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Even though many know that empathy has been researched on a scientific level it still amazes me how many people tell me they just don’t believe it or think that it points to a medical problem. I know, I know…that is like saying it is a bad thing to be able to relate to people more deeply when most people would agree that socially speaking it is probably considered healthier and more socially acceptable to be able to empathize more. Else why would they have many many classes and programs related to being more empathetic, especially for the medical professionals.

I have been asked in the past how I can PROVE the abilities I say that I have by skeptics. Although I understand where skeptics are coming from by asking that question of course the question bothers me a little. For me, when they ask that question what I hear is “Prove you exist. Prove you are real.” I admit that I just want people to take my word for it, of course isn’t that easier than feeling like you have to prove yourself and of course everyone wants to be believed and accepted so it’s not a surprise that that question bothers me. Don’t get me wrong though…feel free to ask that of me because I do think on the positive side it is a chance to open up communications and make people more aware of empathy and the people who live with it all their lives. So I say ask away. lol.Kong: Skull Island 2017 live streaming movie

That leads me to the reason for this post. I want to have a post that contained links to scientific material regarding empathy. Take some time and take a look at what the scientist have discovered about empathy.

How your brain handles love and pain – Scanners reveal mechanisms behind empathy and placebo effecthttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4313263/

Empathy for Pain Involves the Affective but not Sensory Components of Painhttp://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/303/5661/1157

Empathy is hard-wired into the mind, study finds

Empathy and the brain

Mirror Neurons in the Brain and Empathy

Rare neurons linked to empathy and self-awareness discovered in monkey brains

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  1. Sheri,

    It is my belief that empathy, clairsentience, and many other paranormal phenomena are based on biocommunication: the general field of study of communication between different biological life forms in nature and sometimes in the laboratory, and primary perception: the vehicle of communication the invisible, unrecognized field that interconnects all species and lifeforms whereby biocommunication can occur, as explained in Cleve Backsters book The Secret Lives of Plants.

    The basic story is that Backster, a polygrapher, hooked a plant that had just been watered up to a polygraph machine to see if he could measure the moisture increase of the plant.

    During this experiment, certain anomalies occurred that caused Backster to consider burning one of the leaves of the plant to see if it would register a response. The plant showed a marked response at just his thought of burning the leaf!

    This initial experiment was really done on a lark, but the unexpected results led to Backster performing more experiments under more controlled and rigorous conditions.

    If you are interested in this you can learn more at http://www.primaryperception.com.

    Another favorite of mine is the documentary What the Bleep Do We Know?, and its corresponding website http://www.whatthebleep.com

    Like the Universe says:
    Thoughts are things, so choose the good ones!


  2. Thank you much appreciated. Yes, absolutely correct. That is also why someone receommended Ted Andrew books to me such as Animal Speaks. Some also consider it to just be a form of telepathy also. And no there would be no difference betweem communicating with plants and animals versus people other than needing to communicate more the feelings/symbolism. Some of the ascended masters have also discussed this and the difference in how to communicate with animals and plants by using symbolism instead of words. I have never attempted to communicate with plants and only pick up feelings and but animals yes and it is an amazing experience. I will have to check out Backsters book.

  3. Sheri,

    The subsequent experiments that Cleve Backster performs involve grounding the plants and shielding them in lead boxes. Then in another part of the lab, having vials containing brine shrimp and water and controls of just plain water poured into a pot of boiling water. The results indicated that the plants reacted to the deaths of the brine shrimp but not to the control vials. Neither Backster or his assistants knew which were which during the experiment.

    Primary perception is differentiated from extra-sensory perception in that it comes before the five senses not beyond them. How would one find a symbol to communicate with a life form that has no eyes? How do the plants even know that brine shrimp exist let alone when they die? There must be a connection.

    If a plant has consciousness, does a stone have consciousness? Its made of the same basic elements as we are. How about a star is it also alive? All the energy on earth originated with our sun. How could so much life come from something not just dead but never alive?

    What if the entire universe is alive? What if energy is alive? What if every breath we take is the living breath of life? What if even the spaces between us and the spaces between the stars is filled with the living Spirit of Creation?

    It would mean that we are one. That it is no more amazing that I could feel your emotions as its amazing that I can feel my own. The skeptics of the world may demand proof, but its like proving to a fish that the ocean exists. Its very difficult to prove the existence of something one has never lacked.

    I've often wondered why we would leave our true Home, our true Being and come here to experience this limited, sometimes painful, existence? Perhaps we know that we can only appreciate unity when we have at least experienced the illusion of separateness.

    I see the skeptics of the world in the same way I saw my younger brother and sister when we were kids. If they got too wrapped up in the movie we were watching and became too scared when the Wicked Witch showed up. I'd remind them it was just a movie; it wasn't real. Besides Dorothy's gonna kick butt, and even that's not gonna be real.

    Well, I realize that I've kinda blathered on and on. Sorry.

    I'll leave you with my favorite Rumi quote: "Out beyond right doing and wrong doing there is a field; I'll meet you there.


