What I learned about my empathy

I have been wanting to write for some time about empathy. Often we want to write about what we know or live with but are concern that we don’t know enough. Some times you can’t know it all when it comes to certain subjects but often we know more than we think we do. And so I am now ready to give what I have to offer on the subject.

The most important thing to understand is that within a group of empath’s we are all not exactly the same as far as how our empathy affects us. If you do some reading on the many Empathy message boards on the Internet you will see that for yourself. Some of us only feel others emotions, some of us can feel emotions of people, animals, plants, etc. Some of us have deep empathetic skills where we know what a person is thinking and not just feeling. Like when you know what someone is going to say before they say it. I believe that is because they are thinking it and feeling it even before they say it. Some of us, like myself, also feel peoples pain. Someones stubbed toe, sinus problems, pulled muscles, etc. And sometimes, like with myself, it goes even further beyond that to feeling when something is happening or being done to a person. Like when you feel someone getting an IV put in in a hospital, or you feel it when someone takes medication like nasal spray. Feeling it inside the nose, and then the sensation down the throat because some has run down their throat, and then feeling the clearing of their head. And then there is also the occasional instances of waking up with someone else’s bruise which has happened to me a couple of times.

How empathy in all of us empaths can manifest if so varied that sometimes it is hard to get answers. Questions that you find yourself pondering run a wide range. I would like to write quite a few posts to answer those questions based on not only personal experience but also what I have learned from research. Here are some of the questions I plan to address in future posts:

  • How and why do you end up connecting to someone and picking up their emotions and pain?
  • How to properly and effectively disconnect?
  • How to shield/protect so you can control when you are picking up emotions and pain and when you ar not?
  • How to use empathy in energy healing such as Reiki?
  • How to use empathy to simply help family and friends during tough times?
  • How to develop empathy into something more?
  • What is Clairsentience and how do I develop and use it?
  • And a channelled message regarding empathy.

I will try and post these fairly quickly. Also, I would love for you to post your experiences because it really does help other empath’s.

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2 thoughts on “What I learned about my empathy”

  1. This is my first time visiting this website and i find it to be very calming and helpful. I am myself an empath. It has effected me in many ways growing up in terms of my relationships with people and the way I learn. I have thankfully been given the tools I need to first off, realize when I am engaging with others and feeling their energy instead of my own. And secondly, learn how to disengage with that person, animal, plant whatever, or, not engage in the first place at all. It is of course an ongoing lesson in which every day I learn more and more about. I think it would be wonderful to read up on your discoveries and be connected to the blog. Let me know if there is a way to be contacted when new articles and explorations are posted. Thanks so much. MacKenzie

  2. I don't know if I am an empath perse but I feel things and I can't explain them. Most recently I had the most bizarre experience. My dog Cleo is a black labrador and very devoted to her family. Often she brings "gifts" to us, I am sure thinking she is doing some great deed. She's dug up old boots, bones and even dragged big logs home from the field as a way of showing her usefulness, I think. Today she brought home a small mole and as soon as I noticed she had something, she dropped it at my feel. It was bleeding and nearly dead. As it took it's last breaths I struggled with this terrible pain inside me. I wanted to save it, to do something anything. It finally succumbed to it's broken body and died and my heart hurt for it. I felt so foolish as I sat there and cried.
    How is it some of us (people in general) feel such empathy while it has barely an effect on others? I am a very well educated sucessful business woman with a family, a career and a normal life. To feel these feelings and not be able to explain them is beguiling to me. I want to learn more about this type of thing. I want to understand it and learn to live with it. I want to know I am not alone.

    Sherri R.


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