Empathy: Feeling Casey Anthony

Many may not like that I am going to say this but I feel very sorry for Casey Anthony and her parents. I try not to watch the news because the news portrays all the bad in the world and only about 1% of the good if on a given day we are lucky. And as an empath watching the news is very hard anyway because I pick up peoples emotions quite strongly, that is if I let my guard down. There is a part of me that believes I am led occasionally to let my guard down so that I can see the truth of things sometimes. I think the happened today.

As I was watching the news, news of Casey Anthony being released from jail for the third time was on. I was half watching as I checked my email. At one point I glanced up as she was coming out of the doors behind two HUGE bodyguards. As a side I must say if I ever need guarding people give me guys that big and intimidating. lol. Anyway, there was a shot that showed her clearly and suddenly I felt the connection. A second later (well, as the driver jumped into the front seat of the truck to drive her away) it hit me. I felt overwhelmed. Like a feeling of “I can’t believe this is happening.” And then crying as I felt what she felt as she heard the helicopters overhead following them.

That is all I really want to say about the things I felt with the sudden connection. This is why I feel for them. It’s not up to me or anyone to judge anyone. The gift I was given is the gift to feel and then have compassion regardless of the situation.

Read what Certified Medium Michelle Caporale read from Caylee’s photo

Update 9/18/08 –

I am going to add this to the post since many seem to be reading that are not just seeing what I wrote from the view of an empath. I understand…this is a very emtional subject so I don’t take any of your comments personal…although I think some of you want me too. lol. I still love you all…and if saying that makes me a freak…well, I guess I am just a freak and loving it.

From what I know from use of my psychic empath abilities (and keep in mind I could always be wrong)…Caylee is gone she was smothered, restrained…somthing like that which is hard to pin point because I was feeling it. Her mother did it. Caylee did cross over. I also have the ability of just knowing although not well developed…from that I originally got that Casey mother knew what happened to Caylee and that she found out after she had already made the call to the police about the smell in the car.

Other than that…what can I say I think I have cried for every one involved and been shocked by the actions of the protesters and their behavior…some times intention can be good but even with good intention you can cross the line. I do think that Casey has mental problems and that her family is well aware of them and her capabilities to be the good actress which I think comes from whatever her mental problem is.

Now maybe everyone can stop thinking that I am an uncaring moron. lol.


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  1. One of my very favorite writers, Ms. R. A. McAvoy has a wonderful line in her Damiano trilogy. She has the angel Raphael, on hearing Dami state that he feels sorry for the devil, reply, 'I don't pity him. I think God must have created humans to pity the devil…' (Not the exact words, but the gist)

    I feel it is one of the highest of spiritual states to be able to meet pain and evil, not with fear or hatred, but with pity and mercy in one's heart…

  2. Are you serious???? Give me a break…All the people this girl has given such disregard to, including her parents are the people you should feel sorry for. It's reasoning like this that gives copy-cats hope that yes someone will feel sorry for me too..or she did it and got away with it why can't I..You should take a look at some of the video's on missing Caylee on You tube and then retract this utter nonsense….I have read quite a few of your comments on this blog, but now I will totally disregard your statements as you are out of touch with reality. Why don't you put your "psychic" abilities to some good use and find Caylee…..Why don't you feel sorry for the police force, the people out there that have spent hours and hours of their time searching for this little angel….and all the person that you feel sorry for has to do is tell the TRUTH…she put herself in this situation by lies after lies. One moment can change your whole view on this….look at the facts!!!!

  3. Compassion for Caylee though is what is most important in this case, justice for her is what is what matters at this point. Casey went back to jail twice now for robbing her own friend not for being little miss innocent. Maybe she did nothing to Caylee and is a victim – MAYBE… but I as a mom could never ever imagine not aiding in the search for my child. All the lies make no sense. The threats to her and her famly and the protests are stupid in my opinion the efforts all need to go back to the missing child who has not been seen in a very long time – take that energy and put it to the search or recovery. Casey has not shown much real emotion where her child is concerned… I think most people can not understand that and are angered by it. So far all she has told the police has come up as lies, she did indeed rob her grandparents assisted living money. These are crimes. I could not imagine my mom not helping to find me even now as an adult so for an innocent baby to be missing and her not help that search is odd. To be out partying and cooking, cleaning and laundering her new boyfriends clothes days after her daughter went missing… I don't think this is normal or showing much care to the loss… maybe it is none of my business and all I do is hope justice for Caylee comes and whoever harmed her, took her pays for their actions. I do not see Casey as a victim but instead see Caylee as a victim to having a mom who didn't care enough… every child deserves to grow up feeling loved and cared for… the material stuff doesn't matter but the love carries you far.. I may not know Casey but I know almost every mom I know and the ones I do not could not sleep, could not cook a meal for their boyfriends, could not function in the manner Casey does… all efforts would be with my child until I had some answers.