  4. Pauli,

    The funny thing to me is that I can answer all those questions but that wouldn't make any difference because we all have different truths…and as we grow and learn and experience our truths change. So then the answers to the questions you posed would change based on what our truths are at the moment. Of course that not saying anything about proof. I love it when answers can be backed up with proof cause sometimes it does make me feel validated especially when it comes to my empathy and clairsentience. Kinda makes me go "A-HA, see I told you!" lol. But my truth and what I beleive is, which is based a lot on the channeled information from Archangels and ascended masters is that we are all one (a part of), every thing has Christ Consciousness although even the channelings I have read state that it is the potential to develop and become enlightened which is different amoung some species, just as the Earth is alive (I can feel her and communicate with her although I can't offer proof …but then lack of proof in it's self does not prove it is not so) and so are other planets. We are spirits having a human existance and with every life our purpose is similar…we are here to learn and grow heading towards enlightenment and ascension. Yes, so right the lessons can be so hard but neccessary on the path we are on and seems even harder living not aware of the fact that we choose to come here and that we knew what lessons we would be learning in this life time.

    As far as communicating with plants…if a person is blind they still can communicate with any living thing through…and this is the answer to the question…any one of the sixth senses although possibly not sight. To answer the question(s) you have to step outside of the limits of what we know and have experienced. Communiation can be by clear feeling…clairsentience. That has nothing to do with sight at all. With animals I communicate using symbols and the communication and connection during communication is via the brow chakra…it is more of a form of telepathy using pictures. With plants communication is through clear feeling…clarisentience. Other things such as a rock? Well my knowledge of such is limited but for example minarals have the ability to hold information. I work with crystals but I am not sure if I would say they are living…they have energy. I am being told quite strongly that that's correct but I am still not clear enough about the differences to speak about it other than to say all things have energy although not all things are living. I nearly flunked science in school so I am not the one that should be answering that question. lol.

    We were not always as we are now. We use to be a much higher functioning species. We originally communicated not with speech but using our well developed sixth senses.

    But now keep in mind that is what I beleive which doesn't make it true but I you can see why the experiment made me go "A-ha, yes!"

    I soooo enjoyed discussing this with you. I hope you come back and give more comments. I feel it is so helpful having these discussion for every one to see things from all angles and possibilities.


  5. Hi Sheri,

    Just picked up a book you might be interested in. It's called Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality by Dean Radin.

    Radin is a research scientist with the Institute of Noetic Sciences which is in itself an excellent source for real scientific data on human consciousness and potential. Their website is http://www.noetic.org. The Institute was founded by Dr Edgar Mitchel physicist and astronaut. Mitchel had a spiritual experience of universal connectedness and divine presence during the return journey to earth on the Apollo 14 mission.

    The book shows that we know that psychic phenomena are real, based on on evidence from thousands of controlled lab tests. He also debunks the skeptical myths surrounding the field of psi research.

    I'm nearly done reading it. If you would like to share my copy please e-mail me at paulinejanoschka@juno.com and I'll mail it to you.

    God's will for all is for us to be happy, joyous and free


  6. Hi Sheri,

    A stone spoke to me once. I'm convinced that they have Spirit and therefore life. A couple of years ago, I downsized from a 2 bedroom house with attic, basement, and garage to renting a room in someone else's house. Needless to say I learned to let go of things.

    Most of my things went to the Salvation Army. But, not my houseplants of course. Those went to John. John is a quadrapaligic. He'd motor down the sidewalk in his chair and always stopped to admire the houseplants that I'd put outside for the summer.

    I'd developed the habit of placing stones, driftwood, feathers etc. in the pots as I picked them up on walks and camping trips. He noticed each new item as it appeared and would ask where I found it. I'd tell him the story of each and actually began looking for things to share with him when I was out in nature. His wheelchair couldn't go down a sandy or rocky beach. It'd get stuck on a muddy deer trail. So, I'd bring little bits back with me to share with him.

    His favorite (and mine) was the heart stone. I found it on the shores of Lake Superior when I was about 12 years old. Its a deep red color and is shaped like a human heart only 1/4 the size. That stone went with me every time I moved. As I prepared to take the plants down to his house, I pocketed the heart stone. It'd gone with me every other time I moved and it was my favorite. Nope, not this time, I got the distinct feeling that the heart stone wanted to be back in the jade plant pot. Not only that, it wanted to go with John.

    It hurt a little, letting that stone go. But, I heard with my inner ear the heart stone say, "We all have our journeys. Mine will continue even after you both have moved on with yours." In my mind's eye I saw a little girl about 8 years old lay hold of the heart stone in the bottom of a cardboard box filled with a bunch of junk and odds and ends. Cool huh?


  7. Wow! That is very cool! Yes, your so right…they are filled with energy and very much alive. We touch them and hold them and our energy is embuded (spelled wrong lol) within them. When I do give crystals to someone I feel good knowing that I am giving them something that over time I have filled with good positive energy through using it myself. It makes me feel like I am giving them something that will help them if they let it by just accepting it. Ya know…either I just don't walk enough or I just never find anything on my walks but so many do. I think maybe I need to pay more attention…and well I guess I won't find anything on my treadmill either. lol.


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