Everybody Talking About Connecting Lately

Has anyone else noticed that lately everyone is talking about connecting. This year seems to be very much about people connecting. As an empath you tend to notice I think when people use certain words or phrases, especially ones that as en empath you usually use to describe who you are as an empath and what you do. I was doing some research on art contest and it seemed many of the themes were geared around people connecting.

Also on Oprah today she did a show on Spirituality 101 and she used the term connection also referring to people connecting. Then I was reading some where else and it was political news I think and again the mention of “connection.”  And I relate it to more than just the topic of empathy but spirituality in general. It just seems to me that some of the things I have been trying to talk to family and friends about for the past couple of years that I just felt they didn’t get and caused them to look at me funny, or in my Father’s case just mock me outright regarding my spirituality, they are finally relating to because the words are being heard else where and not just from me.

Leave me a comment if you have noticed some interesting things lately….or some things that have made you go “Hmmmmmmm.”

2 thoughts on “Everybody Talking About Connecting Lately”

  1. Yes, I too have been connecting with people more now than ever. I just had a spiritual experience today. A few days ago, a woman, who deals with chakras, told me to make peace with my boyfriend, who emotionally hurt me 17 years ago. Today, and older woman was helping me mail something out…got a ticket for stepping off a curb and handing someone a flyer, who wanted it, against farm animal abuse. Anyway, the bill came to $17.17…a master number. The time on the receipt was 5:44:46. 444 means angels are around you. I just thanked the woman online, and told her about the 5:44:46 on the receipt and how I thought the angels were around. At the moment I sent off this email, the old boyfriend from 17 years ago, whose last name is "Angel"astro emails me.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. Yes, the signs are plentiful aorund us. The contact is there in a big way. It's just that we have to start noticing it more.


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