A Connection or Two Got By Me

Within the last few days I hadn’t been feeling well. All I felt like doing was laying down, felt like I had bad indigestion, my appetite was off, and I was beyond pissed off and frustrated.

Every now and then a connection or two gets by you. Of course that would not happen to the point of affecting you badly if you grounded and cleared every day, but hey sometimes with kids and housework to do you you just don’t have time.

So I realized my wanting to just lay down all the time was me feeling my mother. Most days she doesn’t feel good and lays down on the sofa in her family room a lot of the times. My feeling of indigestion I realized was both my parents when my Father announced that he had bad acid reflux that bothers him at night which is when it was bothering me. The change in my appetite was my Mother as well. She is on a new meditation for allergies and she is still getting use to it. The frustration and anger I felt. Most likely my Father and my son is feeling it too which has caused us to yell a lot at each other these past couple of days.

The more I reacted to my feelings of frustration the lower my vibrations were. The lower my vibrations the more I attracted the vibrations I was putting out. What I ended up having to do is first off the hardest thing, stop reacting to the emotions that were not mine, second to raise my vibrations my smiling and listening to peppy up beat music. Exercise also helps but of course I didn’t do that. lol.

In case you have been paying attention to my other blog entries…Why didn’t the citrine crystal I had in my bra help? Because once I reacted to the frustration I was feeling, it lowered my vibrations and then even the citrine crystal couldn’t help me…I am actually surprised it didn’t explode right there in my bra. That would have been an awesome news story right? Ladies out of control emotions cause explosion and loss of left breast! he he.

I know that sounds like a nightmare to experience but in the end it is all good once you realize that the emotions and symptoms were not you own and that you are not losing your mind. Even if you have your empathy under control, there will be those times when some emotions and pain sneaks up on you and because you’ve been busy and not paying attention you find yourself not sure if it is really you or not. But don’t feel silly if you end up running off to the emergency room a time or two (yes, I have done that) because it is better to be safe than sorry and I think it is very responsible to get checked out to be sure nothing is wrong. Sure it leave you feeling silly…but at least you will be a very relieved person even if feeling a little silly.download film Psycho 1960

As a last note I would like to add…talk to your friends and family about themselves. Ask them how they have been feeling and what is new with them. Often you will realize some of the things you have been feeling belong to them. Then you will also feel good having the opportunity to talk to them about things that are going on with them. It may not cure them but it will make them feel so good seeing someone take an interest.

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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!


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