Attunements – How to Attune Yourself to Any Energy Healing System

Attuning yourself is a very simple process. In fact, all you do is ask your higher self to receive the desired attunements, for example Reiki I. Then you will receive the attunement energy.

The higher self is a part of you and you could say that you are a part of your higher self. It is a part that is in contact with everything that exists. On the plane of the higher self, nothing is separated. Everything is perceived as ONE!

So this Higher Self knows everything about your past, present and of the choices that are going to come. Sometimes not so far into the future, we will merge with this Higher Self and become one with it. So who is better suited to attune you, than your Higher Self?

If you would like to attune yourself to Reiki Usui I…Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed (although distractions will not interfere with the attunement).watch T2 Trainspotting movie online now

Mentally say to your Higher Self: “I ask that I may be attuned to Reiki I.”

If it’s Ethereal Crystal Therapy you would like to be attuned to then simply say to your Higher Self: “I ask that I may be attuned to Ethereal Crystal 1-2-3.” then approx 20 minutes later “….Ethereal Crystal 4-5-6.” and finally another 20 minutes “…Ethereal Crystal 7-8-9.”

That’s it. Once the energy for the attunement has completed flowing to you, you are fully attuned.

It is not just a few chosen ones that can pass this on or take down attunements. Anyone can attune themselves.

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  1. Hi guys, I have a question about self attunement.
    For example: if I want attune me to “Indigo Light Empowerment” (founded by Linda Colibert), I must specify the name of the founder?
    And If I tell the name of attunement in my language It’ s ok?

    • Hi Roberto! No you do not need to specify the founders name. No language is not a barrier. Do you think your own higher self does not speak your language? Language is a thing of the earth of man…not of spirit, the universe, God, etc. There are no limitations and your own intentions and desires will insure that you will be attuned to what you intend to be attuned to.

  2. Thank uou very much Sherry: your explanations are always enlightening!
    Sorry for my late reply.

    I reccomend two free attunement that I found on the web: “God Attunement” (Richard Einsemberg) and “Etheric Acupuncture” (Richard Eisemberg). These seems powerrful and easy to use.

  3. Sorry for my late answer: I have alteady sent, but I think I had a problem on my PC.
    Thank you Sherry: your explanations are always enlightening!

    I reccomend two free attunements that I found on the web: “God Attunement” ( Richard Eisemberg) and “Etheric Acupunture” ( Richard Eisemberg). These seems powerfull and also easy to use.

  4. oh sorry i forgot to mention two important thing.
    first is all i was going to say is that all of us need to be closer to our higher self.we need to be more close to’s the essences of life and every energy wirk or spiritual path.when this happens you can do anything plus self-attunement 🙂

    and second i want to say that when i say a gift it doesn’t mean all i say is’s just a food for thought as a gift for Sherry’s website for expressing my gratitude to her.for expressing my gratitude i shared my whole energy work experience with you all in her website.remember my experience isn’t all true…your experience is your truth so don’t believe me,experience by your own 🙂

    And again thanks Sherry 🙂

  5. Hello everybody and thank you Sherry for your great and beautiful article.i just want to say some points about self-attunements and i like to know your idea tooand of course it’s an honor to know your idea Sherry.

