Using Ethereal Crystal Therapy on Yourself and Others

When it comes to the Ethereal Crystal Therapy attunement I know that there is a limited list of crystals in the manual…however the great news is that you can actually use ANY crystal with Ethereal Crystal Therapy.

For example, I use amethyst often. I simple say out loud or silently in my head “Higher self please place an amethyst crystal in my ___________ chakra.” Often I will ask that the crystal be place in all my major and minor chakras. Sometimes I will also state to leave the crystal in place unless a certain issue has been resolved or brought to the surface to be workstreaming Beauty and the Beast movie

If you are using it on someone else then you might say “Higher self please place a ________ crystal in (name of person) ________ chakra(s).”

Remember that you do not have to physically have the crystals you are using with Ethereal Crystal. Also did you know that if you pull up a picture of a crystal online and stare at it that you can also be effected by the properties of it. Give it a try.

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