The Amazing Empath Experience

I know that often times as empaths we spend a lot of time talking about feeling emotions and pain through connections, the pain of knowing the truth of what people feel for us because words and what people actually say to us mean nothing when what we can feel underneath those words differ and turn a simple conversation into a feeling of being stabbed in the heart. I have been to many of the sights and forums on the Internet that are dedicated to the empath experience or have articles related to emapths. It is not often that I come across an article that paints the a picture of beauty in empathy. Maybe that is because through pain and negative emotional feelings it is hard some times to see a beauty that may be right in your face.

Here’s some empath experiences to consider as you go about your day. Look up, around, and allow yourself to feel without fear of what you may connect to. Only then can you truly feel the treasure that was right in your face all streaming film Aftermath 2017movie The Discovery 2017 streaming

As an empath I can close my eye and go back to time of my sons birth and re-experience that emotions of over-whelming love any time I wish. I can sit outside and a breezy day watching the trees sway and pick up a connection to them and sway along with them and feel how awesome it is to be them. I can watch a bird soar through the sky free and actually fell the breeze against my face as I too soar as high and as free, suddenly disconnected from being bound to the earth.

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