Shamballa Reiki Level 1-4

310 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

Shamballa Reiki manifests from a higher vibrational plane and transmitts energy faster and more powerfully.

Shamballa Reiki is a multi dimensional healing system that is utilized for healing as well as spiritual development. Shamballa Reiki is based on the concept that everyone has been attuned to Reiki in the past and therefore Shamballa Reiki re-awakens this ability for the benefit of all of humanity and for the worlds healing.

Shamballa Reiki was used in Ancient Atlantis by the Ascended Master St. Germain. The attunements open you to receive through your Higher Self up to 352 etheric symbols. These symbols can be revealed in healing, meditation or dream state, one for each dimensional level between here and the Creator Energy. These etheric symbols are keys that open the gateway to these various dimensional frequencies. The symbols will be revealed to you as the need for them arises. Shamballa Reiki energy recognizes the Mahatma Energy or the I AM Presence (which is your own God self) as explained in the book “The Human Aura” by Elizabeth Claire Prophet. It is a link to Divinity, expressed in a deep knowing, feeling and living of the connection that is Oneness with all life

Shamballa Reiki has 4 levels:

 allows you to do self healing and hands on healing of others.
LEVEL TWO: allows you to send healing energy to people or places at a distance.
LEVEL THREE: adds more symbols and allows you to start attuning Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing Level 1 students.
LEVEL FOUR: is Master/Teacher level, which allows you to attune students to all four levels of Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing. A Shamballa Master student receives a total of 352 symbols when he/she is attuned to this level.

Founder: Hari Das (John Armitage)


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