I teach in it and daily do as I say, you will be able to effectively use your third eye/abilities in a short amount of time. Yes, I do give you that time frame within the course.

Included in this course…

In addition to the course I give you my book “How to Awaken and Develop the Psychic Self” and I also give you two 30 minute one-on-one teaching/coaching sessions which will take place via phone (or Skype for those who are outside of the US). Note that the teaching/coaching sessions are only related to this course.

This course has a lot of value and it is something many have been asking me to offer. For the first 24 hours I am offering the course at a discount because I would like to get some feedback. Those who sign up for the course during that time will also be given a $5 off coupon to use on the site towards an attunement course.


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