    first is that quality in a self-attunement is different from person to person.let’s review an example.Mikao Usui sensie experienced a self-attunement so here’s the question:if i go to Kurama mount and fast for the same period am i gonna be attuned to an energy as powerful as Usui sensei’s?it goes the same manner for every energy somehow…but it’s gonna be easier when you know the energy.for example you have a rose quartz for two years in yout pocket wherever you know the energy and when you intend to self-attune to that energy it will be quite powerful in comparison to a time when you even haven’t seen a rose quartz and intend to self-attune to it.but it’s not the whole story.let’s review another example.think you are a Reiki practitioner,a powerful chi kung master that knows a lot about chi and doing energy works for alsmost 20 years and me in comparison just doing energy work for one and me gonna test to a self-attunement.the question is:is the quality of our self-attunements the same?obviously no.your self-attunement gonna be stronger and more accurate.when i say quality if the attunement it’s not only about power it’s also about accuracy.Here’s an example for understanding accuracy.there were some people that had an Usui Reiki healing session an after that they could send healing energies with the same frequency without having an there is a difference when you have encountered the frequency or haven’t abd that difference is accuracy.when you haven’t encountered with a specific energy and try to self-attune to it,then when trying to channel the energy you aren’t channeling the exact frequency you are channeling a range of frequencies and among them there is your specific i told two factors.knowing the energy and previous energy work.actually it’s not accurate to say previous energy work.more accurate statement is to say more communication with your higher self…seems beautiful to me because both can be gained through training somehow.but there’s a third factor for me abd it’s God’s Grace.God’s Grace is specially important in spiritual energy types like the one Usui sensie experienced in comparison of rose quartz example…

    In short power and accuracy of a self-attunement is different from person to person and from previous you to current you!!!it’s means you can get better…when you train with intention to flow a specific enegy after self-attunement to that energy you are getting more accurate in that specific frequency and of course more powerful.

    Second is that what’s the role of a master for attuning us if we can attune ourselves?in a very short answer it’s jump start…let’s review another example again.think you have worked with rose quartz frequency for ten years after a self-attunement so it’s quite strong and accurate.every one could have the same power and accuracy in rose quartz energy like you with some training in some years but if you attune that same person to your rose quartz energy something gonaa be different.that person’s rose quartz energy is as accurate as you and it’s more powerful than a completely beginner’s energy i.e more stronger than you were at first after self-attunement…so it’s simply a jump start.believe me there is no energy ib the world that your higher self could not access so be happy it’s wonderful but for jump start i always encourage you to receive some attunements first and train for some time an then try some self-attunements if you like 🙂

    Third is what’s the point of self-attunements if they aren’t that powerful and accurate at the start?in simple words isn’t that easier to recive attunements from others?it’s more accurate and powerful due to me…but it’s not always the case.think of a person more spiritual than Usui sensie.when he/she encounter with Usui Reiki energy even after receiving level one attunement he could a master that attunes others more powerful than his own sensie…LOL…i mean to say that self-attunement is fun and completely useful.believe me.but due to our condition it’s not as high in quality as it supposed to be.why?because we a have fallen far from our divine nature also called higher self.if we could be our real divine self accessing to all frequencies would be very very simple but our communication with our higher self is decreased duo to ego…the more you progress in your spiritual path the more you can communicate with your higher please progress in your spiritual path…

    Last thing i wanna say is a word of caution.actually i like to do it personally you can choose your own path.when i self-attune to an energy i prefer to test it for some long time so i could realize that it’s that same energy and then test it on others in both healing and attuning.of course I can say to my higher self that if it’s not that energy just make it disappear and of course it works but i prefer it this way…let’s review the last example.master Ole Gabrielsen founded kundalini Reiki by self-attunement and guidance of ascended master there’s a difference between his self-attunement and mine and that is more communication with higher self so he could use spiritual guidance and i can’t due to little communication with my higher-self.i can self-attune to my own kundalini Reiki system but not only it gonna be weak i don’t know some details like levels and what happens through them but master Ole Gabrielsen knew exatly what happens in each level attunement.he shown it in some pictures…so please proceed with caution but know at the same time higher-self acts upon your highest good so you cao get hurt…

    Sorry for long text.actually this text is somehow a thank you gift for Sherry because i received her free ethereal crystals attunement.
    thanks Sherry and God bless you.

    • Hello Sherry
      1 how much is important cosidring of the inerval among the various levels of energy system attunements? If we disregard the gaps it possible our power in healing be reduced?
      2 self attunement has the same power of being attuned by a master?
      3 what is your point of view regarding Harmunization Universal attunement which empower you o access in all energies self attunement in across the universe? Using this attunement is ethical to take any kind of attunements even those which are Exclusively for the founder.. Such as Qrak cultivation?
      Thanks in advance for many questions

    • I absolutely love your detailed thoughts. I appreciate you sharing. I have a huge question… in one of your last warnings you write, “please proceed with caution but know at the same time higher-self acts upon your highest good so you cao get hurt…”
      You have a spelling error in a place I need it most. Are you saying we CAN or CAN’T get hurt? 😊 Please, please respond. Thank you in advance.