  4. You are wrong – it is up to us to judge her – but in a court of law.
    Save your sympathy for the real victims of crime – This girl
    is a sociopath – she has lied and run the police in circles.
    Her parents, who are well aware that Caylee is dead, have their own
    agenda – not for justice for their grandaughter Caylee but
    to obscure the facts to save their daughter Casey, who needs
    to be tried for murder and convicted. I have seen too many cases
    of people who have sympathy for murderers – heck they even
    marry them in prison – even serial killers get fan letters and
    have gotten married. She belongs in jail and for all of us
    who know she is guilty, we pray that is where she finally ends up.

  5. Thanks for all your comments and for not holding back. I am a Light Worker and an Empath so as you can imagine when you are living life as a Light Worker and then on top of it you have the ability to feel what everyone feels as well as have compassion for all no matter the situation it can be very hard emotionally speaking. Well, this post isn't about right or wrong, guilt or innocence but more to do with the empathic view of things. Of course our ego, mine too, really tried to speak out in cases like this so I can't lie and say there isn't some part of me that wants to scream some of the same things you have all said from the top of my lungs. But then what do I do? Now keep in mind this is a blog about EMPATHY…what I do is I CENTER, GROUND and then (and this is me because I am a light worker on a spiritual journey and know why I have come here…and what every one does at this point may be different) I remember the oneness and that I am not a body/human first but I am a spirit occupying a body at this time. I am playing a role in this lifetime and I came here knowing what lessons I wanted to learn in this lifetime and my life and the things that happen do happen for a reason even though at times they seen very bad, cruel and at times down right of an evil nature.

    Even though many of the comments aren't from an emapthic view I really appeciated them all the same…its wonderful to read your words and to feel the passion that you have that comes out of love for someone. Me, you, WE are all loved unconditionally by someone regardless of our nature.

    Love & Light and peace with with you always,

  6. Whoa.

    Excuse me, but I think it is time to come back down to earth and deal with the facts on the ground.

    A baby is missing, likely murdered and disposed of.

    Her mother refuses to talk or help the investigation in any way.

    Her grandparents have lied incessantly.

    The child's body is rotting somewhere.

    I think you are frankly out of your mind. You mean well but you are completely deluded.

    The ONLY person you should feel empathy for is Caylee Marie Anthony.

    I don't know where some people get the idea that it is noble NOT to judge wrong-doers.

    That is ridiculous.

    We are born with the right to distinquish good from bad. Or maybe we are taught that.

    The Bible tells us this in a myriad ways.

    The throw no stone response is corrupt, actually.

    Stones need to be thrown sometimes to break a conspiracy of silence when a heinous crime has been covered up.

    As in this case.

    Miss Sunshine and Light and Empathy, I think you need a bit of a reality check.

    Most of humanity are capable of empathy towards victims. I most certainly am.

    But make no mistake. In this case, it is actually obscene to empathize with her. She is sneering and snickering from the investigation.

    There has been no admission of guilt, no caring, no remorse.

    Casey Anthony does not give a DAMN about what happened to her daughter.

    Now, please explain to me exactly why you feel a SHRED of sympathy towards her.

    I suggest that you open up a Machzor. It is a prayerbook for the Jewish High Holy Days. You will find lots of useful guidance for how to atone.

    It begins with a confession of guilt.

    It includes regret.

    And remorse.

    Casey Anthony is trying to get away with the murder of her child.

    Though I do not believe in Hell, that is exactly where she belongs.

