Violet Flame Reiki

25 students

Prerequisite: None

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

Levels I-IV
A Reiki given by the Lady Quan Yin to Ivy Moore

It was while Ivy Moore was meditating upon Quan Yin, and wishing to develop better healing skills using Reiki, that she received approximately forty symbols for this purpose. She called this Reiki ~Violet Flame~ , and dedicated it to the Lady Quan Yin who gently attuned her to the symbols she had received. This Reiki has a warm compassionate touch, and offers a great healing to both spirit and body when used. It is also good to use over long distances.

It is advised that it can be given to any student of Usui Reiki Level II or above, primarily because of the large number of symbols. Ms. Moore believes the symbols are sacred and private. She does not display them openly to recipients of Reiki, if she discusses Violet Flame with her client at all. She merely uses the Reiki as she would Usui Reiki, and invokes a symbol if she feels it is needed.

There are four levels of Reiki, but the attunement can be given at one time, or over a series of appointments, again, mainly due to the large number of symbols. You may choose to attune your students to Violet Flame in a series of attunements for the same reason. However, if one uses a Reiki box, similar to that below, it can easily be done all at once. Please read her instructions on how to do this. She takes the attunements very seriously, and I can attest to the success of her technique! One can attune another in Violet Flame, only after completing both Usui Reiki Level IIIb (RMT), and Violet Flame (all 4 levels.) Note that there is an attunement symbol given in the last level of VFR.


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