  6. Wow…you told all answers i needed to are right.i overthink things and because of this doubts grow in my mind.yes i’m in doubt about my abilities about my ascension and about what is right or wrong to do.
    actually there was a lot of love in your voice sth i prefer to call being a true master essence was in your voice so i appreciate it…actually it’s about ten month that i’m training Usui Reiki it’s seems too much.i don’t know how you realized that i’m killing time in overthinking of learning in sth that actually don’t have things to learn with mind like energy work.i need to put my mind aside and learn with heart and try to rise my vibrations as you my spiritual path is going to be better thanks to you.
    so tomorrow is another new day for me so good morning everyone 🙂
    Thank you thank you thank you…you showd me what to do after all these ten months efforts

    God bless you

    • I feel very happy for you. I feel that you will be good and I think you have the right level of tenacity and dedication. You can’t go wrong as long as you keep pushing forward. If there are any other questions you would like to throw out there I would be happy to give you my answers to consider as you journey forward. XOXO

  7. Hi ,
    Can you please share a manual for etheral flowers attunement. I m going through some financial crisis and I can’t afford to buy it.

  8. Hi sherry ,
    I want to know if I can attune an object with few attunements for easy access to healing energies ?
    Can you please guide How I can go with this process of attuning .
    For example If I am attuned to etheral crystals and etheral needles can I attune an object wth it and keep it with me or give it to my family member who isn’t attuned, for invoking energies anytime.

      • Thanx sherry , so can I infuse it with etheral needles attunement ? What should I say while attuning here.please guide .

        • It really doesn’t have anything to do with Ethereal Crystal Therapy. It is the basics of clearing and programming crystals (or anything else). Google Programming crystals and you will find instructions such as this…

          Programming Crystals

          Before starting, you may want to clear the room and yourself of extra or unwanted energies by using a cleansing Smudging Stick or Incense.

          To program a crystal for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions or strong electrical devices and external energies, then hold the crystal in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. Give the crystal a cleanse with white light as explained above. Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with, and ‘transmit’ the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone. Be clear and direct when doing this and don’t try to confuse or overload the crystal with different thoughts and energies. Do this until you feel happy that the required thoughts and energies have been transmitted to the stone.

  9. Hi ,
    Is this normal to feel uncomfortable during an attunement session . My arms and legs were quite heavy during the session .
    Can i change my body position in between if I get tired ? Please guide me .

    • There is really no specific norm to expect. Every time can be very different as well as very different for each person based on their level of sensitivity OR what they may be clearing. Before saying that…are you sending energy to someone or receiving an energy attunement?

      • Hi sherry ,
        Yes I received an energy attunement .Can I mail you ?
        I feel I am not yet attuned with that energy attunement.

  10. Hello,
    . I attuned Second Level reiki, I have some question Regarding reiki level three. I want to know if I take self attunement of Reiki level three symbol with out any Reiki master attunement? Any problem occured? Or it’s better to take attunement from Reiki grand master.
    I am confuse about this thing.please give me advice

    Thank you.

    • A self attunement IS the best type of attunement because you are being attuned by your higher self which is at a divine (not lesser human) level.