  7. Interesting post, Sherry, and being someone who also "reads" people's emotions, I know how you feel. However, I also work in a law enforcement office and i have to say that there are people who READILY look for kind souls like you and readily use them for their own purposes. Something happens in a child's development where if there is a break in the connection with the love between them and the mother or father (mostly mother), then it severely alters their perception of love. Let's say a child wants a hug and the mother, for whatever reason, denies that child the hug. Then the child cries and tries in their own mind to reconcile these feelings (because the need for the hug is so strong, there is great pain, and they have to protect themselves so they won't feel the pain anymore). So they become hardened and use other social skills to mask the pain, and the hardness. Perhaps as an adult, one may not even remember that initial pain or understand what their subconscious is doing, but once they're an adult, it's cemented and becomes a part of their personality. These people are friendly, caring, loving and fun on the outside, but will very easily be cold, calculating, dispassionate and evil if you go too deep in their core (like if you were living with them). Ironically, you don't see these things in them until a crisis happens in their lives – where they're dragged in a situation where their outer shell won't cut it (like an unexpected pregnancy and facing a mother who knows her in and out). Also, if you're a mother, you know know how innocent a child is, and how they can force you to devote all of your time with him/her. A baby needs to feel absolutely secure and will not quit until they are completely satisfied you are attentive to them, until they feel secure enough in their environment to function on their own. So if a young mother treats their child like they're babysitting them and only give them cursory time, bad things will happen. The baby will draw out the worst in that mother. And I think you can fill in the blanks after that.

    So it's completely understandable that you feel empathy for Casey Anthony – she now has gotten herself into a jam she can't get out – she has the whole universe focusing on her and she feels trapped. But remember, she had the whole universe set out for her before all this happened. I tend to think logically about things especially when there's a strong emphasis on emotion that tends to make you overlook what's right in front of your face. Listen to the taped recordings with her and the investigators. Listen to how she talks to her mother – very disdainful, as if she has more power than her. Think of how it took nearly an hour for the investigators to get her to admit she lied to them regarding her employment. Casey Anthony has been lying for a very long time – it's a part of her core character.

    And here's something else to think about. Had she had even an ounce of empathy for her daughter that you have for her now, she wouldn't be in this situation right now.

  8. Sorry that you feel that way regarding comment #7. I appreciate your opinion. I don't have anything negative to say about you…I feel that even when harsh words are used towards me I can see that the intention is still good…it's because you care and care when there are big injustices and the more deeply caring people in the world the better.


  9. Here's my idea, for those people who love to hate: Hating a sociopath is like hating the smiling shark. The shark bites because that's what sharks do. They smile to show their teeth, not because they are happy.
    Yelling and cursing at the shark is as pointless as begging it for mercy. Better to save your breath for swimming away.

    I'm not saying it's alright for sharks to come to the beach and picnic. I'm just saying the people who will catch the shark and stop it biting anyone are not the people who are busy running around yelling, "Shark! Shark!"

    And, yes, one can even have empathy for the shark, while not forgetting to get everyone out of the water…

  10. so you feel bad for casey and her family,will i feel bad for the cayley the daughter she KILLED so she could go out whoring that nite,if you look at what you wrote you will see that you didn;t mention calyle 1 time so i guess your ok with the fact that the bitch killed that baby.

  11. Hi Sherry,
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels bad for the Anthony family. Let me state for the record that I do NOT feel bad for Casey, but I do feel sympathy for her family. I think it's interesting that people assume that the family is lying and enjoying the spotlight, when they don't even know the family, and they have no idea what it's like to be in that family's shoes. Can you imagine losing your granddaughter, and then having crazy psychos outside of your home, baiting you and screaming nasty things at you? The people who are protesting in front of the Anthony's house should be ashamed of themselves. They are just as bad as Casey and they have no right to preach about "Wrong and right," when they are harassing an innocent family. The only think I fault Cindy on is the fact that she made Casey keep her baby. If Casey was able to put that baby up for adoption, this situation probably never would have happened. They should have found a mentally stable family who was happy to have a beautiful child. Obviously Casey was in no shape to raise a baby. I think that the ability to feel for other people is something that is very precious. If Casey had that gift, maybe this situation wouldn't have happened. The people who are bashing Sherry for having empathy don't see the irony in the situation. I hope that the mothers who are watching this case develop, realize that a young woman who loves to party and steal money, would not make a decent mother, and adoption is the best way to go.

  12. Katie,

    Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate the people who are not afraid to stand up and say hey this girl is wrong, of course because you gotta care, but yes I was speaking of what I picked up empathetically watching what was being shown on the news. And since I live in East Orlando its on the news all the time as you can imagine. So if anyone throws something at their house it's on the news. I thought at first that the presence of the protester might help put the pressure on Casey to give more information but really the only thing that has happened is the grand parents getting into repeated physical altercations. OMG, I would never want my parents to go through that and really I just can't imagine them having too. But I must say if my child was missing like that my parents would be supporting me because they are my parents but you better beleive they would be in the house grilling me every waking second…oh I would not get any rest because I am sure they would be all over me to give information…but then I do beleive the attorney is keeping that from happening and requiring her to stay in her bedroom alone while she is at home and not talking to anyone.

