Develop Your Empathy – Charkas Connected to Empathy

I am writing this post for Lucille but hopefully this will be helpful to many of you.

Here is a senerio that is what I acutally experienced and lead me to deeply wonder if I was an empath…

Although all the signs were there I did not actually start seriously wondering if I was an empath until I was in my late 30’s after the birth of my son. I swear, I think having a child does something to change you so deeply. Parts of yourself that were always there unrealized start coming to the surface. Suddenly I couldn’t watch a movie or the news without totally losing it and bawling or shaking uncontrollably. I knew something was up but for about a year I just couldn’t figure out if I just never noticed that I was sensitive to certain things or if something was really changing within me…or awakening.

To make a long story short I started searching for information on emapthy but even reading about the traits still didn’t 100% convince me of whether I was an emapth or not but I had to know who I really was. Being adopted I always had a sense of not knowing but knowing there was more to me than what was on the surface. And so I searched like I was obsessed. lol. With every little bit of info I found it lead me to more. Empathy articles lead me to articles about meditation which lead me to info about chakras which lead me to information about psychic abilities and there it was again…empathy was mentioned and I had come full circle. But I was still feeling like “Ah Ha!” but still not knowing what it all meant specifically to ME. So I had learned a lot but still I had to know without a doubt the truth and so it seemed to me I would only find that out by opening and clearing my chakras.

I started by learning to meditate first…just 5 minutes at a time. Once I could meditate 5 minutes without my mind wondering and losing the stillness of my mind I began practicing opening and clearing the chakras in meditation starting with the foot charka and working my way up and then leaving the third eye/brow charka for last.

Approximately 3 weeks later it hit me suddenly. Just one day, just like that, I was fully awakened to who I really was…and empath. I left my house and drove to my parents house and two houses away I felt them. My Fathers cold, his head, my Mother medication issues, her allergies (not nice), etc. I was almost afraid to actually go in their house for fear of what I would feel standing right next to them.

Note that from the first time I opened and balanced my chakras I worked on them every day faithfully for approx 15-30 minutes a day. I say that to let you know…it doesn’t come easy…there is work involved. If you don’t do what is necessary or you don’t want to you will not achieve any results.

Now on to the good stuff.streaming Fifty Shades Darker movie

The three chakras that most affect empathy are:

Located about two inches below the navel. This chakra is responsible for our sexuality, physical vitality, emotions, pleasure, desire, passion, love, change, new ideas, and health. It corresponds with all things forementioned. Stones that open this chakra are carnelian and coral.
Color: Orange, balanced by brown


Located just below the chest. This chakra represents ability to pick up vibrations and tune in to energy from other people, places, and things. It corresponds with self-control, control of desire, authority, transformation, happiness, and energy. Stones that open this chakra are amber and citrine.
Color: Yellow, balanced by green

Located over the heart. This chakra represents empathy and our ability to ground energy that flows through our bodies. It corresponds with feelings, forgiveness, unconditional love, understanding, compassion, trust, and openness. Stones that open this chakra are jade and aventurine.
Color: Green, balanced by pink

Here is a guided meditation that is 7 minutes that you can follow along with.

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