    • Hi Darshan Dave,
      Self attunements as Sherry has said; is in my opinion no different to being attuned “hands on”, My own personal belief is that each attunement can be done within weeks of each other if the practice of reiki is increased as to strengthen or as I say, amplified to the point where your higher self shall let you know when ready for next attunement, in general; a few months is preferable between attunements, this gives yourself time and practice with channeling and with confidence. I may add, also that anyone doing Reiki needs to do cleansing of area and also protection for self and client against negative energies, for higher good. before commencing with any session; for higher good. Love & Light. NAMASTE

  11. Greetings Sherry,
    The atunement for Angel Reiki; I recieved this morning was cool. This evening I asked my Angels if they had a message for me…well I saw this large megenta bluegreen Orb entered my Heart ..It was Awesome!! Thank you!
    It one of tbe best feelings; I could not describe the intensity! I’m still feelincant. Can not wait to see how I feel in the morning.
    Question: Do you suppose I could recieve the hands on attunement sometime in the future from you? I believe Because I wanted so much to be in contact with the Angels for Healing work; they wanted me to really recieve that atunement from Source Creator, and it came straigh to me…Grateful Angel Reiki Master/Teacher(in training).

  12. Greetings Sherry,
    The atunement for Angel Reiki; I recieved this morning was cool. This evening I asked my Angels if they had a message for me…well I saw this large megenta bluegreen Orb entered my Heart; I filmed the orbs!..It was Awesome!! Thank you!
    It one of tbe best feelings; I could not describe the intensity! I’m still feelin it. Can not wait to see how I feel in the morning.
    Question: Do you suppose I could recieve the hands on attunement sometime in the future from you? I believe Because I wanted so much to be in contact with the Angels for Healing work; they wanted me to really recieve that atunement from Source Creator, and it came straight to me.
    Grateful Angel Reiki Master/Teacher(in training).

    • I don’t do hands on work. Even if I did it would be the same if not less effective. What you received came from source directly through my higher self. There is no getting it directly from source because energy from source always comes through the higher self because of how energy flows into you. See the chart of the divine self. Of course you could get an Angel Reiki attunement from someone who does hands on Reiki in your area.

  13. Hi Sherry,

    I was attuned for Reiki 1&2 3.5 years ago, and then questioned paying for someone to attune me for the rest because I’m the 3rd generation of energy healers. But I lost my father over 20 years ago so I never knew this of him and his father. I started to hear stories after his passing. So I sought out through Google search self attunement 3 years ago and essential found someone who sends all the documentation and symbols and even certifications. I told this to family who have practiced for over 20 yrs and even a friend who’s a psychic medium and they all said you HAD to get attuned by a Master. But my instincts said that they were wrong. I’ve always believed with ought a doubt that it’s naturally in us all. How else would my father and grandfather have the healing ability? Thanks for confirming this. I see more and more confirmation on this now then ever. I have found so many psychic abilities in me that I’d never have known I had. They are our birth right and they aren’t given to us. We just have to open up to it.

    • Yes, you are right as such there is no FOUNDER except GOD, the Universal source of all energies moreover our higherself is in oneness with GOD and hence knows everything about our soul i.e. all lives we have been in and the level to be tuned to and the Gap if any. ….. Master Usui was self attuned… I am a hypnotherapist Past life regression researcher and worker on life between life … I am very happy for this blog/site where self attunement is advocated and clarified.. Thank you all.

  14. Hi Sherry

    Just want ask a quick question if u attune your self to Reiki kundalini 1 do u have to go through the complete processes of 2 & 3 once attune 1 ?



  15. have you heard of an attunement for Ho’oponopono reiki? I had a fiend who said she had one ut she has moved and i can’t get ahold of her. Thank you so much.

  16. Hello,I log on to your blog named “Attunements – How to Attune Yourself to Any Energy Healing System – Sherry Speaks About Reiki and More” like every week.Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about love spells.

  17. I suggest the following free attunement: “Crystal Wind Empowerment” (by Rev. Oliver Hoffman): it’ s very interesting, cause mix all attunements (received) in one, but clear symbols and rituals from one’ Aura.
    Manual on Google.

  18. Hi Sherry,
    I am completely new to this and everything about self-attunement piques my interest. It sounds amazing and I wish to learn more about it such as the most important things about self attunement or is there a specific amount of time before you can be self attuned. Would you mind explaining to me some of the most important must-know facts about self attunement as well as explain how it works in simpler terms? Please and thank you. Btw, hope anything I said didn’t sound weird or make any sense, I’m just a beginner with little to no knowledge

    • Also, how do or will you know if the energy is flowing within you and you are attuned? If you are not attuning yourself to ethereal crystal therapy, do you only ask your higher self to attune you to reiki I once or must you continuously ask mentally until you feel the energy?

