Turning Off Emapthy

I wanted to write this post because I know there are many that are so open that they need the ability to get a little peace sometimes…a little vacation from emapthy.The best thing to learn is control of your chakras. With chakra control you will be able to open and close your chakras if and when a need ever arises. Now just because you can close your chakra that does not mean they will not open again by themselves or be opened by your spirit guides. Learning good control and the ability to close the charka’s quickly is actually a form of protection as well although in my opinion I do not feel it should be necessary to go to these lengths unless you are under a serious energy/psychic attack.

The best way to learn control of the charkas is through practicing chakra meditation regularly. Here is a simple 9 minute guided chakra meditation.Whiplash 2014 film download


To close the charka’s you would do the opposite that you do to open them. The more you do the meditation and visualize it the better your visualization will become (hence you will be working on your clairvoyance/clear sight at the same time…yeah!) and at some point you will start seeing the colors of the chakra’s in your minds eye and possibly even see them spinning. Remember control comes through doing/practicing.

Happy Chakra’ing!

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