Energy Drainers, Family and Friends

Do you have any of these in your life? Unconscious energy drainers? They could be any one in disguise. Parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, someone you think is a friend, etc.

If you are an empath you know where I am going with this. People innocently may be thinking about you, of course thinking that there is no harm in thinking of someone. But maybe your best friend is mad at you because you cancelled on her for a day of shopping. As she is thinking of you and sending out negative energy filled with anger. Guess where that energy is going? That’s right, it is going to the person she is focused on – YOU!film xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 online

This energy you are receiving in this way is powerful because anger and frustration are very powerful emotions energy wise. As an empath if you do nothing to ward of this negative energy and do not protect yourself from it then it can quickly make you so sick that within hours you are laying down in pain feeling almost unable to move. Possibly your head may feel like someone is stabbing it sharply or squeezing it to the point of a dizzying effect. Then you may also feel nauseous from the overwhelming amount of negative energy. Not to mention that if the person thinking of you also has other issues like a headache, toothache, etc. you are going to possible feel those pains as well.

Unfortunately many times people don’t let go of the past that easily. They don’t just easily say “Okay, I am over that now.” and then move on quickly. No, many stay angry all day and all night and then again they get angry all over again every time they think about you or see you. For an empath this seems like never ending torture that may end one day but starts right back over again the next.

For those who are not empath’s you may think they are getting off easy, but they are not. To send negative energy to someone it has to come through you to be sent to them even if you are not consciously doing it. So the person unconsciously sending out the negative energy is going to in the end be even more affected by it than the empath. Once the empath blocks the negative energy they are safe and secure within that protection, however the person sending out the negative energy is effected by it and then has to deal with the law of cause and effect. That which you send out into the universe is coming back at them. Notice that many people whi send out a lot of negative energy (although on the surface they seem just fine) suffer from illnesses, ulcers, heart problems, and unexplainable medical problems.

As an empath if you are finding yourself suddenly on the receiving end of negative energy the best thing to do is to use the fire protection method, however remember that it is really more useful for a short term need. What I prefer to do is to close my chakra’s and use the mummy protection in blue. If I am under psychic attack from someone purposely trying to hurt or drain me of energy then I usually go into my pyramid where no one can harm me or call on spiritual help from the other side.

If you are not an empath and you are reading this learn about the power of thought, get a good self help book on controlling your emotions, and the next time someone does something you do not like…send love and let it go for your own good health and theirs.

Educate people about emapth’s…send this to a friend.

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