  19. Thank yoy Sherry for all your attunements, especially for last 13Ascended Masters.
    I’ m having incredible experiences and fun to mix these energies.
    Particurarly Merlin and Saint Germain give me a lot of creativity.

    For “ethereal flowers” you can find on Google: simply write ethereal flowers pdf. The same method for others manuals: name of the attunement + pdf it’ very helpful.

    I also suggest another interesting free self attunement’: it’ called “Crystal Wind Empowerment” (by Rev. Oliver Hoffman), free manual on google.

  20. In my opinion a perfect self attunement is as like written in the manuals of Hari Winarso.
    It colud sound like this:
    I ask my higher self to attune me in reiki, perfectly like as channelled by Mikao Usui.

  21. Hi, Sherry! Thank you for your site and work!♡ I am a first degree Reiki practicioner attuned by a Master. I am interested in a self-attunement but also have some questions. Is it really safe to go from an first degree to Master in one day or even moment? I told my Master about my idea and she said that traditionally a Master uses Usui’s symbols to protect an adept from their subconscious trash, fears, etc… And without this symbols I may not be safe. What do you think about it? Blessings! :*

    • Hi! I did a self-attunement even twice and…nothing happened. I asked my higher self for Reiki II, cause I have I already. What is the reason? Can you have any idea? When I was asking for Reiki II, I also said “according to God’s will”. Is it possible that God doesn’t want me to get this self-attunement for some unknown reason? Thanks for help and I wish you a happy day!

  22. I suggest the ideas of Kyle Gray to attune themself better and more easy. Without stay in meditation, in every moment and every place I can request attunement just happened:
    “Thank you my higher self to have activated me to name of the attunement. I entrust this work to you (hand it over to you) until completion. SO BE IT”
    It’ more powerfull and sure the request in the past time (already happened). IT’ s better to entrust-hand it over to higher self ( it’ works oustside the ego). It’ s very important SO BE IT in the end. It’ s better to make the request simple and not to add too much details (like says Kryon). I suggest to read the book “Angel’ s Prayers” of Kyle Gray to have some inspirations. If one take also “Crystal Wind Empowerment” (free attunement on Google), you can imagine all the beatifull things can do.
    I suggest also “God Attunements” by Richard Einsenberg (free attunement in internet)

  23. Hi Sherry,
    I hope you still around.
    Is it okay to purchase the attunements or initiations in a lower price than the manual say, what will be the effect of it? will it mean u have karmic depts now?, will the chi ball work if buy in a low price? or It just the matter of both side agreement between sender and receiver? or does it really matter? I need to make sure because I saw on so many website. I wish u could give me an answer.

    Thank you very much for ur precious time 🙂

  24. What a lovely gift to find your website and read about “self attunement.” What can you share about attutement for ignitions and receiving Holy Fire Reiki. I have a Holy Fire manual and did do my own self ignitions a few years ago. I am not sure whether it is possible to effectively self attune the Holy Fire symbol. I question myself when I draw the Holy Fire Reiki symbol, because I have not found any information about this topic. You don’t include Holy Fire with your self attuntments. Is this due to the”copyright” issues around William Rand’s receiving the symbols and trademarking them? Subsequently can the Holy Fire symbol legally only be shared in a teaching class by a member of LRMT .
    I did receive all the initial attunements by masters over a couple of years. I took classes up to Karuna Reiki? Looking forward to your clarity on this. With gratitude, Lizzie

  25. hi sherry,
    very nice page, full of knowledge. i just want to know about which methods are symbol less means i do not have to draw symbols in my mind / air to flow the healing energy. and please, if have time, guide about symbol and symbol less which one is more effective and why so i can decide.
    thanks with kind regards.

  26. Thank you Sherry, for this article. I asked my higher self to attune me to four ethereal crystals I was not already attuned to. I didn’t know I could do that. 😀


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