Usui Reiki Level I

12 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

If you find yourself here reading about Reiki even if you feel it is because you are just curious, then most likely Reiki is for you. Well, the truth is it is for everyone. Not sure you believe in such things. Sure you do because actually if you learned nothing else from science in high school you probably remember such things as…

  • Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
  • Everything is energy.
  • To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.

You can think of Reiki as meaning “Universal Energy.” In Japanese the word Reiki consist of two separate words. Rei and Ki. Rei means higher power and Ki (you’ve heard of Chi right?) means life force energy. The energy that everything consist of, that you consist of and that is all around you even though you can’t see it is what we are talking about when we are discussing Reiki.

Reiki Usui is a healing technique that many use. The last time you were in a hospital you nurse may have been a Reiki Practitioner although you may not have known it. Your doctor may also be a Reiki Practitioner as well. We are still living in a world where many of us don’t freely and openly announce that we are Reiki practitioners because not everyone in the world has an open mind. It doesn’t require a person to have an open mind for Reiki to work on them. Energy transcends time, space and all forms of ignorance. That’s not a quote. I just made that up but it is quite true. I have used Reiki to help some of the most closed minded stubborn people and it still worked. Energy is not selective as to who it helps. Energy follows universal laws. Remember that energy is not man made although some healing modalities and techniques may have been created (channeled) by man.

With Reiki and other healing modalities you will simply be a conduit such as a go between. You will channel energy by letting it flow through you and on to the person you are trying to help. This will not require any great skill on your part. Actually the most important thing you will be required to do is have the intention and desire to help someone. Most often it is your intent that gets the job done. Of course there are many things to learn when it comes to Reiki. There are healing symbols you will learn to use as well as hand positions for when performing Reiki in person versus at a distance. Yes, at a distance. Energy transcends time and space and you will not need to be any where near the person you are attempting to heal although some do prefer to provide Reiki in person versus at a distance, or vise versa. You will explore and find what is best for you or what you are guided to do.

As I have said previously…if you find yourself here then Reiki is probably for you. Yes. You find yourself her for a reason. It could be that you are beginning to awaken or will soon. It could also be that you have been guided her to use Reiki as a stepping stone on your journey.

There is much more to know and discover about Reiki that is very exciting. If you are still not sure if Reiki Usui is for you then I recommend downloading the manual and reading a little bit about its history and how it works.

Usui Reiki Training Manual


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