Empathy and Just Knowing

Okay this is for those that know they are empaths as well as those who are still not sure yet if they are. This article is meant to start you at least thinking about experiences you have had in the past and for some of you this may just fill in some more blanks…more pieces to that puzzle as I always say. lol.

Here’s a senerio that I actually experienced. Someone says something to you. A phrase that seems innocent enough and maybe even seems like it is meant to be a compliment. You heard the words the person said but from them you get a feeling that what was said was very negative. It even makes you possibly feel bad as though what was said was an insult instead. Then on top of that you just seem to know what the person was actually thinking which doesn’t match up with what was said. So maybe they said “That good that you had a good day.” But what you picked up underneath those words was something more sarcastic and negative and you suddenly know that they are thinking you are a big ole slacker that needs to get a job.

Another scenario is maybe you are watching a conversation between two people. As you watch them you clearly pick up that one has great distaste for the other. Or maybe you pick up that one doesn’t believe what the other is saying.

BUT…what often happens when scenarios such as this happen is that we put it off thinking how could we possibly know and that it is just our good imaginations running away with us. We often ignore these feelings and just knowing that comes to us. Well, stop ignoring them. If you give attention to and notice these things then you will develop more.

Let me explain what is happening when these scenarios present themselves. First of all the heart chakra is connected to empathy. The crown chakra is connected to just knowing. So it is the two chakras working together during these scenarios. Another example of two chakras working together like this is the brow chakra and the crown chakra. The brow chakra is connected to clairvoyance (clear-seeing) in which you see within the minds eye. And it’s not all about seeing spirits (they should make up T-shirts that say “I don’t JUST see dead people!” lol) it is about when giving a psychic reading you are given symbols which you must translate to give the person you are reading the information. For example, if giving a reading where the person asked for information about a troubled relationship and you are shown (in your minds eye) a snake then you could translate that to mean the person should not be trusted. Know what if you had a crown chakra that was open and clear and that you spent some time developing? Then because of that well developed crown chakra you would have Claircognizance (just knowing) working along with your clairvoyance which would help take some of the guess work out of what you were being shown. You would be shown a snake but would JUST KNOW that it was because the friend couldn’t be trusted maybe because the friend was jealous…just as an example.

So that give you some insight into what is going on when you have empathy but many times just know things. That means your crown chakra is most likely open although possibly not fully open and clear. I know many of my answers to comments involve doing chakra work and mediation. You can see from this article some of the reason for that. Now go google chakras and what the different chakras do and let’s get started being more open and using those abilities more to help us in our everyday lives. ?

I had finished this post but feel I need to give you more information about just knowing because it is difficult to find good information on how just knowing works on the internet. So let me give you more of what I have learned from having this ability.download film War for the Planet of the Apes 2017

At a point where I knew I had Just Knowing but still didn’t fully understand how it worked many things I couldn’t explain were happening often. I was active on a psychic development message board and often I would read posts but instead of just reading what was there I would actually read things that weren’t there. Many times people got upset with me. Can you imagine? I would reply to posts and address what was said or asked as well as what wasn’t said. Some would just be baffled and some would get clearly upset…including myself since I at the time didn’t understand what was happening or why. I brought that up to show you that this ability transcends everything. It doesn’t just work when speaking with someone…there are different forms of communication and your abilities works with any form of communication. Don’t think that because you are simply reading an email that you will not pick up things. Phone, email, text messages, a voice-mail, television news report, etc. Your abilities are a part of you and it doesn’t matter the technology.

Another way that just knowing often works is you may notice that it doesn’t kick in until you are communicating with someone. You don’t know now, but start to speak and it just comes to you. Often when I write a respond to someone before I actually start typing I haven’t a clue, but then after I start typing things come to me. Not automatic writing but the just knowing most likely comes out during the process of writing because of where my focus if placed.

There may be several reason my crown chakra developed to that point since I really don’t do a lot of chakra work on my crown chakra. Possibly because I spent a great deal of time praying for extended periods of time including praying the rosary, also chanting mantras in and out of meditation, etc. The crown chakra is where you connect to Spirit, Wisdom, Channeling, and Healing Channels.

Want to know more about the crown chakra? This sight has great information. Wow, when I read this article my crown chakra…my whole head really started vibrating. http://www.eruptingmind.com/how-to-open-crown-chakra/

I am sorry…I have added to and updated this post so many times it’s not even funny. lol. It’s my insatiable need to want to help people…I keep thinking of other things that may be of help to you. This one you will totally love though. I have in Word format exercises which balance the left/right brain function. Now, if you have read the article that is at the above link then you will know why I am offering this to you to use. I will post it but in the meantime if you want it you can email me at sahorlando1065@hotmail.com and I can send it to you via email.

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