Control and Develop Your Empathy – Grounding, Protection, Connecting and Cutting Cords

Most empath’s would look at this title and cringe. In their minds they would ask “Why would I want to develop this more? To torture myself even more?” Although it seems that is what you would be doing because most think of empathy as a gift similar to psychic skill and they would think to develop means to bring out more that which I already have. That is true but also while you are bringing out the skill more you are also learning to control it. That control is what an empath needs to live a happy, satisfied, non-torture feeling life.

I am not an expert at helping anyone develop a skill. I don’t consider myself the Empath Teacher at all. But it is so true that someone who has developed and where you maybe want to be one day has something to offer even if it is just some tips and how-to’s.

There are a few things that all empath’s should learn that are important on the road to developing their empathy:

  • Grounding
  • Protection
  • Clearing chakra’s
  • Learning to quickly close chakra’s
  • Dissassociation


Picture small roots growing out of the bottom of your feet down, down, down to the core of the Earth. Imagine that there is a large quartz crystal at the core that your roots connect to. Next visualize a small spot on the top of your head (your crown chakara) opening up and fibers emerging reachiing up and up similar to the roots you visualized coming from your feet. Visualize them growing up and up and connecting to the heavan’s, central sun, moon, a planet, etc. Sit for a few moments and breath in energy from both below and above and visualize that energy entering your body. In doing this you are both centering and grounding yourself. Do this every morning and anytime you feel insecure, emotional, and always before meditation or any spiritual or healing work.

Basic Protection

Simply affirm “I surround myself in Christ White Light of love and protection” as you visualize yourself being surrounded by a bubble of bright white light. Do this every morning and anytime you feel anxious or fearful. Also before going to bed. It is all in the intention so feel free to state what can’t through your bubble of protection. In the beginning you may feel the protection is not working or not having much affect. The more you practice protection the stronger it become as you build up your energy and visualization skills.

More about Protection

One of the most important things I must mention is that if this is new to you, it takes time to build and strengthen your protection. In the beginning it will not be strong and you may even feel as though the protection/shield you are putting up is not working at all. Well it is part a state of mind. If you believe in it then it is real and it works. But in the beginning it is hard for some to imagine that just visualizing a shield actually works. Some have a hard time believing in that which they cannot see. In that regard you can understand why it takes time. Also it takes time to build up your energy. Although I am not recommending this but for me it was a little bit easier because before I began practicing protection I had been attuned to Reiki. This of course increase my energy and vibration. Also I had gotten into the habit of praying several times a day so I would use prayer in conjunction with my protection. I simply believed that nothing could conquer a prayer and so that was true for me because I sincerely believed that. Also i often practiced visualization (something you would also want to practice when for developing clairvoyance) and this helped me to visualize my protection better.With that said I want to go over some methods of protection.
The Simple Bubble Protection

This one is a great one to start with. Simply visualize (eyes open or closed whichever is easier for you) an opaque and solid bright white bubble surrounding you. It does not matter its shape. Just go with what comes to you as far as the shape. It should extend about a foot around you and don’t forget to focus just as much attention to the part of the bubble above and below you. Visualize that anything that touches your shield will go over and around it and not penetrate it. Also visualize that when your shield comes in contact with anothers that it will bend but not break. Hold the visualization of your shield for at least a minute or two and then you are ready to go about your day like normal. Rest assured your shield is there and moves with you.

The Mummy Wrap

I love this one because for me it is an easier one for me to visualize for some reason. You know how a mummy is wrapped. We are going to do the same thing but our material will be bright white light that we are wrapping ourselves with. Start by visualizing a bright white ball of light above your head. Visualize it as long as you need to for you to attain the most brightness possible. Next imagine that a bright white light ribbon begins coming out of the ball and begin visualizing it wrapping around your head. Leave an appropriate space between yourself and the ribbon. Continue wrapping yourself and as you do imagine that it is like glued in place with no spaces. When you get to your feet visualize it wrapping underneath your feet and completely surrounding you. Hold this visualization for a minute or two.

Burning Flame Protectionstreaming Despicable Me 3 film

A protection such as this would be used for emergency situations and for short amounts of time since it takes more of your energy. If you suddenly find yourself in a highly negative environment or situation or you are under psychic attack would be example of times when this type of protection will come in handy. It does require more focus and concentration, so if you have been meditation 10-15 minutes a day you should be able to accomplish the focus you need easily enough.

Stand with feet together and arms at your side. Breath and go inside yourself deep into your center where there is your intense powerful source of energy. Let me not that I usually visualize bringing energy in and down through my crown and into my stomach from the sun. The sun is hot right? So I find this helpful for this type of protection. I buildup the energy in my stomach and then visualize that in my center a flame is burning that grows larger and larger until it bursts and is burning from your center all the way outside yourself bursting into a bright blue flame with the curved base of the flame under your feet and the tip of the flame above your head. This flame will not burn you but will stop anything from being able to come close to touching you. Try to keep part of your focus on this flame as you are in the negative situation. As you breath and exhale imagine your exhaling fueling the fire. Of course you really need to practice this protection method before you actually need to use it.

About Colors and Patterns

There are other things you can do to strengthen the basic protection and the mummy protection. Visualize blue light or other colors that you feel moved to used. Try various colors to see their effect and see if you find a color of protection that works better for you or better in certain situations.

Visualizing protection that has constant changing color patterns is very hard to penetrate because it is every changing. You can also experiment with the shape of your protection.

In the future I will be writing another article about some other protection methods I use that serve multiple purposes.

