McCain Vs. Obama and the Empath Perspective

Fellow empath’s…I have been pondering something. I just like others want to hear McCain and Obama debate each other. I want to hear what both sides are saying they have to offer of course. I always like to think I am making the decision for who to vote on based on the facts and what is important and not based on these commercials that are both sides hitting below the belt and taking cheap shots. Although I am going to make my decision based on who I really think will do right by the United States of course there’s that empathic side of me again. Yes…again! Alien: Covenant download

It has me wondering how many of you empath’s out there have gotten insight that is coming from your empathic selves about the contenders? And are you planning to use that info in helping you to make your decision on who to vote for?

I am really interested to hear political comments from my fellow empath’s about how you feel your empathy may or may not play a role in your political decision making.

I will start it off with one little simple comment. Empathically Sarah Palin makes me feel fear. She actually scares me. My mother asked me why that is and I told her I can’t quite put my finger on it. Cause on the surface I like what I see but it is what I feel that doesn’t quite match up. Now of course I do not feel comfortable making a decision based on the feeling I am getting but it does have me wondering…what is it I am picking up? hmmmm. If I figure it out I will let you know.

6 thoughts on “McCain Vs. Obama and the Empath Perspective”

  1. Sherry, first, it's a pleasure to meet a fellow empath. 🙂 And the community you are gathering around you.

    I did a detailed blog post just this morning about Palin, and maybe it will help you find where to put some fingers.

    Doing techniques for empath-merge and aura reading in loads of detail is my passion in life. Take a look at .

    The short version is that I believe you are right on target, so keep on paying attention and talking to your Mom.

    Rose Rosetree

  2. Ohhhhh Ms. Rose….I was so thrilled to see your comment today. After all the times I have visited your blog in the past…this was such a pleasant surprise. Thanks for making my day!

    I am at your blog now reading…completely awesome!


  3. The first few times i heard an obama speach, i got chills –once i even got teary eyed, his message of peace and unity rang through my sole….i started checking alaskan blogs when palin first hit the scene (…that's when i started to get really scarred about her being in office…people in alaska where saying things in her track record that i wasn't hearing on the news…..the fear was uncomforable to say the least – i started praying for her and mccaine…i now don't feel any fear..and it's alot easier for me to see her as just some little cuttie WAY out of her leage. my dad had just recently passed, and his thinking skills had somewhat deteriorated befor he left..i look at mccaine that way now, and think of him with love…as for obama, i was soo elateled over him i had to see if anyone else saw the hope in that man that i saw..sure enough — depac chopra, marianne williamson, and opra (all people i admire) support him — hope that helps…love…..

  4. Well, it is nice to finally feel vindicated about Palin.

    I keep telling my husband about her, "She SCARES me and I don't know why!" I get nervous just looking at her picture.
    I am an empath and have learned over the years how to protect myself, but as we all know, things can sneak in now and again.

  5. I have been able to "read" people for years,almost like I knew what was in their thoughts without actually hearing them speak. Now,I realize that I may have just a touch of empath in me ? I know it was MUCH stronger when I was younger,but an abusive ex husband suffocated any energy I may have been feeling.

    It is very nice to know that i'm not alone in this path and that i'm not the only one that felt that way about Palin.

  6. It's interesting to note the comments… Hopefully I'll express this well.

    Sarah's off-putting because she puts out a very strong male emotive energy, rare and unusual in women. Most empaths and sensitive people have not interacted with this type of energy from a woman and it definitely would make an empath unfamiliar with that type of person feel really uncomfortable. Having been raised by this type of 'male energy' woman, it was easy to identify and *can* be really uncomfortable.

    My personal experience with women who put out this sort of directed emotive nature are purposeful and honest. They do what they say. You may not like what they say and they won't apologize for it. But they won't lie to you or be unfair.

    The feelings and impressions I get from Senator Obama and Senator Clinton are different, they're hard to read and indirect. The type of emotive energy I've found common in business execs, lawyers, politicians…

    General Information; training and education for the legal profession needs to encompass a way of promoting facts and move the jury to benefit the client… Simply part of what they need to do to be successful in their chosen career. Likewise, politicians. Does this mean they are not capable or dishonest? No. It simply means they have the capacity by education to manipulate. Great poker players.

    I think empathy to be a useful tool should be coupled with some other fact finding talent. Empathy shouldn't be relied on for the facts or truth as it's an emotional reading at that moment in time. (Assuming basic empathic abilities)

    My biggest issue with empathy as a skill, is that it's overwhelming and limited. Reads are wholly dependent on talent and the experiences the empath has had. Meaning an empath discerns what emotions are based by the empath's life experiences. And each empath has different life experiences.

    Something of note for empaths: we *can* be easily manipulated by those who know how to use emotion as a tool. Empaths should learn to step out of the emotional information loop and try to pick up any other information there. This way you can validate and enhance the information you're receiving.

    So, does this mean Palin over Obama or Clinton is fit to lead? I have no idea. I don't have any other psychic ability to aid me in determining what course these individuals could and would take the nation and what the future holds.

    All I know is that I'm familiar with the Palin styled personality type and based *only* on that emotive information and my own past and life experiences, I'd probably trust her over Obama and Clinton.


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