Who’s Acid Reflux Is This? – Empathy and Clairsentience

Funny title, yes! But that is the reality of the empath who is also clairsentient.

There you sit watching TV one night. You are comfortable, content and enjoying your favorite reality show. Then suddenly you are not feeling well. You think to yourself “Man, what did I eat that gave me this awful feeling of indigestion?” But you can’t think of anything you’ve eaten that has ever made you feel this way before.

This is the point where you should stop and ask yourself the question that is most important for an empath. How was I feeling a few minutes before? How was I feeling the majority of the day? If the answer is that you had been feel just fine and happy then as an empath you should have confidence that what you are feeling is not yours. knowing and acknowledging that it is not your is half the battle. But this part is the most difficult for many.watch movie John Wick: Chapter 2 now

Constantly paying attention to yourself and getting to really know yourself and how you feel and think, and paying attention to all of that, is key. If you don’t know yourself including how you normally feeling then how can you easily know when feelings and pains are not yours.

I do believe that this is the beginning step for controlling empathy.

How do you feel right now? Have you even stopped throughout the day to pay attention to how you feel? Do you have any pains? How would you describe your mood? How is your mood normally? Do you normally fly off the handle and hurl things through the air? Do you normally get so angry your head feels like it is going to explode? If angry, can you explain why YOU are angry? Does the emotions you are feeling make sense to you?

As an empath you need to not react to emotions that are not yours however to be able to do that you need to know yourself and know what is not yours.

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  1. is it possible to lose your own emotions and just feel what others are feeling because i have mood swings anytime of the day and they happen often. when i have alone i dont really FEEL anything. do you have help?

  2. Kelna,

    I think what you are feeling is not the loss of your emotion but because you are feeling others emotions you are not able to feel yourself. Whenever I have a connection to someone I know it because often it is like their emotions are overlaying my own. Once I break the connection to them I can once again feel myself.

    Try this…you may have to do it 2 or 3 times to really dissconnect from whoever you have a connection to or the many you may have a connection to.

    With eyes closed or open doesn't matter…visualize there is a person standing a few feet in front of you and they are connected to you by a cord. Visualize that you have a big sword (for example) and see yourself cutting the cord and them floating up and away from you. Or you can visualize just pulling the cord out of them and it retracting back into you and then them floating up and away form you. Remember you may have to do this several times. When it works you may or may not feel different, lighter once the connections are broken.

    And to refresh yourself from any neg energy you have picked up…Try to close your eyes and visualize that your body is filled with liquid energy. Imagine that at your feet is the drain like in a shower. Visualize the energy draining out and down into the ground. Then visualize that fresh clean energy from above is coming into the top of your head and see yourself filling back up with that energy.

    Periodically start asking yourself how you feel. The answer can be as simple as happy, sad, depressed, mellow, etc. Then if sad or similar emotions ask yourself why. Many times if I can't come up with an answer it may be because I am picking up someone else's emotions. If you can't explain the wy you feel then it may not be yours.

    These practices…the more you do them the stronger you get at doing them and the more effective they will feel.

    Keep me posted on this cause it may help others as well if they can see your results.


  3. i have had to seclude myself from the average popultion its that i pick up so much mental anger that is pouring out the general population , i hope to move to the coutry a way from the large city area i live in,
    after day out i have to rest up emothionaly drained.
    john mccarthy


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