    I just think it should be understood that this blog is about empathy so when I post things (and I did question whether I should post this) I am hoping it gives some good examples of empathy that can help an empath with what they experience.

    Those who don't agree with what I posted are not looking at it from the stand point of what is the definition of empathy (to feel the emotions and physical pain of others AS THOUGH THEY ARE YOUR OWN) but from a stand point of right or wrong. If I had written a post based on right or wrong it would have read differently. The fact is what I posted is what she was feeling that day she left jail. And it is easy to sympathize with someone when you have a connection to them…you literally feel LIKE THEM. So I think although some comments were as harsh as the protesters outside the Anthony's house in the middle of the night throwing pennies at their windows, it is a great example of some of the difficulties of being an empath, what you experience, and why it is hard to express the things that you pick up.

    Thanks All! Much Love!


  13. Linda,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding but the blog is about empathy…this post is about empathy. Actually speaking of Caylee if a touchy subject for me because of what I know that happened to her…uhhhh I am a psychic empath….but if it will make you feel better and even though emotionally it is very hard for me I will tell you what I saw although I am not sure you will understand what I experience when I receive information psychically and empathetically.

    This will be abbreviated since every time I replay what I saw I literally break down and have a hard time recovering from it. I saw Caylee, so was some how bound or in a way where I felt restrained and held down. I felt smothered. I was told that Caylee mother was responsible. I saw Archangel Michael…often I see what happen like replaying a scene form a movie…I saw AA Michael with Caylee in his arms. By this point I was in a trance meditative state but I was crying so hard. Someone else was there with Michael but I am unsure of who it was…they took her into the light and she crossed over.

    It seems you thought based on my post that I didn't care about Caylee…I am an empath I can't help but care for everyone because like the point of the post is that an empath feels the emotions or physical pain as though they are their own. It's almost impossible for me not to care although that trick would come in handy so I wouldn't bawl every time I just tried to watch the news or a movie that most would not cry during. lol.


  14. Sherry,
    Did you watch the news last night? Apparently protesters were throwing pennies and rocks at the Anthony's home. I have no idea what they were planning to accomplish. Now they have made themselves seem looney, and the focus is no longer on the search for Caylee. I find it ironic that the protesters are preaching "love and justice," for Caylee, but they are acting like jerks. Some people say that the Anthony's shouldn't leave their home or go outside, but why should they be forced to be secluded in their home? These protesters need to realize that this family is dealing with some very intense grief and Casey is not going to crack under their type of punishment. Obviously it's just making her more pissed off and that's not going to accomplish anything. I know that I will get a lot of crap for saying this, but I do feel for Casey. I can't even imagine what it must be like to take the life of your own child, and then feel nothing. I can't imagine being that damaged inside, and I seriously hope that she is held accountable for her actions. I don't know if I'm an empath, but I do pick up strong vibes when I see the photos of Casey and Caylee. I realize that people can not be grouped into good and bad catergories. I truly believe that people make mistakes, but it's our ability to own up to those mistakes that make us good human beings. My heart goes out to her family because they are being blamed for everything and people don't have a right to judge them. I would be on the brink of a nervous breakdown if I had to deal with half of the stuff that they are currently dealing with, and yes, I would want to kill my daughter for putting me through that kind of B.S. The fact that the Anthonys have the ability to love Casey, even after knowing that she commited this heinous crime, says a lot about their sense of family and commitment. I believe that the Anthonys are being supportive so Casey will fess up. That's just my theory but I could be wrong. By the way, you have a great blog!

  15. Casey Anthony is a troubled soul. My heart goes out to her because how sick do you have to be to lie like she has. That poor baby girl. I have empathy for her because she is so mentally ill, and her mother, was I think is a nurse, probably swa this long ago. Casey is a selfish human being and I can not imaginehow she is feeling, scared, sickened and full of grief,hopefully if she is any type of human. I am judging her because this behavior is wrong. Universal law and mad made law are against her at this point.
    The first time I saw her on TV I knew that she had killed her daughter. People have a certain aura when they are in fear of being caught, and she has it. I hope Caylee is at peace as I too know she has passed over.
    There is a difference between judging and saying what is true.