So far we have gone over the basics of grounding and protection. By now you should be at a point where you feel not only comfortable with grounding and protecting but also more confident. Before doing any thing related to developing empathy, psychic abilities or just even doing chakra work it is very important that you ground and protect. Sorry to have to be redundant but I know for myself in the beginning even though I knew how important it was I would often forget at times myself. The reality is that some times you will have a busy day and maybe you do not take the time in the morning to ground and protect because you are running late or your 4 year old decides he’s going to cut his own hair and it side tracts you. So if you got busy and didn’t do it this morning, do it now.

So now it is time to purposely feel. As an empath you get use to picking up things here and there that you are not actually attempting to. You are probably use to feeling strangers in the grocery store checkout lane without any effort and feeling that you really didn’t need to know that the cashier was in a bad mood or that the person directly in front of you has some dental problem. True. But how about using that ability to your advantage? What things can you think of that would be useful to know? Whether your boss is in a good mood or whether you need to be on your best behavior and keep your distance? Whether a co-worker has ill intentions and is planning to stab you in the back? Whether your 5 year old is lying about who broke that vase?

In order to feel there needs to be a connection to what you are attempting to feel. Just like there are many ways to ground and protect there are various ways to connect to someone or some thing. Remember that everything is made up of energy regardless of what it is. Whether it is a chair, your dog, your rose bush or your neighbor it is all made up of energy. Everything also has an different energy signature or vibration. No two are the same although to feel it may be hard to differiciate many times. The best place to begin learning to connect and to begin empathically feeling is right in your own backyard. The trees, the grass, that blooming plant you favor so much, the bird that are perched on tree nearby, that cat that is walking by on his/her way home, etc.


I will write about two different ways to connect. Before practicing it is best if you clearly understand how to disconnect, so do not gloss over that information.

When I connect to anything I visualize in my minds eye and imagine myself merging with the person or object. Okay, think of something you might see on Star Trek. You can either see yourself merging into the person or object or the object or person merging into you. Once you are conencted you should be able to feel that you are. Now this is very important…if you don’t know 100% how you feel you will have a hard time knowing when you are connected and feeling someone else. So before you say I did it and I don’t know if it worked or not, know that unless you have gotten to the point where you can discern what is your and what is not you will have a hard time knowing when and if you are connected. Hence one of the common problems of an empath, right? So what do you do? You will only learn to feel the difference by continually trying. Don’t give up because it is hard. Who said it would be easy? Not I. lol. But if you keep trying I assure you it will get easier and easier to feel what is and is not yours.

Connected, Now What?

Be still. Here is where meditating will help you. Through meditation you have learned to still and quiet your mind. Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” Ah ha…how many of you have heard that bible verse said? Key “BE STILL!” Quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel. Question yourself in your head and ask “What do I feel? How does this person feel? How does this tree feel?” etc. As you are connected and are starring at that tree and seeing its branches blow in the wind, do you feel it…the swaying of the tree? Can you feel yourself start to sway?

It is a good idea to keep a note book or journal on your computer to note your experiences and what you feel specifically. Because often you feel things you don’t quite know what you are feeling. If you are connecting to your best friend and you feel something strange you have never felt before area your jaw area and then later she/he tells you they had a bad toothache or just had wisdom teeth pulled, you can then connect the feeling. This is not easy. Do not assume thatyou will know what it is that you are feeling exactly. It takes time to learn what verious things feel like whether it comes to physical feelings or emotions. Sometimes you just know because you have felt the feeling before and you can tie it to something from your past experiences. Like for example, you may feel someone’s emotions and think to yourself “Oh I remember feeling this way when I was young and had to move away from my best friend.” The more experiences you have had in life I do beleive the easier it is to discern what you are feeling.

Another way to connect is through your chakras. For example, when connecting to a person you visualize that a stream of energy that is cord like is going out from your charkas and connecting to the other persons chakras. So root chakra to root chakra, third eye to third eye, crown to crown, etc. When it comes to telepathy it is similar, so if you have taken any courses in telepathy such as “SANANDA COURSE IN TELEPATHY” this will be familiar to you.

Keep in mind that when you have a connection to someone or something it is a two way street. There is not just energy flowing one way but both ways.

Disconnecting / Cutting Cords

Disconnecting is actually very easy. The actual how to is simple. It is a matter of visualization and those of you who are great visualizers or day dreamers will find it easier. Not to worry though, the more you visualize the better and easier it will get. To disconnect from someone visualize seeing them a few feet away from you and a cord or stream of energy from you to them. You can imagine that you have a sword and you cut the cord. As you cut the cord you see the other person surrounded in a bubble of light floating up and away from you. Another method is to visualize that you see yourself pulling/yanking the cord out of them and it retracting back into you…and still seeing them afterwards surrounded by a bubble of white light floating up and away from you.

As you are disconnecing pay attention to what you feel. When you have finally disconnected you should feel a lightness or a lifting of the affects of the connections. Do a check! How do you feel? Do you still feel them? Are you aware of them and how they feel at all?

Should you have trouble disconnecting from someone…ASK FOR HELP! Ask your guide or higher self for help…ask them to sever the connection for you.


Of course I have to bring this up. Often you will feel something that someone is feeling. Regardless of your ability that is still private information. You have an obligation and a responisiblity to be moral and ethical when it comes to knowing things about people. Don’t get caught up into trying to develop your empathic abilities so much that you cross the line. Often there are things people do not want anyone to know and do not want to openly discuss with you. Just because you can feel do not feel that it is your responsibility to help someone just because you can feel them. Be very careful and if you are unsure of what to do with information you receive…that is your answer…do nothing with it and keep it to yourself.

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