Can a Reiki Master be Polluted?

The question “Can a Reiki Master be Polluted?” pertains to a questions I saw asked on a forum related to a person who had gotten an attunement to the first level of Reiki. A very interesting question indeed.

Here is the exact question that was asked…

I’ve receive my first degree in traditional usui reiki in 2012. However, I feel something’s wrong when I give treatments and despite all my will to continue to the second level, it blocks. I wanted to know if someone has already experienced such thing and could it be possible that a reiki channel can be connected to a wrong source?

Let me pick this apart first. “It blocks”. Well, that does not really give a clear indication of what is going on with this person of course.

Within the comment replies the questioner also states “Thank you for your reply. I certainly did not practice much as I should have due to my insecure feeling when I connect to reiki. I think it is possible being a mix of all mentioned above. Will seek forward and let you know. In love and light”.

This give me an indication that she may not only have not used Reiki very much after being attuned to Reiki but she may also have not been diligent when it comes to keeping her self clear.

After being attuned she was probably very clear, but over time and not doing any clearing work on herself her own chakras may be unbalanced or blocked.

I do find it interesting however that she is looking to the Reiki Master as having a problem because of what she is suffering. I would of course ask anyone who asked this question of me if I had attuned them a year ago what made them think the problem was something other than with their own self (chakras, aura, etc).

Notice where she says she had insecurities with using Reiki. If you do a little research about chakras and what each control you will find that one of the chakras being out of balance would have you feeling doubtful and insecure. So that tells me that at least one of her chakra’s is blocked and sometimes all it takes is one to be blocked or out of balance for it to mess up your abilities.

This was my response to her question…

Ditto to what Don Minihane stated where he said “It here are many misconceptions about reiki and one of them is that reiki is given and that’s that. The energy of reiki is nearly introduced and it is up to you to develop that initial spark into a raging fire by following diligently the 21 day self healing programme. This is vital work to remove your own blockages from your energy system so the energy can flow through you unimpeded by your own internal implants and energy blocks.
During the 21 days of one hour at least every day without a break you will go through an internal and external transformation. Many things will come to stop you dead in your tracks as you have found out all ready. Test after test to see if you can sustain the 21 days because this is the cleaning process to clean your house for your new guest, your new guest will not appreciate a dirty house to live in. And that’s that in a nutshell. Also some of the current occupiers will not be too happy to leave so expect a good fight.
It’s completely worth every one of the 21 hours. Absolutely worth it for life. ❤️❤️”

Even though there was a period of time that you didn’t use Reiki I am wondering if during that time you were still doing work on yourself. Keeping yourself clear and balanced. I noticed you said that you felt some insecurities. This points to an unbalanced or possibly blocked chakra. Just one chakra being blocked or unbalanced can cause your abilities to function less adequately. Are you familiar with the chakra system? If not you can review this

THE ROOT CHAKRAmovie Despicable Me 3

The root chakra (also called the base chakra) is visualized as red and is a powerful energy center since it is most close to the energy source. The root chakra controls survival instincts, self-esteem, feelings of security, depression and is where the Kundalini is coiled and waiting to start it’s ascent upward through the spine. 

The root chakra being blocked or unbalanced is something you want to take care of because this is the chakra that processed the energy to get it ready to leave the body through the foot chakra. So the work it does is very important.

There are different ways to balance and clear them including exercise, stretching, crystals, etc.

After looking into info about the chakras and doing a little clearing in some way ask your higher self to re-attune you to level I Reiki Usui. Then give it a few days and see it you notice a difference.

If you need to know how to cut cord this article tells how

You may know much of this already but maybe it will help you brain storm a little bit to figure it all out.



Polluted isn’t the word I would used in this case. Being polluted implies something outside the person polluted them against their will as though they were the victim. None of us are the victim when it comes to how clear of a vessel we are. We have free will. We create our own reality. We either control ourselves or we do not. When we get angry or frustrated no one is holding a gun to our head making us react badly. We can overcome all our issues but of course that is a course. It is a course whether someone works on themselves and rises above what is going on inside themselves.

3 thoughts on “Can a Reiki Master be Polluted?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have my level 2 reiki. I know exactly what you mean when you mention to do it 21 days consistently. Sometimes beginners forget that what counts for the persons that they are giving reiki to, also counts for them. Reiki might bring up things, that they might have had hidden for years also health issues that they might not know of and much more. I know for a fact, that things might pop up as well to distract you from doing reiki on yourself. Last but not least, never give up!!! 🙂

  2. Yes that happened to me. The problem was that I had a dark entity attached to me. So I asked my Reiki master wats going on, her reply was that some of my chakras had major blocks in it. So once she removed the blocks I could feel that the attunement for 2 degree Reiki truly set in.

  3. Perhaps in this case “polluted” isn’t appropriate. I believe it can be. I don’t practice Reiki anymore because I have learned about my own culture. We don’t heal people unless they ask for help. I would have stomach problems and a person who I told not to send me Reiki would continue to do it anyways. Her Reiki Master says it’s ok. It Isn’t ok to send Reiki out to the world. Much of the world doesn’t want it.


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