Fusion Reiki Attunement Helps Expand You Awareness

What if there was a healing modality where you could use it to help expand someones awareness? Would that be awesome! Or what about the clients you provide a healing to that are spiritually working on themselves or their psychic development? The Fusion Reiki Attunement is the answer to that!

What is Fusion Reiki?

Simply put it is a system that combines the energies Usui Reiki, Karuna, Seichim and Tao Tian An Mian Chi Gong. Fusion Reiki and its symbol was channel by Dr. Jason Storm and we thank him greatly for the awesome power of the Fusion Reiki symbol.

Fusion Reiki Attunement SymbolWhat Would I Use Fusion Reiki For?movie Wonder Woman

The purpose of Fusion Reiki is to EXPAND AWARENESS! Using Fusion Reiki on your own self you might meditate on the power symbol, drawn it over yourself or draw the Fusion Reiki symbol over your heart chakra.

How long does the Fusion Reiki attunement process take?

Fusion Reiki is an energy that passes very quickly but Fusion Reiki is actually better via distance versus in-person attunement or treatment. Feel free to experiment with this and see for yourself. The Fusion Reiki attunement video is below and only takes about 10 minutes for you to complete it.

Who should get a Fusion Reiki attunement?

Absolutely anyone who would like to increase/expand their awareness. Definitely Fusion Reiki is for anyone who would like to work on and expand their empathic or clairsentient abilities.

6 thoughts on “Fusion Reiki Attunement Helps Expand You Awareness”

  1. iIhave done self attunement in Fusion Reiki some years ago, even before becoming Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I love it and use it frequently, and I also attune my reiki students in this symbol. they found Fusion helps clear their mind and intensifies reiki tretment.

  2. Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for your Love, kindness and generosity. I am definitely benefitting from your free attunements. Wonderful ! I’m just about to listen to the Fusion Reiki attunement and I’m wondering about the symbol………when I come to use it, is it necessary for the lines to be drawn in a precise order like the other symbols?
    With gratitude and Love, Jane Watkins. UK

  3. Sherry thanks for your wonderful works. Please now l need attunement in buddish bliss and lmara reiki.but infact your free attunement is helping us a lot.all things are real.please help us in shaman alla reiki for now.


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