  16. Oh give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!
    Portrayed them??
    They did that all on their own honey,the day the story broke here was cindy on tv saying "2 yr old girl missing but her mom and friends say she is a habitual liar…….the 1st dang day..how did all of us know they were liars.we didnt until cindy told us.now they hate us because we dont beleieve her,ill tell ya what i believe,IMO hell yes she did it and i don't stutter…….the anthonys didnt know she did it then but the night they took those clothes and evidence from the car that smelled like it had a damn dead body in it they knew it and then set out to cover it up at Caylees expence……………Ok here lets try something here and pretend..yes casey pretend ok?? pretend means NOT REAL!!!
    but lets just say then that casey had only hidden her somewhere like in a vacant building maybe right??? BECAUSE SHE WAS MAD AT CINDY.
    O.k now when cindy called the cops and casey lied about every single detail…….ok later that day she was arrested…..
    ok for the next 37 days casey was in jail but cindy was more interested in making the public believe that casey didnt do ANYTHING…….And in that 37 days because the anthonys didnt try to help at all,Caylee would have certainly died in a vacant place,scared,alone,hungry,thirsty,hot as hell………..and even to this day not a damn one of them have helped in any way whatsoever unless it involved donations,walmart cards,gas cards or cash period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK now if they suspected there was anyone else involved AT ALL besides casey,why the hell clean the evidence,common sence tells you that!!!!!!!!
    Because if a nurse and a homicide detective cleaned evidence theres a reason for it??????
    What was the reason???
    Ohhhhh yeaaaa,because they didnt want the real kidnapper to go to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didnt want to pin it on anybody but now theyre ready to frame and blame 2 perfectly innocent people when they raised the slut!!!!!!

  17. BTW Rob,
    find a stone big enough to hurt by hell and ill throw it as far as i can possibly get it!!!!!!!
    Everybody is always referring to bible verses or etc……..I don't live with religion as i should but i was raised in that life and it kills me when people use things like that to tell themselves what they do is ok……..
    What part don't they understand??????
    Labor six days a week and rest on the sabbath
    Doesn't say pretend to work 6 days a week but really rest!!!
    I dont judge by Gods word anyway,im sick of hearing these excuses,theres nothing in the bible i cant tell you about but i judge by what i know in my heart to be good or bad!!and nowhere does it ever say if your childs kidnapped dont report it.
    Doesn't say if you have a babysitter,make one up.
    Doesnt say if you cant go partying kill your child.
    Doesnt say rob everyone who were probably the only ones to even trust you at all.
    Don't bear false witness.
    So give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Cathyjo63,

    Thanks for the comment Cathyjo…sorry I am a little lost at your comment…my comment is not about what my opinion is or what I beleive…it is about the emapthy and everything on this blog is for emapth's and the use of emapthy. But your comment is still appreciated although I think we all pretty much beleive and/or know from visions what the truth is and what was done and by who.


  19. It is so true. We should not throw stones. Well…I can see who the possible Light Workers are an who they probably aren't that's for sure. lol.

  20. Sherry,sorry but i wasn't replying to anything you said at all,
    unless i absentmindedly clicken on your nic instead……..sorry i lost ya,but everybody keeps saying,we dont know the truth when actually we probably know more about what she did than she does since she believes her own lies,i was referring to Rob when he said Dont throw stones!!!!!

  21. Cathyjo,

    Hi…oh I gotcha. Sorry I have been fighting a head cold for three weeks now and I think it has pretty much warbled my brain. lol. Oh yeah I so totally agree…it's like we all know she did it and I think that's why I get so upset when I see the protesters outside their house getting in arguments with the Anthony's…cause they have the right idea but I don't think anything is going to make them come out of their house and start really talking. Buuuttttt, there are also other missing kids out there that aren't getting all this attention and I can only imagine what their poor parents think when they watch all this. See there I go again…some times I want to ask myself "is there any one in the world I can't find a reason to feel sorry to tears for?" And I will let you in on something I never told anyone…everytime someone is executed it hits me really hard…I bawl for them. Even though I understand empathy often I even question myself and ask "How can you feel so bad for them based on what they did?"

    Well I say don't throw stones at the Anthony house cause it would be ashame for protesters to risk getting arrested when Casey is sitting at home instead of in jail.

  22. Sherry,i told ya i'm crazy..didn't i?
    I kept thinking why did Sherry think i was saying something mean or bad toward her and so a few minutes ago i started scrolling to see why??
    I swear to my goodness i don't even know how i ended up here…….I am glad i did but it wasnt my usual posting hitch…..LoL
    I didn't know it was an empathy blog or that you were psychic and now i am like WOW……….
    So something led me here but i do believe i'll hang out iffin ya don't mind!!
    Mistakes are my middle name!!

