Zone Reiki Level II

10 students

Prerequisite: Zone Reiki Level I

Note: The Attunement Certificate IS included in this course. You will receive it immediately upon completion of the course.

The goal of Zone Reiki: Is to balance the energy in the body, mind and emotions by sending Reiki to the zones in ears or hands or head or feet.

Now that you have worked a while with the level1 treatment there can be some sensations that you experienced — Like that you can feel. One zone needs more energy then the other, but when you send energy to a zone on a foot, you can feel a similar zone on a hand or ear, head or some other spot on the body. There is a reason for the last described sensations. This can be found in the principle of the body’s polarity.

In level 1 you saw the body divided length wise. In the picture (in the manual) you see the body divided width wise. Not only Earth has a north and south pole, we have those poles also. The Head is north pole and feet are south pole, with a neutral zone in the middle. This principle repeat itself on macro and micro levels.

During the second level attunement you receive 3 more symbols.

Please note that additional study may be required outside of using the attunement manual. You must be willing to do the research and study necessary to use this attunement in a fully effective way.


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