Clearing Obstacles – First Step in Healing

Many have heard me talk about underlying causes and issues when it comes to healing something. If you want to heal a migraine do you think it matter what is causing it? Of course that is important to know because we know if we take care of the cause then we can resolve the migraine problem and get rid of it for good. 
There are sometimes blocks in the way when trying to heal someone. They may have guilt. Things they did in the past for example. Often later in life a person may change and then regret the things they had done earlier in life. They may no longer be doing bad things and causing themselves karma but now they have guilt over the things they have done. sometimes it is not even obvious but very subtle. Guilt can cause a festering and then a disease to eventually manifest. Guilt and an inability to forgive oneself may cause the person to feel they do not deserve a resolution. Often people hide from these feelings because it is hard for them to hear themselves say that they don’t feel they deserve to be saved or are doubting being worthy of being saved. 
Using Ho’oponopono first when healing a disease such as cancer can help. Did you know that Jesus used a fiat where he said “Be thou made whole. thou sins are forgiven thee!” Yes, Jesus even knew that not being able to forgive themselves would be blocks to being healed but he also knew that he could do the forgiving them they could not bring themselves to do it. That is really powerful. How many people are out there holding onto guilt and shame and here we are…we could actually release them of that guilt. Of course Jesus use to give Sermons that served in teaching people how to live right. You can compare his Sermons with the coaching we give people today where we guide people to uncover such things as guilt they are holding.
First if you are unaware of what Ho’oponopono is read this first and then come back here
Before effectively using Ho’oponopono you need to have a clear mind. It helps to connect with your higher self and to understand who you really are. Also you must have an understanding of your responsibility.You are your brothers keeper. In oneness what one does I have done also. Someone else did something negative but in oneness I understand that I also did that and have responsibility for it. In oneness you understand that and then can understand how Jesus could have done the forgiving when a person could not forgive their own self. If the person you are tryng to heal has done something in the past and is holding guilt or is not feeling deserving, accepting responsibility and getting int he feeling that that is you too then you can step in their shoes and do the forgiving and releasing of the guilt for them.
Spend some time repeating the powerful Ho’oponopono phrases calmly and without anger as you at the same time have the person who you are trying to heal in mind. Use visualization also. See the person eating well with a good appetite. See them up and dancing full of energy. See them doing back flips because they are in great shape.

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