Empath Child Picking Up Others Emotions

I have written before about my son. I figure maybe my experiences and how I handle them might help others…or be an example of what not to do. lol.film Dunkirk 2017 trailer

Speaking of what not to do, do not try and argue with an empath toddler that is being affected by negative emotions they have picked up…because in the end there will be no winners although once your head explodes from frustration you will swear the child won. lol. However if you have a citrine crystal…sit him or her down hand them the crystal and talk to them…talk slowly. Talking slowly to someone has a calming hypnotic affect. Talk sweetly and lovingly the crystal will do the work of absorbing the negative emotions and break most of the connections. I say most cause it’s a crystal but not a magic wand. lol.

If because of the emotions your child has picked up they, in your view, are out of control and your ready to run for the hills and just let them have the house (we’ve all been there lol)…here is what you do. Take a moment and go into another room. Breath (pranic breathing if you can), relax, close your eyes if you prefer, and visualize that you have a sword and you are cutting the cords attached to your child. See the cords breaking and the people attached to them floating up and away in a bubble. Do this two or three times. Ta da! You just cut the cords for your child…feel proud and happy that you are doing a great job for your empath child. Pat on your back! Pat on your back! Pat on your back!

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