  23. Awww Cathyjo, You are so sweet. Of course you are welcome and everyone else too. I think it is awesome when I have a post and then we get comments from both empaths and non-empaths. I think it does give an even bigger overall picture of things.

    Oh beleive me I have had my share of moments on the internet where I have had to ask myself how did I end up here.

    Stick around for a while…maybe I will take a look at OJ Simpson and see what feelings I get from him after having been found guilty.


  24. Sherry,
    Oh Lord I am glad he was found guilty….but it's a shame he wasn't found guilty for Nicole and Ron's murder but i guess as long as he is paying for something i guess. I didn't miss one day of court tv when O.J was being tried,his case is Sorta like casey…….because she is charged with theft too but should be for a whole lot more.
    i just about drove my husband crazy with the O.J thing.
    actually my husband was murdered in 2003 and it's something i wouldn't wish on anybody! Before that you know I'd watch cases,see them on the news but you still didn't know what those people were going through and now that i do,i take every thing so serious and it get's to me so bad.
    Did you hear casey want's to search in secret?? A Vacation??
    On N/G tonight Padilla said casey had posted threats toward him,to get even or something……if so that should revoke the bond.
    Hugs,Be Safe!

  25. Michelle,

    Ran across your blog with regard to the Caylee Anthony case. You picked up 10 and 15 as you thought were markers or highways. Today they announced homocide charges are being presented to the Grand Jury on Tuesday October 14, 2008. If the Grand Jury indicts Casey Anthony of Murder, homocide or manslaughter, a warrant will be issues and most LIKELY that warrant will not be presented till the next day… which will be Wednesday October 15, 2008. Meaning 10-15. There is your reasons possibly for the numbers you were receiving. GREAT JOB!

  26. Hi Sherry,

    I too am a psychic and empath, along with a few other abilities. I understand everything you say about feeling what others feel whatever they have done. It's difficult to watch the news because there is so much sadness and so much pain in people's lives and I feel it, I always feel it. In regards to Casey Anthony I feel that her only pain is that for herself, that she was caught. So yes she is grieving, but only for the fact that she was caught and that she couldn't get out of it…..this time. I'm sure she has gotten away with everything in her life through fear and intimidation of others. She is a bully and always has been. Yes, she was damaged by her mother, who was also damaged during her upbringing, so the cycle continues. It is all very sad. Unfortunately Caylee had to bear the brunt of all the generations of psychological damage. Her life had a purpose and that was to teach her family about loss. I believe that Caylee's life contract was to come here for a very short time specifically for this to happen to her. Hopefully the Anthony family will learn the lesson Caylee's soul was here to teach them so they do not have to repeat this cycle in the next lifetime on Earth.

    I knew the very first time I saw Casey on TV that she had killed her daughter. I too knew she had been suffocated purposely and buried in a place not too far from home. Casey's only wish was to be free, to be young and unencumbered so she could do what all of her friends were doing; partying and having fun. What 22 year old doesn't want to do those things? She loves the spotlight and all of the attention she is getting. We see this as part of her personality as she was never without a boyfriend and her incessant amount of time spent on her cell phone. She had to be in constant contact and constantly craved attention and affection. She did not care how she got it. I'm sure at first having the baby was satisfying; someone who loved and depended on her probably felt great. But after a while that got old, real old, especially once she turned 21 and could drink legally in bars. When that happened Caylee became a burden, an anchor weighing her down. The more she wanted to be "young" the more Cindy wanted to put the reins on. Cindy wanted to punish Casey for her own unhappiness and feelings of being stuck in her life. I see such sadness in Cindy and I know that had I ever seen her even before this occurred, I would have seen the same despair in her soul. She is a very unhealthy woman who also needs psychiatric help; an abuser who was once herself a victim of abuse.

    I did a year long Tarot Reading on Cindy and I have seen her future as it is connected with her family and she has a very difficult year ahead indeed.

    Much love to you, I'm so happy I found this blog.


  27. This was a pretty mind boggling case. I believe many people had the feeling that Casey did murder her own child. I was under the impression of her smothering her own baby, suffercation then the thought of drowning poor Caylee in the tub came to mind. Casey knows the truth of the matter. Perhaps she twistgly attemped both methods one failed the other worked. Those who have followed the case can come to some closure knowing her little skeleton was found last month. May Caylee rest in peace. We should pray for the grandparents of this beautiful child.


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